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  1. I´m wearing higher-level pants and shoulder-pads and the better padding makes a big difference when falling on ice or concrete compared to the entry-level ones I had before. And I use a cage. I´m a beginner at 53 years und just want to have fun. Older people injure themselves more easily and the injuries heal more poorly than in young people. I also cannot afford to be absent from work due to injuries, which is why i want to reduce my risk of injuries.
  2. You could try to contact https://centerice.de/
  3. A Rinkrat official told me that the unpigmentet soft PU is clear and the harder one is milky/misty/opaque. Do they differ in hardness? The pictures of resellers are looking like the left wheel in the upper row.
  4. Hello, did you have the opportunity to compare the Trickster X with the Labeda asphalt? How did they perform and on what surface?
  5. Some more information from RinkRat: "The MPC free style is an Identity wheel, in single x durometer, therefore harder, just with different color hub and different color inner ring." They didn´t answer my question about a dual-durometer construction of the Trickster. European prices: MPC Freestyle single pour green: 11,95€ MPC Freestyle dual pour grey: 13,95€ Rink Rat Trickster: 10,60€ Labeda Asphalt 85a: 7,99€
  6. If you combine viscous liquids without stirring them, they will only mix in the transition zones. Like multicolored toothpaste. Only way for us to find out how a trickster wheel is constructed, is to cut a wheel into slices.
  7. How do you call a wheel with different areas of urethane of a different durometer?
  8. For me it sounds like the trickster wheels are single pour but dual density. Have to wait till they are worn down before i can cut one into two pieces. And finally both patent numbers printed on the wheels are for patents for multi durometer wheels (U.S. Pat. No. 6,036,278; U.S. Pat. No. 6,227,622B1).
  9. Rink Rat answered my request: The Trickster is a hybrid between single and dual pour. Two different polyurethanes are combined in a single pour process.
  10. Rink Rat Trickster and MPC Freestyle single and dual pour have the same look. They have different colours, a different print on them and they are manufactured at the same place. http://www.online-skating.com/articles-4558-wheel-test-report-of-the-mpc-freestyle-x-firm-72-and-76mm.html I couldn´t compare the wheels and MPC didn´t answer my request for the difference between the wheels.
  11. Rink Rat and Mpc are different brands of the same manufacturer(same factory address). Mpc Freestyle and Rink Rat Trickster have an identical look, just a different colour. Trickster should be 84a and Freestyle is 84a-86a according to resellers information.
  12. Somehow I´m in a competition. I´m a late beginner with poor athletic prerequisites, and I´m having fun together with young sportive people and middle agers with dozens of years of hockey experience. So I am fine with anything that just keeps me on the wheels for ten minutes longer. And it's still a workout for me. The difference between those wheels is amazing to me. Skating around the block on bad sidewalks is even more astonishing because the cushoning of the wheels is incredible. Now i understand why speed skaters pay horrendous prices for dual pour wheels.
  13. Finally I could order some RinkRat Trickster X 84a dual pour wheels. My first impression is that they are amazing. They are faster than my used Labedas, and have more grip and are more agile than the centurion 82a-84a-84a-82a setup. They have the best rebound of the tested wheels. They are too new to talk about the durability yet.
  14. I have a similar issue with pain on my whole footsoles after ten to fifteen minutes on the ice. I have no problems with a shifting period of two minutes for about one hour. I tried allmost all kinds of skates and insoles on the market. The cause seems to be a mixture of fit (skate/insole), tight laces, my bodyweight, flat feet, lack of fitness, my age and my sense of balance. Very supportive and good fitting skates, tightening the laces less tight, cutting out the archsupport area of a stock insole and skating for over three years made the pain less prominent. But the pain still exists, sometimes more, sometimes less. Learning to skate at the age of fifty can be a long way to go.
  15. OK, somehow you can rivet the frames onto the skates, but you have to jack them up to mount the wheels. With only three mounting points, the skate lacks the structures to distribute the forces evenly over the skate.
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