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    CCM CL Pants

    6 months in, Reviewer is 5'8" 185 lbs. Fit: Tight in the waste and short in the leg area, this pant would be great for someone like me who has trouble with the length of other manufacturers pants in the waist size you need. You will want to like a slightly more snug fitting style pant to prefer these over others. Fit is subjective, So ill go without the rating here. Protection: Never a single major issue so far in the several beer leagues and drop ins. Taken pucks to just about any spot on these pants, and dropped a few times to the front and back. These are easily the most protective pants i've owned, and definitely a good step above my fit07 LE of previous. 9/10 Weight: This is where these pants shine. For the level of protection I feel are attained in this design, the weight is rather minimal. This is all a comparison to protection level, as there are likely lighter pants on the market, but nothing that makes you feel as comfortable with your health on the ice. 10/10 Durability: nothing big in terms of negative durability here thusfar. Some minor piling on the velcro tabs, a little normal wear and tear, and the belt probably holds with about 90 percent of the force it did initially so i have to readjust a time, maybe 2 times a game. 9/10 Intangibles: The dry liner is really good not only for multiple games in a day, and drying equipment on the balcony, but also ensures that your not adding a whole lot of weight during your skate. My pants dry before any other piece of my gear. would like a slightly better sealing system on the zipper flaps at the bottom of the leg. 9/10 Conclusion: if your looking for a great protective pant, but want to maintain a low weight and have the bucks to put down, the CCM CL pants are an excellent options given that you like the fit of the pant. Its definitely worthy of being a top of the line pant model. 9.25/10
  2. now that'd be a better glove image!
  3. maybe its meant to look like its proudly waving. flags arent really meant to be straight often anyways
  4. anyone done this with any of the miken sticks? particularly the mv3 or razor? search of the topic didnt pull up any results.
  5. Ill check the sizes then and see if something fits right.
  6. this might be answered somewhere else on this thread already, but I was wondering if the CA5 line was available in half sizes, im just getting back into roller hockey and was looking for a decent budget level skate for drop ins, not sure I want to commit to the CA7, but I am a 7.5D in CCM Ice hockey skates, and cannot seem to find half sizes in the CA5 to check out. Thanks!
  7. Skates - CCM vector u08 with rocket runner Stick - Reebok 11k, datsyuk pattern Gloves - Reebok 7k Helmet - Reebok 6k Pants- CCM fit07 LE Shoulder Pads - CCM fit05 Elbow Pads - CCM fit05 Shin Pads - CCM fit05 and then for Pond I have Skates- CCM vector u06 with scalloped steels Helmet- old Bauer helmet without cage Gloves- currently using the same gloves in both sets, but once the palms start going i will buy new. All but the skates and helmet from my main set are purchased within the last year when i went upgrade crazy. I love CCM fit line of gear for adult hockey, i recently lost some weight though so I might be needing new pants soon, hoping to hold out until next xmas though as they are about 3 month old lol.
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