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  1. Have been seeing his skills for the past 10-15 years. His most recent was when he is informed that that FBI chief was fired was funny.
  2. If stick and puck means shinny / drop in hockey, i have seen plenty of people get passes / shots on the shins, and quite frankly its annoying if we start playing and have to be super careful because of these guys. I know this effing idiot that i see almost every time at shinny and almost every time he gets it in the shins, and then starts complaining lol
  3. ^exactly. They run big, someone that is 6' will not be in a medium in the other brands usually, as it will be too short. I am slightly heavier than you with a 33" waist, but you have a solid 3-4 inches on me, i am a medium for CCM / Bauer and large in Easton, and the length is perfect for my short legs (except warrior and nexus line which runs big/long).
  4. Exaclty the same, shimmed the inside of the holders, hated it. I am lucky to have found a perfecty fitting skate for my skinny feet, but spent way more than a custom skate while searching, you should consider it if it gets too complicated. I am sure you are aware in pretty much every brand you can get a/aa/aaa heel, wider forefoot, different stiffness and so on...
  5. Yes, heatgun and screwdriver handle. There is a video made by Easton on youtube you can look up.
  6. Never heard of such practice, TBH sounds borderline stupid, not sure why you would even consider this. Shin pads fit differently, some a re deeper, some shallower, some for big calves, longer shorter and so on....go and have him try everymodel in the shop and buy the ones that fit best.
  7. I have always found Warrior pants to be larger than advertised compared to other brands, and their girdles the contrary.
  8. Ya i used to skate in 735's back then on my quest to find a boot that locks my heel, way too soft my pronation was worst. I have the feeling you would fit perfectly in S17/SE16 - super stiff boot with great support - the narrowest heel with very thick pads around the heel area i tried at retail level - wider forefoot, R (D) felt like a EE
  9. Just throwing it put there, are you sized properly, can you brush / feel the front of the boot? Maybe a boot too big?
  10. I used to use thicker socks (sometimes 2 pairs), and ez ankle booties before I met the Mako skates, while I was in Bauer / Reebok. I had a few pairs but I believe I gave them away here on MHS, I can see in my stash if I have a pair left I can throw your way. Not sure if that is a route you are willing to go, but I can almost guarantee you the ankle booties will lock your heel like never before, might be worth it if everything else is perfect. I didnt mind wearing them and wouldve continued to wear but there is no need in Makos for me, you must a have a really really narrow heel, or the EE has a much wider heel than the D I am used to (as I have a narrow heel and it locks solid). https://www.ezeefitsports.com/product-p/011.htm
  11. No idea if there is a difference in the heel area between ee and d, what i do know is how to make the heel area tighter. Remove tendon guard, take a heat gun and gently heat the upper heel area until soft, using a clamp or your fingers and towel squeeze the soft material (not carbon fiber) until desired width.
  12. Title says it all. New with tags. SOLD
  13. Stay away from the Super Tacks. Probably one the worst durability for blades CCM has ever made. QRL x1000, such an amazing stick, both performance and durability wise.
  14. Most top end sticks range from 319.99$ - 339.99$ + 15% tax here. Nothing new nor surprising. If you dont have an itch you can always get it in a few months / next year for half that.
  15. Anywhere, eBay, kijiji in Canada we have, liquidation in stores. If you are patient and not very specific about flex / pattern, there is great deals out there.
  16. Nothing special, it is a very poorly balanced, 4th tier stick. Much better offerings at that price range, especially older sticks from True hockey. Something like the 4.5 will be light years ahead. Might be worth looking into them.
  17. Ebay says that the cage I posted has been sold, curious at what $.
  18. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, that's why.
  19. What. 3 bills for an old rusty cage. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Bauer-RBE-VIII-Cage-Medium-/292069822629?hash=item4400b7d0a5:g:cCgAAOSwol5Y2ssG
  20. Hate to bring it to you, but It is probably only gonna get worst as you age and your wrist take a beating, something that can help for cheap is using wrist wraps. You can get something decent for under 20$ on ebay, like Harbinger.
  21. I am not sure that is necessary in my case. My knee feels close to 100% as before my injury, I think and really hope it was very minor. I probably would have been 100% already if i didnt have to go up and down 3 floors 100 times per day. I will take it easy in the next few months regardless and do a follow up and continue rehab. I really feel for you, it sounds like you have had it bad with you knees, can't imagine going trought that.
  22. I agree with everything you said. The SuperTacks and the 1s are hard to load, more for people like to lean on their shot I find. The previous Ultra Tacks on the other hand is super easy to load and quite a bit more durable.
  23. Those supreme pants look amazing and i wish i can have them. The rates and shipping prices unfortunately are not good.
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