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  1. You can find Step and Tydan pretty much everywhere now, even in the US. Companies like Massive and Flare are getting more popular too.
  2. I got my hands on a demo pair recently to look at and didn't really notice many changes other than colors and they seem a little more comfortable
  3. I have the shot blockers and wish I did not. The added weight and stiffness is too much for a person who is not playing at a professional level. To put it in perspective, my skates with shot blockers weight 2.25lbs when dry. That's fairly substantial. https://photos.app.goo.gl/R55oL9Ed0sLc4zEI2 My previous skates, JetSpeed FT1 weighed 1.80lbs with Step steel.
  4. What, if any, are the main differences between the CCM HP30 vs CCM HP45 CCM HP70 Pants?
  5. Not disagreeing but in personal experience profiling hundreds of skates its very unlikely to "hit the nail on the head" the very first try. I myself have probably used every single ProSharp profile on the market. Mostly because I wanted to tinker but also because I wanted to see first hand how each profile felt. It's one thing to have an understanding of the profile but entirely different actually using it and skating on it.
  6. Even if you dont, the factory CCM steel is quite short compared to Step or even LS3/LS3. Once you profile it, bled the toe and heel, and then sharpen the skates there is a substantial amount of steel lost.
  7. I can tell you that after profiling and blending the toe and heel you will lose at least 20% or more of the current steel with a profile. This is when using a ProSharp unit and can be more or less when doing it by hand with a template. Typically more. So what was his verdict on what he wanted to profile for you?
  8. You will be very happy with the factory Step steel. The fact that you can buy 3 pairs of regular step for the cost of one pair of Blacksteel is nice cause then you can change out steel every game if you want, rotating them out.
  9. First thing, change the steel. Once you profile that factory stock ccm steel there will be very little life left. I would highly recommend ordering Tydan or Step and getting that steel profiled. The factory profile is a 10' roughly but as you sharpen and assuming you are getting them sharpened by hand and not on the PS machine you will likely have a 9' profile. What size steel and size skate do you have?
  10. Your steel size makes it very complicated for triple or quad combination profiles. What is your current profile you are using now?
  11. There are a few articles I have written on such: Hockey Skate Blade Hollows Hockey Skate Blade Profiling Hockey Skate Blade Mounting Deep Dive into Hockey Skate Profiling The first thing to determine is what is the current profile/radius you are skating on. Then we take a look at what is currently not working for you or what you would like to enhance. For example, are you looking for more stability and top end speed or are you looking for greater agility? A single or combo radius usually requires a slight compromise since the front half is one profile while the other half is another. While this might be better for some than a single profile it's more limited than doing a quad combination profile. Do, first questions I would ask. What size skate do you wear? What size is the steel? What are you looking to change and why? Do you feel too far forward? Too much on your heels? Do you lack top end speed and endurance? Do you feel too flat footed and not agile? Let's start here first.
  12. When I placed my order I was told Step Blacksteel was not an option. If I wanted it I had to order the skates without steel and go through Step directly for the Blacksteel. I called Step and they said 272 would be about 6 weeks. Obviously, I went with regular Step steel because that's a hell of a long wait.
  13. Ha! I know the feeling. ;) Sometimes I do wish I could purge some of the useless information lingering around in my mind...
  14. You're right. I forgot about the Win 2 profile. I haven't seen that used in ages though.
  15. There is no such thing as a 10/11 combo radius.... Hence I assumed he was using a 10' or 11' single radius.
  16. Yeah, the scan is literally the most important thing. I would also highly recommend sending in the measurements as well for extra measure. Also, if you have something like a very high arch which can alter the skate length when using custom orthotics you will absolutely need to mention that as well. I have heard from a significant number of people recently who have such issues that their skates felt too long when they used the custom orthotics.
  17. There is a significant difference between those and a single radius like the ones you specified. I would recommend a Quad 1 or 2 if you want minimal changes to help ease the transition.
  18. I didn't order mine from that store specifically, but I have been to it when I was in town a couple months ago. It's a nice store but am not sure if the staff is trained on scanning for Pure. I think I remember seeing a True skate on display so I would assume they are a fit center. The good news is True will only accept a scan if it meets their requirements. If it does not they will require you to get scanned again until it meets their approval. Both Pure and True have had excellent customer service so I think you are in good hands as long as they know how to properly operate the scanner.
  19. Yeah. It's very likely, but such a random location. Good thing I wear cut resistant socks. Last thing I need to do is lose an achilles.
  20. Absolutely no clue. It might have been a small defect or tear that got worse when using the skates. Only other thing would be a skate blade cutting across the back of the tendon, which is scary....
  21. Update - 30+ hours clocked on the skates now. The first time using them they seemed nice but I didn’t perform well with them. I honestly struggled a bit with the weight and adjusting to the skates. As time progressed my body mechanics reset and the skates are now becoming more “dialed in” and are no longer holding me back. Every time I use them I find myself pushing the limits a little more. The biggest thing I noticed is you can walk up your ROH quite a bit with them. I usually skate on a ¾” ROH and am going to be changing to 1” ROH soon. I don’t notice the weight any longer and am starting to get the full benefits of the skates design which is excellent. I did have some concerns though..... For example, the tendon guard has a pretty nasty tear in it and the rear portions of the liners look like glue or some type of residue is rubbing off. One skate the ankle area looks like its tearing a little. I have OCD so I always air out my skates after they are used. In fact, I actually have a dryer at home that I use to keep my gear in tip-top shape. I am sure you can see some True gloves hanging in there. Too bad I don’t have any True pants in there too, hint hint, 😉 I hope the rear ankle area on the liner is not tearing and its just some glue or residue but running my fingers over it the feeling is like the fabric separated, rolled and pulling back. Video Update: https://youtu.be/xUxabqr59Ec Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Jh25a Drying rack: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UfRBPVVwIpZEGfLA2 Update: True is sending out a replacement tendon guard and told me to keep an eye on the liner. If I notice the wear getting worse they said to mail them in and its an easy fix. They have seen issues before with the liner separating usually when people do not use a shoe horn when baking the skate. I use a shoe horn every time I put them on though since I struggle to get my feet in them, so that is not my specific issue. I have to admit, their customer service is pretty freaking awesome.
  22. I would leave it as is and try it out. Give it some time and if you cannot adjust then profile the steel as mentioned.
  23. Happy to report that skates felt absolutely fantastic tonight. I am still adjusting to the weight difference but the skates overall have amazing fit and feel. I also like how rigid the VH/Step holders are and am very glad I went with them and not LS Edge holders. I don't till need to make some slight adjustments to the pitch but I think I am very close to having them the way I want them. As others have said, it's strange having skate that fit and don't hurt. I am so used to my skates hurting that it's still weird to me that I am not uncomfortable from the time I strap them on to the time I take them off.
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