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  1. dkmiller3356

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    As I understand it, STEP chose not to violate US patent law and played by the rules. That is why they could not sell in the US. The others, if they are selling in the US, are violating US patent law.
  2. dkmiller3356

    Step steel blades brittle/chipping every skate!

    wow... never had anything like that happen.
  3. dkmiller3356

    Assistant coaching and Psychology

    STEP 1 - Listen and learn!! STEP 2 - Listen more! OK.... now that this is established, the head coach will set the parameters. Look for his lead and follow. Hopefully he will review the practice plan with you before. If he asks for input feel free. If not be prepared to execute. Get the cones ready. Help position the players. During practice, if there is something you can help a player with then do so. As far as changing the perceptions of other players, that happens over time and it is earned. Be serious but approachable. Don't push the envelope but you are not their friend anymore either. Be patient. Be a teacher. Enjoy the experience, work hard. Get the cones out. Be prepared to demo all the drills and run them to perfection.
  4. dkmiller3356

    Jersey collection from deceased relative

    There are a number of FB groups about buying/selling and trading jerseys. You can gauge value pretty well there.
  5. dkmiller3356

    Alpha DX Shins

    I dropped down one level from the Ultra Tacks to the 6092. The number is different now. Much lighter and still protective. Try it.
  6. dkmiller3356

    The Venting Spot

    Thinking of you Steve.
  7. dkmiller3356

    Photos of yourself

    we know the truth!
  8. dkmiller3356

    Photos of yourself

    Couple of decent shots from a game a couple of weeks ago...
  9. dkmiller3356

    Ask STEP!

    Great to see you connecting with us through MSH. With 5 sets of STEP in my circulation I am a huge advocate. MSH is a great way to get feedback from players! Welcome aboard!!
  10. I've been playing for 17 years now... I started late in life. One of the things I loved about the game was the cool gear. I've bought tons of shit over the years and I know many of you gear whores have done the same. But now I find myself uninspired... bored perhaps.... or am I finally just satisfied with that I have? Have any of you also gotten stagnant on the gear hunt? Is it the lack of truly new offerings? Thoughts?
  11. dkmiller3356

    Packing it up and moving down south to Arizona...

    Having spent some time in the area and having skated there a bit there isn't much. Polar Ice in Chandler has a nice space but the shop (Players Bench) - closed and then became goalies only. Not sure what it is now - its been many years.
  12. dkmiller3356


    Make me a P46 and I'd be happy to demo it! LOL
  13. dkmiller3356

    Helmet Concussion Ratings

    We gonna go down this road again...lol? I will say for my part - as I said before - I do not believe that these tests really say much about a helmet's ability to prevent concussions. The whiplash and momentum is too great and the amount of movement the brain has within the skull cannot EVER be prevented by a helmet.
  14. dkmiller3356

    Summer men's league in Cleveland

    @Haggerty might know....
  15. dkmiller3356

    Hockey Skate profiling (contouring)

    what you can do is participate in the MSH Pro Sharp project! Lots of info and opportunity! http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/forum/191-the-prosharp-project/
  16. dkmiller3356

    Indians to Cease Use of Chief Wahoo Logo

    Racist but iconic... bought myself a swasitika armband at garage sale last month so I can hold onto those fond memories.... ugh.
  17. dkmiller3356

    Do your edge holders squeak?

  18. dkmiller3356

    Coaches: What Protective Gear on the Ice?

    Never wore anything other than a helmet when I was coaching. The HS kids were fine because they can skate but you gotta watch your ass around mites!!! Those suckers have a way of getting in under your legs and behind you!!
  19. I had ankle placement issues. Both outside ankle bones were well forward of the pocket. You need to get them punched. They need to sit on the punch over night and you may have to do it again. @JR Boucicaut did mine. They can be fixed but you need someone really good and patient.
  20. dkmiller3356

    LS Edge Holders Rattle inside?

    Eric, guess you went to the Rinx eh?
  21. dkmiller3356

    League Schedules

    Chris and I play together... he and I have to check the schedule every week and then we post updates to the team web site. It's a pain in the ass.
  22. dkmiller3356

    Tips for cleaning gloves (inside)

    Knew a guy that used to wear latex surgical gloves under his hockey gloves. He was a germaphobe.
  23. I am also a P46 user. I've stocked up and now have 7 in circulation! Personally your best bet is going back to the P92. The P28 isn't bad either but neither is as good as the 46. Be patient... they do pop up on Sideline swap occasionally.
  24. dkmiller3356

    P46 vs P30 vs W71

    P46 is now a special order to retailers.
  25. dkmiller3356

    When Did You Get Bored With Acquiring New Hockey Gear?

    And mats, and toiletry bags, and helmets bags.... but I digress.. that's really swag. yawn