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  1. Interesting thread. I didn't know what ''team'' was even tho its written on my Pro Stock Superfast. It definitely looks and feels like ''the'' Superfast, very light too, does not feel like a 2nd tier stick. My guess would be just like any pro stock stick, the ''Team'' chooses specs on that stick before ordering, so sticks from different player / teams can vary largely, right? One thing I hope for you is that WTV the Retail Super Tacks Team stick is, that the blade is reinforced, as the retail Super Tacks blade does not last long, very disappointing from CCM as its a great stick performance wise.
  2. I think just the M2 are 100% carbon fiber (ec100). The M7 and M8 use a carbon fiber matrix.
  3. Dont worry, most of them click. The M7 is a great skate. I sold my Mako 2s so I can buy 2-3 pairs of M7s, I do not see any difference what so ever. I enjoy them more than my Mako 1s too (thicker tongue, and slightly stiffer boot). And as I said before, the tongue is very thick, it works best with low volume feet as it might cause discomfort.
  4. Thats why you should always try every helmet you can, and never cheap out. We can argue all day what is best, in the end, like you say its your head shape that matters.
  5. Cannot even put my head in a 4500 its so tight everywhere, especially sides. Used L/XL until I met the Re-AKT. I am a medium in the Re-AKT.
  6. That is such a crazy statement, Ill try to be as nice as possible.... You are talking as if you are comparing a low end stick, and the Tacks. Are they both great sticks? yes they are. Do most people prefer the Ultra Tacks? Yes they do, nonetheless it does not take anything from the Tacks being a great stick. The blade feel on the Ultra, the accuracy and shooting power is one best out there, you can barely tap the puck and flies. One thing I have noticed tho on least 4-5 sticks, is blade getting chewed up pretty fast either at the heel or toe, mine is still holding well, no cracks or anything. Noone cares about the Tacks really, but I still see plenty of people using and buying the Ultra Tacks at shinny, some prefer it over the Super Tacks too, like me. A guy that is member here and reviews sticks for a living, calls is one the best sticks he ever used... It is my weapon of choice too, by far :
  7. Marleau scored his 500th, he still is in what looks like RBK skates from 2005.
  8. Close your face and lean more on shot / use appropriate flex for you. All of my sticks are a P92 clone, and if I use a flex that is stiffer than what I am used to, its harder to keep my shot low, unless I really flex that stick.
  9. Is this ''showing off''? lol 1st time this happens to me, with my trusty Easton V9..
  10. Funniest thing ive read recently on this forum. I never used a EK15, but plenty that i know have, its one of least durable sticks out there, hands down...
  11. Everything about these is inconsistent from what I understand, from durability to feel. I have a feeling they jumped fast in a ultra light, high end zone. Sher-Wood was a top seller for people looking for a bargain while sacrificing very little weight and performance, not sure what happened but we barely see the local brand around here nowadays. I hope they pick up with their new lines and dont disappear into the shadows.
  12. To follow up, while my Ultra Tacks has gotten soft with half the use, my v9 is simply amazing... After close to a year of serious abuse, and recently being used almost on daily basis on outdoor hockey, blade still feels and shoots like new, no cracking no noises, no nothing. Trying to find a few extra but nowhere to be found in my specs, if you have the chance to buy them, do not hesitate IMO. Blade as of today after a toe freezing 2h, -20c outdoor session :
  13. Everything is almost gone, not sure why the shells are not moving.
  14. You have summed it up well. Excuse my French, but Not sure why he keeps polluting this section with useless threads. For f sake you were going to get the t90 for 9$ no? We were numerous to tell you get a few of them, you can't find a better deal, a month you come back with another weird thread...
  15. By contact them I meant HM, not a chance I will accept a product that was shipped defective to me and have to pay for shipping fees and not have a stick for long time as its the holidays and Warrior is probably closed... I know it might be less in the US but still. If HM doesn't help you, you can always contact you CC and make a claim.
  16. Contact them. They will help you. But yes, we have to pay for hockey sticks shipping out of our pocket. For some of us Canadians it can be very expensive, with the recent Canada Post price hikes, its ~30-40$ to ship a stick within Canada with the cheapest option, for other companies like True, to ship to them in San Diego is ~60$.
  17. Timeless helmet. If they make them in 50 years im sure people will still wear them.
  18. The three curves that you just described are very different. One is a P92 / E3 clone, the other is a Drury, and the PP09 is something along the lines of a P106. All three curves will play differently.
  19. Easton hsx is a tight fitting close to thebody shoulder pad.
  20. I have not used anything other than a T90 Senior, but they are tanks and are just slightly heavier than your high end stick, I believe around 470 grams for senior for the 1st gen which I used years ago. So I dont see the junior being much different, I would go as far and say its one of the best sticks ever made for price / performance / durability.
  21. No, the T90 for 10$ is a no brainer...we are not talking about cell phone evolution over the past years here, the low end QRL5 or T1.0 cant be much better. I would choose a mid-high end stick from the last 10 years over any low end stick from today. So I am answering to you what I would get, , you gave 3 choices...if you know what to get why dont you get it already? Its been months you are figuring out what stick to buy, I think you are over complicating your decisions here especially considering what you are buying.
  22. The T90 is not a low end stick like the rest.
  23. one of the reasons why it is so comfortable. I have trouble with temple pressure except with the RE-AKT.
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