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    Bauer Supreme MX3
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    Warrior Dynasty AX1 Pro-Stock Pietrangelo
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    Easton Pro SE 2
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    CCM Vector 08
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    Bauer Total One Girdle
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    Easton Synergy 20
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    JOFA 5044
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    Reebok 20K
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  1. Over the past 10 years I went from Bauer to CCM and Back to Bauer. Will never go back to CCM. Could just be the shape of my foot but i've always had comfort issues; pain in the arch, lacebite with CCM. I've heard too many similar stories with CCM skates from other. Note: I've only worn their top supreme skate though, can't comment on the other models but the ones i've skated in have honestly fit like a sneaker on the first skate and have only gotten better. I skate on MX3s now for about 5 years or so and they are starting to break down but I still love them.
  2. I used a pair for a while. You have to remove the above the knee padding on your shins or it's a nightmare. I loved the protection, serious tanks. And the built-in sock velcros are amazing. They are a little heavy. I stopped wearing them because i don't play in checking games anymore. I'm using the Total one girdle now. A little less protection but super maneuverable.
  3. Great gloves. I have a pair (not custom). They seem bulky but they are larger on purpose to allow your hands to move freely inside of them with great protection all around. Nice work!
  4. Tried this technique the other day. Works great, wax bonds with tape well. Went to stick n puck and shot for about 2 hours. No damage to tape on heel bottom. Thanks for sharing.
  5. There's no skinny jeans in hockey. ;)
  6. #tbt Me playing at annual company tournament at rink in San Jose circa 2011
  7. Me and the wife at a Tournament over the weekend. She ran the scoreboard. Good girl.
  8. Connecticut needs a team
  9. Anybody know when the shoulders will be available?
  10. The white shoulderpads look cool. Kind of Jofa-esque
  11. Picked up a pair of Easton Mako shins about a month ago. Love the fit and the weight. Problem is I play defense in a mens league and i've taken a slapshot at close range in the lower portion of the shins and both times it hurt pretty bad and left me sore the next day. Need to get more protection. Anybody out there have the Reebok 20k Shins? Any thoughts on any of the pro level shins?
  12. Helmet: Bauer 4500 w/ Oakley VR904 Shield Shoulder: CCM CL Elbow: JOFA 5044 Gloves: Bauer Vapor 7.0 Pants: Reebok 9k Girdle Shins: Easton Mako Skates: Bauer MX3 Sticks: Bauer Nexus 1000 87 flex Kane Curve
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