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  • Skates
    True TF9
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    Bauer Nexus E5 Pro
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    Warrior Dynasty AX1LT
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    Bauer 4500
  • Pants
    Bauer Nexus N8000 or something (Old model)
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer Supreme S170 (Old model, cheap)
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer Vapor X800
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor X800
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    Bauer backpack

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    Rovaniemi, Finland
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    NHL, NBA
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  1. Definitely go for the smaller size if at all in doubt. I was in the same boat in between two sizes. After the final bake the skate gave up a lot of space and I could have gone with the .5 smaller. For me the feeling with the skate between the fitting bake and final bake was like night and day with the size and fit difference. The toe cap itself didn't stretch being plastic, as mentioned here before, but the padding in the cap. I like my toes right at the cap and it's the only regret I have with the skates. Otherwise they've been perfect. In fact, the regret about the .5 size down has been so big that I've constantly been looking for deals to get a second pair in the smaller size 😆
  2. Haven't tried on but seen in shops. Seems like the cheapest entry-level line, similar that Bauer does now with their X-line. Good for beer league for sure.
  3. Old video but immediately came to my mind after reading this thread, here's Drew Doughty explaining his curve and why he switched to a toe curve many years back:
  4. Neck guards are mandatory here even in beer league so I've been used to them right from the start. The one thing to get used to is the heat. However, I can't stand if the neck guard starts to spin so those "basic" Bauer/CCM ones are out of the question. Right now I'm using a Sherwood "half-a-shirt", that goes on top of the base layer. Many of my team use a CCM model that otherwise is pretty basic but has straps that go around and below the shoulders to negate the spinning issue.
  5. I wish that we had something like Sideline swap here in Europe. Pro stock is hard to find and get.
  6. Thanks for that opinion ^ I'm looking to try a girdle for the first time and seems like the Alpha is a one to skip.
  7. Even if I could afford them, I couldn't justify spending the amount of money for custom skates when playing beer league 1-2 a week. If I was playing competitively at any level, a different story.
  8. Surprised that he isn't rocking that Gretzky Jofa VM helmet. I remember seeing a news picture from last year where he was playing on that same team with that Jofa on 😄 Edit: Just googled "jaromir jagr kladno", wasn't too hard to find 😄 => https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-prerov-czech-republic-07th-feb-2018-jaromir-jagr-of-kladno-in-action-173675043.html
  9. Right now I'm only looking for vintage stuff. Koho, Jofa, Tackla ... everything I love about 90s hockey gear.
  10. It's been all Bauer, CCM, Warrior etc. since around 2006 or something. I think around the time Koho and Jofa were bought out, Tackla dropped off too. So yea it's a niche, maybe even a struggling brand right now. Nobody buys new Tackla equipment anymore and it's sold only marginally. Teams in finnish national league SM Liiga are sponsored and equipped either by Bauer, CCM or Warrior. My perception of Tackla for the last 10+ years has been that they've concentrated more on rink ball and ice bandy and those sports are dying right now. Obviously concentrating on those sports was a mistake.
  11. Even being a finnish brand, they don't have their products in any usual retail stores that sell hockey equipment. I have no idea what their business model these days is. Our beer league team did order team jerseys and socks from them though. Back in the 90s everyone here had either Tackla, Koho or Jofa equipment. Now only those that have old or second hand equipment wear them. https://www.tackla.com/company.html
  12. @nyquil How would you compare the fit/sizing on Warrior, Bauer etc. gloves? I have eyed a pair of Winnwell gloves online for some time now but never had a chance to try the sizing for myself.
  13. https://www.kiekkobussi.com . I have no idea about how and if they ship outside of Finland. They sell new and used gear as well.
  14. ... and I did order another Super Mac Daddy. So basically I got 2 bit cheaper than a price of one.
  15. I don't know why here in Finland local stores want to get rid of Warrior QRLs but I don't mind. Last week snatched a QRL Pro about 33% off retail price and this week I ordered the throwback QRL Super Mac Daddy for over 50% off the retail price. I'm very tempted to order another one of the latter since they still had them in stock today. I can't even normally get a QRL4 at that price :D
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