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  1. Who even buys those? Never seen one in stores, being played with or anything...
  2. The RS and the Mako are completely different skates. Much more volume in the RS, different holder, different pitch and so on. I used them one game and sold them, did not like them at all, before that I was in S17 for long time and loved them too (compared to the Mako). After the S17 sizing became ''true'' - I am a 7d in both RS and Mako / 2 / M8 / M7, 8R in S17. I have had issues with the original Makos, but liners and holder clicking is not one of them.
  3. Its definately a slightly heavier stick, if it doesnt bother you go for it, but the 1S feels better balanced if you ask me. At 460-470 grams, its a bit heavy for a 200$ i think...
  4. I have broken 2 of them, brand new sticks (original RBZ and superfast) after 1h or 2h of ice time. I very rarely break sticks and some sticks that i have over a year old. I have seen junior/aaa players go throught two / three sticks per shinny session. You can read reviews, some like it but also a lot of bad reviews about how fast they break. I cannot speak about the new Revolution, but i avoid them unless it is a very good deal
  5. Agreed, RibCor are great sticks, and blades dont explode on the 3rd shot like RBZ/SuperTacks
  6. No, okay stick, nothing to rave about. Youd have to be crazy to pay 300$ for it, much better offerings at that price point and lower. Plus it is a mid-kick stick, no clue why he suggests it.
  7. Never used myself, but i heard nothing but good things about the 1X and QRL, both low kick.
  8. Not sure what CCM Stick you refer to, but CCM definitely plays softer than Bauer (except Nexus, on par id say).
  9. Yes, here is asuggestion, get something else for around 90-100$ than those tree trunks. There is so much better out there for cheap, like True for example.
  10. Regardless what it is, i tried it, didnt like it and not going back to it.
  11. Any insight on what will become of VH? Keep 100% or go mainstream with a Mako like skates? VH is still kept intact?
  12. I avoid ebay, flooded with people offering when there is not even "make an offer", and the crazy fees that keep rising / exchange rate where they scam you even more and ever growing postal prices...Sold a pair of skates to a US buyer recently, 600$, close to 90$ just in paypal / ebay fees, no thanks Jeffrey.
  13. Yes, i get some moderate heel / mid wear with the p92 lie 6, oddly enough with the p28 in was concentrated on apprx. 1 inch Right at the heel...
  14. Nah im just fine with CCM, tried True its alright, but i prefer CCM / NEXUS.
  15. Ovie as in P92 Ovechkin? Probably the p29, the p19 and p29 both have slightly less toe, and a bit more heel compared to the P92. But they are all very similar and adjustments should not be an issue.
  16. A lie 5 P92 would probably be better for me, but they are so hard to find, and Bauer is slowly phasing them out from what i inderstand.
  17. Agreed, could not get used to E28 due to puck wobble, off shots, where with the P92 clones i am firing rockets (slap shots no issues with both, but i mostly take snap shots). Even tho i skate deep down, the p92 lie 6 felt like a better choice for me, and i would get even wear on the tape, where the E28 i would get right at the heel tape wear. But thats just me, everybody shoots and handles differently.
  18. I have a large e700 that a keep as spare if anyone is in a bad spot. Id prefer not to get rid of it consider What an amazing helmet it is, but i have two re-akts in my rotation already.
  19. Bauer used to make these amazing carbon fiber extensions, both in the vapor shape, and supreme shape that i used to have, but senior only. Problem is i was never able to find an extension that fits properly in an int. shaft locally. Do your online research you might find.
  20. I was not sure how it works, i thought that a in person hearing was forced upon and not a right.
  21. What changes if a player like Nyquist refuses a in person hearing, and forces the league to do a phone hearing?
  22. Fan or not, if Bergevin was in a situation where he absolutely had to fire and hire quick, which seemes like he was, Claude Julien is a no brainer out of the available FRENCH speaking coaches. You have to remember, a french speaking coach is up there in the requirements, you dont want a riot.
  23. I have no idea what goes on exactly between teams and players, but i have been buying here and there for years from pro, semi-pro players as quite a few play shinny where i play. Usually it is left overs they have and do not wish to use anymore as they move to the newer model / different curve. I have most recently purchased a couple of CCM sticks from a Q player.
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