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  1. Yes. Like xstartxtodayx, I have pretty consistently for many years
  2. 1) Bauer Supreme 8090 - I wish I had stockpiled these when there were still pairs available online. +1 to everyone who has put these as their all-time favorites 2) Bauer Supreme 5000 (the 2000 version) - the year that Bauer returned to the white Tuuk holders and introduced the 7000 as the top of the line. I just remember these being the perfect combination of stiffness and comfort at the time. 3) Bauer Vapor 10 - I remember getting these on the day they came into my LHS. Chock-full of gimmicks (the perforated steel, etc.), but I still loved them. 4) Graf 703 - Fit like nothing else. Also, I had them in the days when they came with the Tuuks and yellow laces and they remain some of my favorite looking skates other than the Mega Air 90s (weird taste, I guess?) 5) Graf 705 - These were tanks. I haven't worn Grafs for many years, but still miss the tongues.
  3. I definitely see the resemblance to the CXN. I appreciate how much easier it is than it used to be to change steel in new holders of all brands, but I'm curious how often folks actually swap out steel. I understand, of course, if a blade breaks. And maybe once or twice if you want to try to find the right steel for you. But, I'm curious if changing steel mid-game "to maintain performance" is actually a thing that happens, or it's just marketing lingo.
  4. Am I missing something, or does the customer pay for shipping costs for traditional returns as well as the 14-day guarantee? The site mentions a "full refund," but STX doesn't seem to provide a shipping label. Thanks!
  5. These sound great. Do you know how the shoulder caps are connected to the rest of the pad. On my "classic-style" Bauers, the caps are connected to the main torso pads, but not to the bicep pads - i.e., the shoulders "float." I recently tried the STX Surgeons where the shoulder caps were connected to both torso and bicep, which I found much more restrictive of movement. Just curious what the setup is w/the Tacks.
  6. My 50% order arrived yesterday. I had tried a pair of the Surgeon RX3 elbows, the RX3 shins, and the RX3 shoulder pads. Initial thoughts: Shipping was very fast, build quality on all the product seems quite good on first inspection, and sizing strikes me as consistent with the charts on the site (and also fairly consistent w/other manufacturers, which is huge given that there gear can't be tried on in stores). That said, I have mixed feelings about the pads themselves. Elbows: my favorite of the bunch. Quite flexible and more comfortable than anything I've tried on other than Warriors. And, unless I'm mistaken, they're a bit shorter than the Warriors, which is a plus for anyone worried about potential issues w/glove mobility. I particularly liked the 360 strap on the forearm, although I do have some worries about how the sleeve will hold up. Shoulders: These were the big disappointment for me. I was hoping for something a bit more protective than 5030s or one of the "classic" pads, but that still was light, comfortable, and flexible. They were light and relatively low-profile, but I didn't find them particularly comfortable or flexible. Something about the way the shoulder caps were attached made it uncomfortable for me to raise my arms. Shins: Unfortunately, these are going to be a return for me. They're light, relatively low-profile, and seem quite protective. Fit was solid, but to OldCY's post, the calf pads are massive. I have skinny calves, but the calf pads are huge and quite inflexible, so I only would recommend for folks w/larger calves or who would be untroubled by a pad that sticks out substantially in back.
  7. Many thanks! I had assumed based on the review that you had gone w/the medium, but thanks for clarifying. And, many thanks for all of the extremely helpful feedback on the STX gear overall
  8. About to do the same. One question: Curious if anyone has thoughts on shoulder sizing (for the Surgeon RX3) for folks between sizes. I'm in the large in terms of height, but on the skinny size. Tempted to go with medium so I can take better advantage of the lower profile/form fitting features of the pads. I know this question came up earlier in the thread, so just checking back it.
  9. Any chance you've tried the STX surgeon shins? There's a big sale on their site, and I'm tempted to try them out.
  10. I'm trying to decide between Vapor and Supreme shins. I like the Supremes, but I haven't been able to try on the Vapors in the right size. I'd go with the Supremes, except that I wear my tongues out, and I get the sense based on reviews and product descriptions that the Vapors might be a lower profile, making it more comfortable to wear them under, rather than over tongues. Does anyone have experience with both lines? Any advice would be appreciated greatly.
  11. After a lot of agonizing, I wound up ordering the JAMM girdle. It just arrived today, so I haven't skated in it yet. But on first examination and after trying it on, it seems almost exactly like my old Tackla. The only difference (other than branding) is the butt pad (not the technical term, I realize), which feels more like the pads on more modern girdles than like the old-school Tacklas - i.e., multiple pads, rather than a single one. I obviously can't speak to the quality yet or on-ice performance, but I will say that I'm very pleased with the fit and prefer the feel and profile to the True, Bauer, and CCMs that I've tried on. Here's hoping that it holds up. And, regardless, I'll share my impressions once I skate in it.
  12. Update on the girdle: I tried Eagle, but told me that they hadn't made girdles in eight years but couldn't help me out. I'm currently thinking I might go with the True or try the JAMM. I worry about the JAMM because it's an unknown brand, but if it really is the same as the Tackla, that's something I know and like. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try on the True. But, based on some posts on here and the photos, I get the sense that it's similar to the Warrior, but a bit more adjustable and has a bit more protection. I liked the Warrior, but I didn't love the thigh pads, which struck me as a bit too wide (i.e., they felt like they could/should have been more curved to get the girdle, rather than pant, feel). I wonder if the adjustability in the Warriors would solve this issue.
  13. They definitely are longer than my Jofas! It's hard to believe that I used to wear wrist slash guards because there was so much space between most elbows and the short-cuff gloves that I liked. Times have changed. Fortunately, my Eagle PPFs have a very short cuff. Even with that, it's close. I wish the Warrior elbows were about a half inch shorter, particularly because I don't play in the chippiest league. That said, I think the mobility should be ok for me. And, the off chance of a bit of cuff brushing on pad seems worth the general advantage in flexibility that the Warriors seem to have over every other elbow pad I tried. If there were a comfortable and flexible pad that exposed a bit of forearm, I'd gladly go with that. But all of the smaller pads I tried also weren't very comfortable and actually felt more restrictive than the Warriors. Maybe the STX Surgeons that folks have recommended would do the trick?
  14. How have you found the sizing on the True XC9? I've seen some folks note that it runs long, but I was curious if you'd found that to be the case
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