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    If he/you are not opposed to used, I have a pair of 12" CCM RBZ's that I'll send to you for the discounted price of free. They're in good condition and have just been sitting in the garage collecting dust since we moved to 13". If so, I have some 14" coming tomorrow and I'd just ship out in whatever box they come in. No big deal if not, just throwing it out there. https://ibb.co/Q9pJ5nL https://ibb.co/gJdgLV4 https://ibb.co/8MZ9wWJ https://ibb.co/sbjY1RD https://ibb.co/k3J006Q
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    In regards to Superfeet, a couple of things to consider. First, Superfeet will take up more volume than the stock beds. That could be a plus or a minus. Second, Superfeet lift the heels up, pitching the skater forward. For me, they made a neutral pitched skate feel like one that had at least a +1 pitch to it. I didn't realize it at the time, but that had a factor in putting me on my toes a little too much. I actually had to try a negative pitch before I figured out what was happening. Third, Superfeet are comfortable but becasue they're thicker, they mute the feel for the skate/edges. Again, I didn't realize this at first, but when I put my stock beds back in, it was like going from wearing mittens when typing to bare fingers. IMHO, if your kid doesn't need the arch support, the stock beds are probably better for skate feel.
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    I will totally donate some money to a Learn To Play a program in honor of you guys sharing used equipment. Best site.
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    So the chip looks to be from a skate blade, if someone steps on a stick with a bit of force it will always leave a mark. Will be interesting to see what Pure says.
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    I sharpen Step Blacksteel with 1/2" on my Sparx and there's zero issues. Also it measures the same both ways on my Sparx Edgechecker. I have regular Step Steel as well, and it's the same both ways. Polished CCM Hyperglide runners I found had an issue with uneven sidewalls, leading to different readings front to back than back to front. Sparx has a note about steel with treated sidewalls in their manual for the Edgechecker, so it's a not uncommon thing to run into. No experience with LS5 personally. colins
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    I also sharpen Step Blacksteel in the sisters and it gives a great finish on the steel!
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    I don't think anyone should suggest that plates & screws (ORIF) is a bad way to approach repairing a fractured ankle. Getting the bones set and re-aligned for proper healing so you can get back a full range of motion post injury would be the critical part. It's awesome it worked out for you without needing it - but if the doctor's taking the x-rays say orif is recommended, I wouldn't advise anyone to try to avoid it. The plates & screws can be removed after the healing is completed - but in the majority of cases there's no reason to do so. I have a plate & screws in my collarbone I thought I would want removed, but that was 5 years ago and I never even think about it now. I also wanted to add - if you think about what happens and the forces involved to actually break the bone(s) in your ankle, there's probably close to zero chance that happens without accompanying damage to the ligaments in that area. Those take a long time to heal, the ligaments and tissue in that area won't be back to normal long after the bones fuse themselves back together. Aggressive physiotherapy sessions with a seasoned pro who had worked on many athletes in the past was critical to my son getting back to normal on his skates. I can't really say enough about that and how much it helped - otherwise the range of motion will be a long time returning. And still, all being said, his broken ankle still looks slightly larger than his other one, about 9 months later. colins
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    Great deal for our gravatationaly enhanced members.
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    My 40 and over team had a practice last night for an upcoming tournament. A couple of guys brought their kids (PeeWee/Bantam aged) as we were short. I brought my 11 year old son. It was my first time skating with him in an adult full on scrimmage. We had a blast. I told him I waited 11 years for this day and it was worth it. He played great- fearless in the corners and carrying the puck up ice. Had about 10 shots, about half really good scoring chances. So much fun.
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    Somehow improving my SAT score by 130 points. A lot of schools on my list went from 'unlikely' to 'very likely'. As an aside, I haven't been on the site in a while, hope everyone's doing well! Edit: Went from a 1210 to a 1340 if anyone was curious
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    You're absolutely right that the Sparx Fire is not the same as an FBV. I would probably consider going with the 5/8 either with the Fire or traditional ROH. I am honestly shocked when people tell me they skate on 1/2 or less. I feel like I am sinking into the ice and every stride is sucking the life force out of me....

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