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    Easton Mako II
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    Winnwell pro stock Boucicaut edition
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    RBK 5K
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    Warrior Projekt girdle
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    CCM U12 reverse engineered
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    RBK 7K pro
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    CCM CL

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  1. It’s not as easy to lose and it is faster
  2. He really needs to order more stock great sticks by the way have been using them for over a year.
  3. Best bet would be to use the size of the steel for reference. Compare it to what you are currently wearing.
  4. The Arkansas skatium has a pro shop don’t expect too much.
  5. Quit being modest. You drop bombs. Usually half way through warm ups is when my sticks lose pop.
  6. You could look at the nittany hockey league in state college or at revolution ice center in pittston. I think coal street rink in Wilkes barre also had a beer league.
  7. The best way is to find an old pair of gloves and remove the backhand liner at the cuff roll then it’s just a matter of sewing it in. Or you could take some material and sew a 4 inch by 4 inch square of material and then put some foam in it and sew that in to the glove.
  8. It seems to be with newer players as opposed to veteran players. Most of the players I skate with have found the gear that they like and have stuck with it.
  9. You could accidentally snap your fingers and the place would be half empty
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