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  1. I've compared the IMS 9.0 with the Tacks 310 in store. in size Large, the IMS 9.0 has a larger range of fit. On my head, the Tacks 310 fits on close to its largest adjustment. The IMS fits on it's medium setting. IMO, but helmets fit similar, but I feel that the IMS has a slighly lower profile and again could fit bigger than 7 5/8 or 7 3/4
  2. I agree, 11K gloves fell great and love the palms. The articulated cuffs are growing on me
  3. In Canada, Hockey Supremacy is also clearing out the original Mako's for $299ca with free shipping.
  4. I just did a 20k shaft and a RBZ80 blade. The rbz80 blade was really easy to save, and surprisingly weights less than 140g. I also saved 2 Total One NXG shafts and 1 Mako. Here's a pic of some of my conversion SWD T90 blade coffee pattern SWD T90 blade CCM RBZ blade Warrior ak27 pro stock, dolomite repaint with a EQ30 blade (heavy blade) Easton ST Reebok 20k pro stock 03 shaft? Reebok 11k pro stock FV shaft Warrior dolomite CCM RBZ80, I was bored not worth saving
  5. busy evening. I saved a eq30 blade, a shaft from a pro stock warrior ak27 ops and a shaft from a retail totalone nxg.
  6. miter saw is fine, I use a circular saw with the stock cutting blade. Cut on the fused line, re-cut if required.
  7. Just did a Easton ST, super easy. Cut 1/4" above the fuse line and fully expected that I would need to chisel out the tendon. I applied heat and the tendon started slipping back inside the shaft after a few knocks with my poorly sharpened chisel. Seriously, this took less than 5 minutes, I had a harder time untaping the knob job to remove the top cap from the shaft. Put in a recycled blade from a broken OPS
  8. Same girdle as before, that's on its 4th or 5th year?
  9. how can you have an avatar of The Clash and make a video with such awful music??? lol nice video, on mute...
  10. Aw I was the original owner of those TBL M1. I sold them on IW a while back, they still look new. I still love the interior fit of pro M1s but they feel a little bulky on the outside.
  11. Helmet: Easton S19 w Bauer cage Shoulder Pads: NBH Ignite 44, cheap model at canadian tire Shin Pads: NBH Ignite 44 16", cheap thinking about upgrading to x:40s 17" Elbow Pads: Rbk 8k Gloves: Mission M1 or Mia made Rbk Gloves. Both Pro stock Pants: Jofa MHP7000 and One95 Girdle Sticks: Inno 1100 ops. Dolomite and Ak27 shafts Skates: Rbk 9k
  12. If I had to guess, LT will be the same length as XL. This is just a guess... Bauer large pants fits up to 6'1", XL up to 6'3"
  13. I think his question is: are large tall pants typically longer or shorter than xl pants? XL Bauer pants fit longer than large pants, not sure by how many inches.
  14. zippers on pant legs
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