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  1. Really happy with how these turned out
  2. sorry, should've mentioned the 55" marking on the shaft but this has been sold, forgot to update that!
  3. Sold. Thought this would be somewhat similar to the Bauer P14 but I can't get used to it. Used it twice in warmups and played maybe half a game with it. Great condition, a couple of scuffs but no cracks or chips. Cut to around 55". Price: $140US shipped
  4. Got these skates a couple years ago and noticed something funny going out with my outsole when I got a sharpening. Looks like the outsole is cracking and starting to separate from the boot. Not really impressed with the quality of Bauer's products these days, 1X Lite, 1S stick, now these skates. Coming from One95s, which I had for a good 7 years, to these, starting to really turn me off from Bauer. I've been mostly away from around here / gear industry for a while so I'm not completely up to date on what's happening these days. Is this a pretty common issue with the 1X skates and can anything be done to repair or are these fubar?
  5. The toe split open. The blade itself is amazing.
  6. Broke mine in around 6 games. Took a slash on the bottom of the stick and it snapped in the top 1/3 of my stick. It's light which is nice but it felt unbalanced in how light the bottom of the stick + blade was. All it did was essentially take away from puck feel and I had a tough time controlling the puck with the stick. Regular 1x was so much better and I definitely wouldn't grab another one. I've switched to 1S since but the toe on that busted within 4 games. The only thing really holding me to Bauer right now is the P14 curve but I'm at the point where I'm willing to take a flyer on another brand. I'm thinking it's the perfect time to jump ship to CCM when the new Jetspeed comes out... Hopefully the Parise is similar enough..
  7. Size 8. Came with my 1X skates but they just don't work with my feet which is a shame because they feel amazing on-ice. Skated in them for 20mins before I switched back to SuperFeet. You can bake these at home in your oven @ 170F, just take them out when the thermo ink disappears. $40 shipped
  8. Played last night with the inserts in 1X skates without the shim and Superfeet carbon insoles. My main concern was that I'd get a cramping feeling in my toes from having the insert straighten my toes out but nothing like that, pretty comfortable, though I can still curl my toes just fine. Didn't really notice a difference so will need to try with the shims.
  9. my main issue with the speed plates is the arch piece, it digs right into my arches and kills everytime i take a turn so i end up reverting to superfeet carbons.. too bad because the on-ice feel of the speed plates are unbelievable.. has anybody run into the arch-digging problem and found a solution? i've tried re-baking them a few times to try and flatten the arch as much as i could but no luck there
  10. good to know thanks! what temperature did you guys heat the oven to?
  11. can the speedplates be baked at home?
  12. I'm really liking the dolo.. Full red, no top or lower graphics, two tone warrior logo.. i just might have to 75/diamond/shark skin/grip/draper/standard sounds reaaaallly good
  13. they're legit rbk 520 pants grabbed them when i used to work at the shop :)
  14. FBV I use 90/75 and for BFD I use X7. I've tried 100/50 for FBV but didn't really like it as much.
  15. I found BFD had a lot more grip than FBV. There were times with FBV where I wasn't sure if my edges were going to grip or not. Here http://blackstonesport.com/technology.cfm they say When trying the FBV, a skater should understand that the feel on the first use will be different, but then after a few minutes of warm-up, the transition will be effortless and the advantages and speed of the FBV will be apparent quickly. My personal experience - this is very true. I've been using FBV since before it was available to the general public. I'm well passed the transition.. BFD is much better in my opinion.
  16. I found BFD had a lot more grip than FBV. There were times with FBV where I wasn't sure if my edges were going to grip or not.
  17. RH P14 77 Flex Tactile + Stick'um
  18. don't have a very good camera but the green looks a LOT better in person
  19. Wow. Also how does he feel about being the face of Blues TV? :lol:
  20. tried out Blademaster's Flat Bottom the other day, more grip than FBV but not as much glide.
  21. well its a u+ i have never seen him using it so i thought it maybe different very close to the XXX Lite one you see on patterndb
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