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  1. I do not agree either, but regardless, PIAS (Quebec) next to my place has maybe 20-30 used / some beat up beyond something most of us would use, but they still are on the shelves for sale. Employees are pushing them. I used to buy very lightly used demos from Sportchek in Ottawa for 1/3 of the original price, but last time I inquired, the employee told me that is was illegal now in Ontario so they took them off the shelf, so I guess that a good thing.
  2. icewalker_bg

    RH Sticks

    2 sticks sold, prices on remaining lowered.
  3. Brand new, never seen ice. 50$ I have no problems shipping worldwide.
  4. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-hockey/longueuil-rive-sud/patin-easton-mako-sz10/1216283480?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social Prototype? Custom? ....ad was deleted shouldve posted pics.
  5. Just looking for advice and tips from people with previous knee dislocation injuries. Is playing with a knee brace a must from now on? Any particular gym exercises that help strenghten muscles around the knee that should be done / not done (i workout legs at least one per week, mainly curls and leg press, hate squats but i read it helps preventing knee injuries?) Any way to speed up healing process? I dislocated my knee / cap skating backwards and twisting my body to face the goalie and intercept a pass (lower leg did not follow rest of body). One of the worst pains ever. I was helped to the bench and was able to replace my knee alone, pain went from 10 to a 5 instantly, tried to finish the game but could not. Next day went for x rays, nothing broken around knee. 1st doctor i saw said that she had much to talk with me after x-rays and told me i am at risk for more knee injuries now, but left before i was done. replacement doctor did not give much advice besides ice / naproxen...My leg is swollen, i cannot walk properly and most probably tore something, but emergency doctors said too early for an MRI. Planning to see my family doctor to discuss it more, but i am sure i will get the best advices here, feel free to throw anything related.
  6. Tried it. Shoots rockets but slightly blade heavy compared to their other lines
  7. icewalker_bg

    RH Sticks

    1N Pending. Dislocated my knee last night, really need these gone as I wont be able to use them.
  8. icewalker_bg

    RH Sticks

    Stick collection is getting out of hand and need to unload a few, any questions feel free to pm me. Never used or cut, all grip. Nexus N9000 '17 - 77 Flex P92 - SOLD Supreme 170 - 77/87 flex P92 - SOLD Nexus 1N '15 - 77 flex P92 - SOLD CCM RBZ Superfast - 75 flex P19 - SOLD I can ship worldwide.
  9. The re-akt helmet fits well people with a round head shape, the re-akt cage fits very well round shaped faces too.
  10. I wouldve not touched warrior sticks with a 10 foot pole years ago, i have wasted so much money on their sticks (blade cracking), but i hear and see nothing but great things about the Qr1 / Qrl, i would not hesitate to buy one if the opportunity presents itself.
  11. Such a gorgeous looking glove. I have a feeling this will be a home run for Warrior .
  12. Agreed. I have tried so many cages, CCM, Easton, older Bauer...besides the light weight of the cage which will keep your helmet on you head and not drag it down, the visibility is up there too.
  13. Well if you feel it that way. Get a new stick? What else can we really suggest? There is no magical way if bringing the pop and feel back.
  14. Once you go the re-akt way, if it fits you well, there is no going back.
  15. Its impossible that it is 252 grams. Closer to 500 makes more sense.
  16. I am RH but that looks like the P29 to me.
  17. 48K is the last line, 48k being 2nd tier. 49K is current line, 2nd tier too. If you do a bit of research it is very easy to figure it out...
  18. I have tried the previous 2016 1N / 8000, nothing too crazy its an alright stick, used them once and got rid on them. I really think they cranked it up in 2017, feel, shooting and pass recieving is so much better. Always used same flex / curve to compare.
  19. I am using a N9000 because I am not that crazy to spend 339.99$ + tax on a hockey stick, but I am sure the 1N 2017 will go down as one the great ones like the One95, people seem to enjoy it that much. Blade thickness:
  20. Colins, i feel you. I love CCM sticks and their curves (p19 and p29), but the supertacks IS a disaster, it doesnt make any sense how bad the blade durability is, same goes for the RBZ line, CCM shame on you. If f it can help here is what i did to replace CCM since i cannot find any Ultra Tacks anymore (one of my favorite sticks ever) ---- I have for the past months slowly transitioned to the 2017 nexus line, the feel and durability is incredible, my ultra tacks get chipped so fast. The nexus just takes the beating and looks new. I dont get it. The flex profile is very similar too, easy to load, recieving passes is flawless too. I have tried the previous years nexus and did not like it that much, 2017 is much better for me, might be the new thin taper. If you decide to go the Nexus route, you will notice the balance is very slightly worse than CCM tacks line. Even tho my Bauer come in at 415grams taped and my CCM at 430grams, the Bauer feels slightly blade heavy compared to the CCM, my guess would be the tall blade and extra material around throat add up. Ill try to take some pics later on to you see what i mean.
  21. All the way west, closer to On. boarder. PIAS on St-Charles is 50/50, so is the hockey experts in the area. The only decent shop in the area closed permanently (Frasers)
  22. Are you saying that the M7 has a big toe box? Never used X90 but the M7 has to be the smallest toe box ever, due to the Mako's small/short toe box to begin with and the huge tongue that runs all the way in front....
  23. Lost it baby giraffe lol. But ya, used to have Vapors, enjoying Makos much more, made me a better skater for sure, and this is coming from a guy with weak ankles / pronation issues that are gone now. And since my experience does not apply to you, Ive seen a few Vapor users enjoy the JetSpeeds a lot after switching.
  24. You also have to hope that the 12yo at your LHS does a good job while chatting with his buddy, yes it is that bad to get a decent sharpening around here (MTL), or at least I dont know where to go in my area. For what its worth, Im around 173cm / 80-85kg. Anything under 5/8 I have trouble stopping, if we may call it skidding as stated above, I lose speed (a lot of speed) and and my quads get fatigued and start burning. Something sharper has advantages too, like easier one leg stopping, edges last longer and turning is ''tighter'', but for me I prefer to stick to shallower hollows.
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