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  1. 8 or 9 is probably my ideal number for a one hour game. for longer drop ins, 4-5 on the bench isn't half bad a situation.
  2. they just released some shorts and socks not too long ago. I think they are supposed to have a new line out fairly soonish here, but haven't seen much chatter from them about the line since early august I think? looks as if they are moving away from purlyn style boots and going for a more budget approach.
  3. I like how you can make the standings seem like theres a lot bigger of a gap then actuality. a team being 9th vs 23rd in the league currently doesn't really matter when its 16 games and that gap is 3 points. I guess I can draw the conclusion that the Red Wings are more talented than the Blackhawks too though, so lets run with that.
  4. not as much as they would/do make selling their own sharpening units.
  5. I've skated on FBV exclusively for the last few years now since trying them at WF. This last summer, I tried the Sparx Fire cut equivalent, and personally did not like it as much. Used the cut for about 5 skates, then got cut back to FBV. Personally, lack of FBV and large initial investment would keep me from buying a Sparx, even with the convenience factor.
  6. Finally mostly healed from injury. Skated a total of 3 times from April until September, wasn't fun, but I cant complain too much as i've enjoyed good health and low amount of injuries the first 35 years of my life. Skating regularly again now. Starting to regain speed, but understandably my stamina is a bit off. Mostly private drop ins for now, hopefully start playing leagues again here soon. Local roller rink closed down, so the roller hockey experiment is mostly over, and I don't think I want to rejoin my tournament team for that. I would be bummed, but this means less EDM in my life, and more ice, so I'm cool with it .
  7. Nope, one team a team 9-0 can be in a league with three teams at 3-6 (18 total wins and losses) indicating the bottom three teams are balanced butthe top isn’t.
  8. Yeah, very sad. When he was the play by play guy for the Wings he came to a restaurant I was working at with Mickey Redmond and they were both very cool and approachable. Always partial to him as that's the voice of hockey I heard growing up, but I think he was the best in the league.
  9. I think warriors doing another retro run with AK stick graphics on Alpha sticks similar to the QRL "dolomite". not sure what levels though.
  10. Definitely notice it a lot more at the lower levels. When I first started skating again regularly some years back I joined a D team and we'd actually go through each goal after the game and kept our own stats. My B league team usually just leaves the score sheet on the bench after the game, or it immediately goes into the trash, no one really cares about the points.
  11. those must be the specially licensed Blades of Glory edition.
  12. if any retailer is pushing you to a skate generically, you probably should choose a different retailer. not every skate fits everyones feet. my alkali stuff has been pretty good, but I think the fit is a bit off for me, so I am probably going to be doing a conversion soon.
  13. I understand what the options are, and when the time comes I will work with someone knowledgeable to get what I think is the right performance/fit/price ratio. if theres any sort of tie, ill only then go with aesthetics.
  14. honestly I thought it looked worse in person than in photos somehow. How they look will play very little into my decision of which skates ill buy next, but if its a tie breaker, I'm going for the ones that catch my eye. I am interested to see what the options are for bauers 3D, True, and just getting some custom CCM skates, when I go to make that decision in a year or so.
  15. Thanks Steve for coming to the event, and going over all the questions and curiosities we had. The machine performed well, even if I am not much of a fan of the Fire cut over a traditional FBV, it seemed to do a better job of sharpening than many random sharpenings ive gotten from places without FBV capabilities. Personally with access to free FBVs within reasonable distance from me, it might not be a machine for me, but I can definitely see its use and utility on the market.
  16. if I were Fisher, id probably just be excited to start my second career as Carrie Underwoods husband.
  17. excellent choice! I loved growing up there, especially with such a strong youth hockey program, and being on the water.
  18. a big portion of the deal with Marleau is signing bonuses, so trading him before year three shouldn't be an issue. he wont play center for them, he will play LW more likely. he still skates well, but I don't think he's 6mill a year well at this point. that said, if he's paired with Matthews, it's probably an ok signing for at least the first two.
  19. what city did you go with? can pm/text me if you prefer.
  20. I'm not sure there is anything snipe like about my shooting ;) Hurt it in an inline tournament, and I've skated with it messed up for some months now. Its actually fine most of the time until I do certain turns etc, and I feel a bit of pain. Schedule conflicts kept me off my B league team so I played down and cut out inline mid season, and when the ice season was over I told myself I would lay off skates until at least July, or all the way up to SJ if needed. Luckily SJ is usually laid back so it wont be an issue of me feeling I am letting the team down, and I can just relax and take it easy. If its still bad afterwards, i'm going to have to find a Dr. and get it checked out, which will suck because I know it'll likely require sitting out a while, but i've been lucky to have avoided injuries for the most part my entire life, so I can't complain too much in that regard. I'm pretty sure mines a "sports hernia" as well. Read an article that they are happening more often lately. after it heals, it'll likely be some time before I start playing inline tournaments again, already told my tourney team that im done for next season.
  21. i feel for you. its been three weeks since I last skated, hoping this injury will go away. Hoping its good by SJ, but either way im not missing it.
  22. I typically wear 11 when I can, because it was Shawn Burr's number. on occasions where its taken, I typically just randomly select a number from a pool of about 5 that I have worn before.
  23. I think that video also shows how not to play defense in a tie game with less than a minute left.
  24. yeah, generally companies outside of bauer will have good enough stock of clearance twigs when they go on clearance that I haven't found a need for these supposed "top end cheap" companies. Havent paid more than 150 for a top end True or Sherwood, often times closer to 100. I'm not some obscure curve/flex combo either, 85 rh p88. haven't heard much good about the cheaper companies but ive got plenty of praise from Sherwood and true.
  25. weird, those are my two least favorite shows on that channel. To each their own I guess
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