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  1. IPv6Freely

    Rubber butt end plug

    I've never even thought about taping over the plug. Is that common?
  2. IPv6Freely

    Show It Off

    Should we be guessing what we're looking for?
  3. IPv6Freely

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Not here they wont.
  4. IPv6Freely

    Where can I get J-Clips?

    Try google. Or just go here https://www.hockeymonkey.com/catalog/product/view/id/153362
  5. IPv6Freely

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    Now they just need to do as Pittsburgh did and transition them from 3rds to primaries. Somebody should send that memo to the flames as well....
  6. IPv6Freely

    The Sweet Spot

  7. IPv6Freely

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    hooking/holding/interference may be ignored in game 7s, but the teams made it irrelevant because there wasn't any.
  8. IPv6Freely

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    Amazing game. That defensive game was incredible.
  9. IPv6Freely

    Show It Off

    Well I mean, its basically the same girdle Tackla has had for what, 40+ years? The foams may be updated and stuff though. I always liked the idea of the T1 and the SuperTacks girdles just being wraps, but because I'm a "round" guy, if you know what I mean, I had a lot of difficulty with things staying in place. Stuff had a tendency to shift down because of the belly and the love handles. So I don't think my opinion is going to mean much to you unless you're also that shape. That said, the pads on this thing are huge and... bubbly? Kind of weird. But I definitely like how it fits out of the box. I'll get it on the ice next week maybe.
  10. IPv6Freely

    Show It Off

    2019 Tackla TP4500 girdle and CCM Tacks 9040 shoulder pads. First shoulder pads I’ve worn in a LONG time. I still find the Down Low shoulder way more comfortable but much less protective. The girdle is great. Very tight fitting but also very stretchy. Always wanted a girdle but every one I’ve tried has always put things in the wrong place or been problematic for a guy with a gut. With these, I found that once I removed the belt from the waist and moved it down between the hip pads and the kidney pads, it sat right where a belt normally would on me.
  11. IPv6Freely

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    Sounds about right. I read tonight that some were listed for $2M+. Not that anyone is going to pay that, but they’re listed.
  12. You'd probably want something in north county since that's where all the rinks are. Carlsbad, Escondido, Poway, Mira Mesa. Of course theres also UTC (yuck) and Kroc is really nice but pretty out of the way for most people. We'd definitely welcome a company to take some business from Hockey Tron's HQ If you want central to the rinks you'd be looking at Escondido/San Marcos area most likely. Maybe Vista to keep the rent down lol.
  13. Interesting. In USA Hockey helmet stickers are irrelevant in adult divisions. I actually just remove them altogether.
  14. IPv6Freely

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Man, that video makes me really want to upgrade from my VH