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  1. Many thanks @mojo122 According to the site, the Five Hole in Raleigh, NC has a 3D Skate Lab. They don't mention it on their site but it isn't out of the ordinary for their site to be about a year behind reality. @Wolfpack_1986 do you know if they've got a Lab? I don't need skates, but I'd like to see the tech in action the next time I'm down that way.
  2. Bitcoin just doesn't have the infrastructure yet for easy currency trading. It's way easier to trade the big currency pairs using Oanda or a similar platform. And yep, margin accounts are basically just leveraged/loan accounts. For example I'm long GBP/USD because everyone thought that the UK was going to go to hell in a handbasket due to Brexit, which I think (and so far history is backing me up) is manure. I'm long 10,000 units, but I've only got 1000 USD on deposit with the broker so in essence the broker has loaned me a little over 9000 USD. Calls kick in basically when your trade starts going against you. For example if the GBP went in the crapper, the broker would require me to put more money on deposit in order to keep my position or they will liquidate the position and any losses would be covered by me. Out of curiosity why do you think betting against the economy is a safe bet? I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I'm interested to hear why you think that is the case.
  3. I bought some in 2013 when it dropped down into the 70 handle. Sold multiple chunks all at over 1000 per. The reasoning for the drop when I bought was purely emotional driven, not based on fundamentals. I always trade contrary to mass emotions, and this seemed like classic case of that. Too rich for my blood to trade now because (unless things have changed) you can't do margin accounts in BTC. Cheers!
  4. Grain of salt, because I'm not that tough on skates due to not being good. Had mine since June and play one game of D level beer league a week with a sprinkling of stick and puck sessions. So far they are holding up great. I don't see or feel any noticeable signs of breakdown at all.
  5. Definitely no need for ire towards Warrior here. The recourse is to take the store to small claims court. The stick was bought in good faith that it was through legitimate channels (that is the store's responsibility). There was no reason for the customer to think that things weren't legit. Unless the store expressly said that the stick had no warranty before you bought it, they are on the hook. It'll be a pain to go through the process, but you'll win. And the store will get the message loud and clear and at the very least start doing their due diligence.
  6. I've been using a Bauer RE-AKT cage for going on a year now and highly recommend it.
  7. If the helmet didn't come with a cage, I'd suggest picking one up. Cheers!
  8. Nah, it goes about it's business and then comes back at a time that is convenient and makes logistical sense.
  9. Justin, Would you say that these gloves have a similar snug fit like the One90/old RBK 6K's? Cheers!
  10. To add further confirmation. Here are the measurements of an APX2 tapered blade. 26.48mm and 13.15mm on this particular blade. Apologies for the poor picture quality.
  11. Was always interested in this product because I'm not a good skater, and anything to promote knee bend and better form is always worth a shot. Reached out to @Holden Caulfield to see if he was still using and liking the product. He gave the thumbs up, so I contacted the folks at greatsaves.org and asked if they had the option to install eyelets on their extenders. They were very nice and ordered some longer eyelets to give it a shot, and were able to install them successfully. Have skated in them once so far and liked them quite a bit. I was at the end of the life of a sharpening and once I installed the extenders I didn't notice it as much.
  12. Yeah, as you point out, if you're game for some light scrounging you can probably find all you need.
  13. Buzz, do you get to actually demo it, or is it a marketing piece for the shop?
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