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  1. The Nexus line and the Vapor Apx/2 felt very different in every single aspect to me, from blade feel to stiffness rating and shooting. I am currently sticking to the 2017 Nexus line. I am sure if feels different to every player, and understand that it felt similar to you, but i disagree competely from personal experience.
  2. I think you are overthinking this and seem to get aggravated because they are discontinuing a pattern that you like, it is understandable, but as mentionned above sales probably dictated all of this. I rarely see this pattern and dont remember the last i saw a teammate using one. The big thing was / is the p92 for a number of years now, most people around me use it, but i also see the e28/p28 slowly taking over as it seems to be the "new fancy pattern to have".
  3. P29 is such an amazing curve. I have used the dual lie E36 before and find the P29 much closer and easier to use than the P88.
  4. The p40 is definitely slightly open if you ask me, not much, but it is there.
  5. icewalker_bg

    RH Sticks

    One sticks left, price lowered, asking half what it retails for.
  6. Very excessive. Nothing more than interference here. Its a tiny nhl player hitting a wall, thats all it is.
  7. Agreed, i am a size 7 in your "common" brands, and years ago when i tried a graf 735 (amazing heel lock btw, but boot way too soft) i had to get a 8r. And i am most positive that flip12 knows exactly what size he needs, at this point its whether a .5 makes a difference for him. I care, but i know people that dont care if its .5 bigger and doesnt chance anything in their game.
  8. I know a guy that sells a pretty much new pair of 703, but in 10.5
  9. I saw recently those 1 gen dynasty in 70 flex in the shop next to my place while getting a sharpening, they were liquidating them for super cheap as noone buys them, the blades were terrible on those, lasted me two weeks.
  10. Technique, skill level, how long / short your stick is and so on. Sometimes, some people just have it too. Give me a PM9 style curve, and could not beat the goalie even if my life depended on it, it makes me look like I have never shot a puck in my life. Give me a P92 style curve and I fire rockets from anywhere on the ice...
  11. That is indeed very very far from Qc. Canada.
  12. If you had no issues lifting the puck with the pm9, then it should work for you. That is the main turn off for me, how closed they are these curves. Its like night and day shooting with the p19 and the p40. No idea where you are located, but I might have a Speed Burner team in RH for sale, p40.
  13. I agree the word "clone" is a bit too strong. They are very similar but different at the same time, most people do not have issues adjusting to either pretty quick. The p45 is completely closed i believe, itll be a struggle to lift the puck for some.
  14. Oh btw, me do i dont completely agree with the p92 and prefer the slightly more closed p19 / older ccm 164-1 with a bit less toe, but the Kane style curves never worked for me. But i do find the P29 a nice medium between the p19 and p92 curves.
  15. I read closely what he said, its good that it worked for you, but suggesting p40 to get used to over a p19 is weird, they play so different in many aspects...
  16. I dont see what p40 / p45 has to to with P92 clones, they play so different, someone used to the p19 with probably be better off with a p92 clone, I do like the p19/29, but have zero problems adjusting to something like a p92 from Bauer that i also use. OP you can look into older CCM / Reebok sticks that use Crosby / Ovechkin / Nugent-Hopkins as its the same curve as the p19.
  17. I was going to ask this. I know everyone has an opinion, but the Widow was nothing special, the QR1/QRL are superior sticks in every single aspect.
  18. Still have mine. The most underrated glove out there, comfort / flexibility and protection is up there with the other top models. They are holding up extremely well, Ive had them so long that I do not remember what my previous pair was. Practically zero smell, palms are still good after many years (take that Bauer).
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