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  1. The p08 is much more open than the p28 imo. Older Gionta type of you can find them?
  2. I have one and can post pics if need be but ts basically a Lidstrom curve (the toe seems more round than what I remember it, still square compared to other curves). I purchased it as it looked cool and dont see these heel curves anywhere anymore. The lie seems a 5-6 to my eyes, might be wrong but does not seem that high. No idea what to expect of it on the ice until I try it lol.
  3. Great sticks for what it is worth, if anyone still cares. The bpm120 is rare at retail level (because of the length I believe) but the Junior leagues love them as they are more durable than the bpm150 and come with a whooping 4 inch extra, so the tall kids do not an extension. I have used 3 so far, great sticks overall, great durability, very very well balanced, the bpm120 is only 470 grams with the extra 4 inch, taped up and cut they come at ~440 grams for me (feels better balanced than my Bauer and CCM sticks which are lighter). I have cut mine no less than 6-7 inches, does not feel any stiffer than Bauers that I cut 2-3 inches, I would say they are right at 85 mark as is (pic below for reference). It is a shame they did not keep the 4 inch FFZ below the 60 inch mark too like the EK60 for example. Sher-Wood please incorporate the FFZ on all of your sticks !!!
  4. Sorry for bumping this old thread, have any of you found any good coating to add grip to your Warrior sticks? I have purchased an older model DT1LT on liquidation and this is what it looks like after exactly 2 hours of usage, I have never seen it this bad, quite disappointing and probably not enough to make a case at Warriors warranty department.
  5. Trigger 2, P29. I like the new thin taper and the Bauer like finish on the blade.
  6. Relax a bit, your threads are weird, borderline useless.
  7. A guy half his weight would ruin a 150$ skate in no time if he used to play pro hockey and is a good skater.
  8. You can find Makos here and there, like eBay but much more expensive than when they were selling for 100-150$ on HM. If you can afford it, the best advice I can give you it go the custom route with VH True, you will not regret it one bit.
  9. ^read what he wrote, he wants another low kick and a third can be mid-high kick. Just get a QRL or a 1x for low kick and call it a day, beware with Bauer, they feel stiffer than the competition.
  10. Played with one for a bit at the LHS, always loved the shaft on these and it felt like a really really good stick, probably a touch blade heavy. Would love to own one but I am not crazy enough to spend close to 400$ on one.
  11. ^still, that is pretty bad, I have never seen anything like this.
  12. Super busy arena tonight, decided to take a short video to see what I look like with a knee brace. Really sucks dislocating a knee, but it it what it is, there is worst.
  13. I remember seeing a review from Ice warehouse that it is a fused two piece, they might be wrong. Not sure what authority and mold you are talking about. Not to derail the thread, OP they are both great sticks, getting either you wont regret it, I originally didnt like the feel of the 1N when I first tried it coming from CCM, but they are really great sticks, I havent really played with anyone that said anything bad about the 1N stick.
  14. Not at all, I used both, currently using a N9000. The carbon fiber construction is different, one is a fused two piece, the other a true one piece, feel is different and so on...Why would anyone say they are the same stick? If I had the choice between the two, I would definitely get the 1N 2015, balance, feel and pop is better in my opinion after using both for some time now. Durability is much better on the N9000 due to the 12K CF, and I am being conservative. As you can see I have used mine for time it still looks new, this stick just doesn't want to give up :
  15. Up, price lowered need this gone. US Buyers : Expiry - 2021
  16. ^I am an inch or two shorter than this guy, and the length is perfect in L pro stock, would prefer the tightness of an INT. sock, but I can deal with it. So yeah, trying them on is the best thing to do, you can buy 2 pairs of L and an XL for under 30$ on most days.
  17. No it is not, every XL sock is too wide, L is much better. 30" sr, 26" int. For most people from what i have seen SR is always too big, as they are made big, most people do not mind as INT. takes a big jump down in sizing.
  18. Nothing major to brag about, but finally found a decent P19 stick, impossible curve to find locally and I love that curve. Kids flex unfortunately, will have to cut it an inch or two shorter.
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