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  1. Those are really nice. Where'd you snag those from?
  2. I bought a DT1 on a whim, and at first I was really unimpressed. The first time I used it in warm-ups I couldn't get the thing to shoot at all. It seemed like every other shot I had no control over. I was using 75 flex Dolomites with the Hossa pro curve for a while before this, so I went with a Kopitar 85 flex. The second time I tried it though, it was a completely different story. Something clicked, I adjusted, and now I love the way this thing shoots. Even going up in flex, it loads so effortlessly. It was weird at first to feel the stick flex so low, but once I got used to it I loved it. I'm pretty one-dimensional in that I only shoot snap shots, and this stick is perfect for that. The feel is great, a lot better than my Dynasty, and so far the blade has held up 10x better. My Dynasty's blade went soft literally within 4 uses, so I was wary when I bought the DT1. So far it's holding up strong. So strong in fact that I bought another one. This is the first time I've bought a top-end stick before it was on clearance, and the first time I've bought another one right after, strictly because I love the way it plays. I'm excited to see what the upcoming Covert's are like.
  3. I also received my 520s today. They are the newer vented style, marked 520ECHL. They fit pretty true to size I feel. I wear a size 50 in Tacklas and wear a large in Bauer One80s. The 520s in size medium fit me pretty well. I'm right about 6'0 and 190 and they're good on waist and length. I think a size large would've been too bulky personally.
  4. Chadd, the depth picture in your review looks similar to what I experienced with my MLX skates. Mind you, I have a very high instep (Supremes are too shallow for me), but my foot was exploding out of the MLX. Skating with them though, I never had any issues that I could attribute to the depth. After baking them, they were like slippers. I've never had a skate fit like that, and I still miss that with my TotalOne's. Wish I would have done custom MLX when I had the chance.
  5. Yeah, I didn't get a 100% straight answer either. Last time I talked to him he had just seen the pictures/info of the skates and sounded pretty excited about them, so I'm hoping they'll at least get a couple pairs in to check out. Just keep hinting at how great the MLX were and how bad you want another pair like them, and maybe that will help.
  6. I really, really want these skates to fit me.
  7. The new Amp sticks have a great look to them. What are the price points going to be? And I assume the OV8 curve is a special order? Hard to tell from the catalog but it doesn't look as extreme as most Ovechkin clone curves.
  8. Agreed, I'm really impressed with some of their new products. The Mako protective looks pretty interesting. I'm a little disappointed the E28 pattern is only going to be available on the Mako stick though.
  9. What would you say they were comparable to depth-wise? That was my only issue with my MLX.
  10. New sticks I got this week. Retail Dynasty 75 flex Gionta, and a pro stock AK27 with Widow blade construction and the shaved heel. It has a tag inside that says "VASYUNOV" and WDM3026. 245 Warrior/INNO flex rating, so around 100 flex regular. The stamp on the back also says "245299136" and "C5." I know that the first numbers relate to the flex, shaft weight, and blade weight. Do the WDM3026 and C5 numbers mean anything specific? The shaft has the super square geometry to it as well. The pictures don't show the curves very well, but in person it's pretty similar to the Gionta, just with more heel in it. Gionta on left. AK27 on right. Widow blade construction.
  11. Just got these today. After struggling with my Reebok's I was in the market for new skates, so I'm hoping these will work out a lot better. Scored them for $290 shipped brand new from Pure Hockey.
  12. They do. The 405XS comes in 75 flex now.
  13. Newest pick ups. Got everything for the grand total of about $180.
  14. I hope they are deeper than the MLX skates. I loved mine except they were not nearly deep enough. That and the fact both boots broke twice on me. Looking forward to checking these out.
  15. Latest impulse buy. Nike branded Bauer pants. Made in Canada with a IIHF collection tag on the inside. Not sure what or where these are from. Awesome pants but they are a long size so they may not get used. I'm not tall enough to warrant the extra inseam length.
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