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  1. Visting a guy selling a bunch of stuff in Lake Forest, CA. I found this MSH plaque. https://ibb.co/6YRvksb
  2. I have not. I still have 2 pairs of Shift 2s and 4 pairs of Verberos. Seems like Verberos don't get alot of love, but it's very stiff and very moldable. There are a few guys here that have gone from Kor to Makos to VH/True. Maybe they can chime in or PM you.
  3. Kor Shift 1 Kor Shift 2 Verbero Vertex Pro Nike Flexlite 12 Mission Amp Flyweight
  4. First response I've seen from Base for a long time. Looks like Covid hit them pretty hard. https://ibb.co/k9XK2MT
  5. Works fine, actually less hot than the Reebok padded shirt I used to wear. Not quite sure on the protection level, but I've never worn legit shoulder pads to begin with.
  6. I don't know yet as the rinks are having soft openings today in my area. The T-flexes are a little stiffer than my preference, but I always wanted these shafts. But wouldn't a longer hosel move the kick point higher versus a shorter hosel? The blade and hosel shouldn't be flexing or torquing, only the shaft.
  7. Some new toys from MSH marketplace, SLS, and CL since the Coronavirus shutdown
  8. Anyone know how long those Hoapa Sr shafts are? I tried asking on the chat, but no response even after leaving an email address to send me answers. Sorry for adding to the deterrence of this thread into a Hoapa thread.
  9. I thought the W08 was pretty close to the old Reebok Datsyuk, which is now the W16 (correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. I ordered one of these to try out. The small gaps and holes in the padding may provide more ventilation than my padded shirt that I currently wear. For $65 after shipping it's worth a shot.
  11. What rink and league are you skating at?
  12. It's pretty bad to say that PIAS is our hockey shop in SD. None of the rinks/shops do any kind of profiling, even if their website says they do. I had to argue with a guy in Mira Mesa to give me a 3/4" cut because "that's really only for goalies". I would say we need a shop either in the Mira Mesa/Poway/Rancho Bernardo area for SDIA/Poway/Esco rinks, or near Sorrento Valley for UTC/Carlsbad. I wouldn't put a shop in Esco/San Marcos/Vista because guys like me that don't live that far north will just venture up to Irvine if we need to go that far. I love the ice at the Kroc, but they're pretty isolated that far south.
  13. After taking a long break from hockey (over a year), I had to rebake my skates for them to be comfortable again. Maybe try that before making a big investment?
  14. Does this shaft have a mid or low kp?
  15. This is a bit off topic, but what current Warrior stick would have the closest flex profile to a Warrior DT2? I know it was part of the Covert line, but now there are Covert, Saber, Quick Strike...just too many buzz words floating around.
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