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  1. Only the Pro3 PMT is also speared, the rest are fused.
  2. A little column A, a little column B. In all seriousness, I was bummed to find out the DTC news because I was excited about the RX3 Line.
  3. They flew us out to Baltimore to shoot insight videos, we shot on-ice reviews and even RX2 vs. RX3 comparison videos but its safe to say we won't be releasing them.
  4. We had a few of these a while ago; they came with LS3's and a grip liner someone similar to the bottom portion of the 2017 1X's LockFit Pro Liner.
  5. Cool to see RibCor in TaylorMade now. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/ryan_ballengee/2018/01/02/taylormade-m3-m4-irons-offering-structure-ribcor-107869/
  6. No, they're not, they have new gear coming out in a month or two.
  7. His paint job is the retail AK27 SL, which is an Alpha QX Pro LE.
  8. Negatory, those were 70K skates in the factory video which were on lockdown at the time.
  9. I am no fan of Ho-Sang's skates but they immediately reminded me of these bad boys.
  10. That is inaccurate. The Curv ankle support is exclusively in the 1X.
  11. I appreciate it 'gents, F cancer real hard.
  12. Wish I wasn't right this time, taking solace knowing they are no longer in pain.
  13. The tongue is a bit thicker on the RPD Shift's too FWIW.
  14. Try getting in contact with the EQM from the Bakersfield Condors. He was sent down there during the all-star break to workout (couldn't play because he was too young) but you might get lucky.
  15. Thanks boys, I'll cheers to F Cancer all day.
  16. Said my potentially last goodbye to a loved one yesterday. F Cancer.
  17. I had to dremel the outsole bump on my converted CCM Tacks skates and haven't had a single issue yet. I agree with Althoma1 that you probably won't need to but even if you do, you'll be golden.
  18. Since no one's said it, Jose Fernandez. Yesterday was a sad day in the sports world.
  19. Haven't heard one ring off the post as loud as Ghost Bear's in quite some time. That was an awesome game to watch.
  20. Except for EE's. You select a size up (i.e. 9.0EE & 9.5EE would require a size 10 footbed).
  21. The JetSpeeds actually have a narrower forefoot/toebox compared to the Super Tacks. I agree with Kovalchuk that Super Tacks are deeper than Supreme but not a huge amount. I get lace bite without a gel pad in the 1S' but unless I tie the Super Tacks too tight across the top of the foot, I'm golden without the gel pad (all sizes equal). e
  22. I'm using both with no issues. The toe box is already fairly short so I don't use the shim for the Power Foot insert.
  23. Those are just the Carbon's, the Carbon Pro's are the hockey-specific insoles. They should be arriving in the new week or two.
  24. I've been on them for 2-3 months now. I don't fit in Vapor but I did use JetSpeeds in the past. So here's my experience compared to JetSpeed in a nutshell: much more responsive, even more anatomical, lower cut boot and a more aggressive forward pitch.
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