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  1. Good Idea. Could be a discussion board called the Coaches room with Topics of Coaches helping Coaches, Coaching guidelines, Coaches helping players, Coaches helping parents, etc.
  2. I am with Mojo, I used heel wedges for most my life until ~2014 went to Sakic then Gionta curve currently using p28, just need tiem to adjust, try a CCM p29 first then bauer p92 as CCM has more heel from my experience.
  3. Nike's run small I wear an 11 nike, 10.5 dress shoe and 7.5 nexus skate. I do like all my toes touching the top on my skates though.
  4. @dkmiller3356 he has to have that option 😂😂
  5. You need game first before it can translate 😉
  6. pretty much looks like the 70k graphics, though like you said hard to tell in that picture
  7. If the holes line up with Edge holders why not just get the True holders and swap, you could always sell or keep the true holders are a back up. JM2C
  8. Marka, Happened with all 4 pairs I had too. JR let us know why almost everyone has this issue with the mako's. This probably happens with True skates also, the architecture is similar. Edit - I now use Nexus 1N with a speed plate; I never take the speed plate out of the skate as it is a royal pain in the you know what and I have zero issues with rust on any rivets after 2-3 months of use with normal upside down air drying on a rack.
  9. Why don't you carry bauer products? They are the top selling hockey manufacturer, I know a lot of people that just use bauer products and thats all they'll use
  10. I think I remember something about the jetspeed 7.5D being a supreme 8D, and the FT1 going back to being a true 8D like the supreme. Try 9D FT1 with your son
  11. @JSK81 I know you are loving this
  12. Won't be able to go and find it on a pro stock stick either though; One or two NHL's have that curve right handed.
  13. Need the radar gun out to see Bure speed in pic two
  14. Um they are playing for gold, we are playing for the beer and bullshitting after the game; upper level beer leagues aren't played like that.
  15. Ok, everyone get back to the topic.
  16. Don't have to deal with people posting up normally most guys in higher levels find open areas to be not sitting in front of the net. All depends on the talent level on the ice really, obviously if you are a weaker skater posting up in front of the net is a good idea to get goals, dino ciccarelli and phil Esposito made a hall of fame game out of it. Most guys that have played at a higher level don't feel it necessary to grind away in front of the net on something you are doing for fun. If someone is sitting in front most people just tie up the stick, if you really want to move the guy where ever his torso goes he goes so just think of that.
  17. I see the opposite here; the higher the level of the league the less amount of hack jobs there are. Most guys that have played for a long time know they aren't playing for the stanley cup. C league on the other hand people think every game is the stanley cup and they have to balls to the wall. Another note that if you do that in a top league you better know how to drop the mitts because another will and has done it for a living somewhere and isn't afraid to make an example out of you. My 2 cents.
  18. The KHL has a lot of top Russians that could be in the NHL, unfortunately they should be dominant
  19. The vast majority of people don't need a custom skate now days. Skates wrap very well to users foot if they buy the right type of skate for their foot, I have jacked up feet and with a nexus skate after baking it fits great. Everyone one will have their own opinion on Makes, models, and skates so it boils down to personal preference most the time, though you should fit a nexus foot into a vapor skate because it won't fit properly and visa-versa.
  20. If you wear equipment with that much flash you better be as good as Fedorov or Kovalev
  21. Didn't think it was possible to make those VH skates look any worse but he has.
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