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  1. Wake me up when there’s Supreme 3S sighting.
  2. Different price points often fit differently. For example, the S29 is noticeably more tighter around the arches compared to the 2S and 2S Pro. I was wondering how the 2X fit might differ from the Pro and 1X (mostly in terms of arches, heel lock, and volume).
  3. Is the Vapor 2X (NOT the pro version) also asymmetrical in terms of its volume? From looking at the pictures, it looks like one side of the skate is longer than the other. If so, how does it compare in terms of fit to the 2X Pro and the previous gen 1X?
  4. I watched the pure hockey review video of these skates, and the guy explicitly stated around 3:50-ish that the dyna flex is just a name assigned to this “system”, which includes the toe cap, injected lacing, carbon curv composite, new foam/liner, tongue, etc. It seems like wishy washy marketing nonsense to me. Probably could have just tacked on the new toe caps on the 1x and called that dyna flex.
  5. Can anyone explain to me what the yellow Dynaflex lettering means on the 2X Pro? What exactly is this new feature? Gimmick or legit?
  6. Thanks professor. "REGARDLESS". I'm not writing a graded essay here - I'm happy to use and accept nonstandard words. -.-
  7. I have to say, irregardless of actual performance benefits, Bauer just feels like they're falling behind CCM from an average consumer's standpoint. With CCM removing unnecessary materials and improving their one-piece tech generation after generation, the new Vapors look so outdated. So much extra stitching, layered materials, etc. Even if the one-piece benefit is overstated at the moment, there's no denying that CCM is putting R&D money to improve their technology every year. Compared to Bauer pushing out the same CURV composite every year, I'm really happy with what CCM is doing. Bauer didn't even want to put any soft comfort edge padding on their 2S model last year. If you can fit equally well into Vapor and Jetspeed, why would you opt for Vapors at this point? Would you ever pick the 2X over the FT490?
  8. That’s what I was talking about. My experience was the same. Again, I don’t buy their marketing claim. I think it’s just a more cavernous boot intended for foots that can’t fit in jetspeed and tacks. Did you get the old model or the new 80k?
  9. I tried the last generation in stores. Weird fitting skate. Comfy but very roomy for me. I just don’t buy their “fit all foot shape” claim. To me, you either fit in a snug skate or you don’t. If a skate “flexes” to fit, I feel that just means the boot will get loose over time if you have skinny feet. A foot that can fit jetspeeds should be in jetspeeds. Maybe others with more experience with the flexible material claim can chime in.
  10. 100% a trigger 2. I just got an authentic one off clearance from hockey monkey 3 days ago. Everything in your image, from the distinct blade texture/pattern to the deep concave of the stick near the CCM logo, match mine.
  11. China practically has the ability to make everything, both crap and the absolute best. All the brands you know make stuff there. What you get will depend on your luck finding a good manufacturer. You may get something identical to top-end stick or a lemon. I think if you're in North America and have to pay for shipping, it's not worth it. Just get a discount top-end stick from HockeyMonkey from 2 seasons ago. I think they are intended for players in China who might have a hard time finding authorized retailers of Bauer/CCM/Warrior. I'm sure the great majority will be good enough for recreational play. They're probably dirt cheap and are great value if you play over there.
  12. CCM official website lists composite midsole. https://ccmhockey.com/en/product/player/skates/jetspeed-ft2-skate#sm.00000xhbdq265ef76sj6vyj4y2tfo
  13. @Nicholas G You talked a lot about the thicker ankle foam padding in the FT2 and how it contributes to added comfiness compared to FT1. Do you know if the FT490 also has the same added foam padding and feel? I've also heard that it hurt a lot for wearers of FT1 whenever the puck hit the skates. Do you think the added cushioning wrap around enough of the interior of the FT2/FT490 to remedy this issue?
  14. Yeah, I'd like to know the depth situation with the FT2 and FT490s too. The heel being wider, especially on the FT490, is such a bummer. The FT380 fit completely differently than the FT1. My foot swam in the FT380 and the heel was not even close to snug after a bake and a few skates. I had no depth issue at all. The FT1, on the other hand, fit kind of awkwardly. It had good heel lock, but lacked so much depth I failed the pencil test badly. CCM makes good skates now and offer so much more tech than Bauer, but they really really need to work on fit consistency. It sounds like you have my foot - you need a a fair amount of instep/volume, but a tight heel and maybe just average or below average forefoot? Try on the current generation Supremes, especially the 2S and S29. I can almost guarantee that you'll love them the moment you try them on. Too bad their $600 super stiff skate still doesn't even have basic comfort padding on the top of the boot, so you may experience having the collar dig into your foot like it does to me on my left foot.
  15. 1) How do the FT490, FT2, and FT1 compare in terms of fit, specifically at the heel and depth/volume? I have skinny heel but medium instep. 2) Is the heel pocket really flat and hard still in the new Jetspeeds? Bauers have cushioning that extend further down and prevent heel spurs for me. 3) I read that the FT2 has its graphics printed more securely compared to the FT1. Is this also true for the FT490? Interestingly, I noticed the new Jetspeeds also dropped one eyelet unless I miscounted. FYI: I fit pretty well into current generation Supreme skates.
  16. I would try both the FT2 and FT490. Different price points fit and feel differently - sometimes it's not even subtle. By the way, the embargo for retailers just dropped on the top 3 lines of the new Jetspeed skates. You can check them out here at Ice Warehouse. Each skate has video showcasing each feature from different angles. Personally, I'm not a fan of how the new heel pocket looks. They said they expanded it a little, but looking at the pictures and comparing them to the previous Jetspeed skates, the new heels are cavernous across all price points. Has any store owners here tried the new skates?
  17. At this point, I think perhaps your son is just a total beast of a skater and no steel is fit for his aggressive skating. I'm impressed - that was under 3 months for the Tydan. Jokes aside, maybe you should consider just shipping the skates to JR and have him review it. Not saying your local pro shop isn't capable, but having another eye to closely inspect might be helpful.
  18. Looks like you got pretty much an ideal fit in terms of volume to me. After wearing them for half a year, you should feel really good in them assuming no other pain point. Skates only get looser over time and feeling overly snug initially is a good thing. Just like getting new pairs of shoes, you will have some discomfort in the beginning.
  19. I have a (speculative) theory that CCM might just be reusing a lot of components and manufacturing processes from previous season's top-end skates in the current model's second price point. I think the one-piece exterior of the FT490 will be the same as in FT1. From a material standpoint, the quarter packages are exactly the same (LITEFRAME 360). The comfort pads even look the same. Similar tongue too. Only real difference seems to be the reinforced toe cap connection. Just new graphics. With that said, the fit will be slightly different because the foam and ankle padding will be different inside. FT1 had asymmetrical padding and FT490 will not. There's only so much they can play with padding though, so I still think the overall feel will be very similar to FT1. CCM 2019 catalog: http://4prosport.ru/catalog/putpdf?put=/Media/images/catalog/pdf/ccm2019.pdf CCM 2018 catalog: http://nextone-hockey.com/fcms_data/4_1/39a04eccc570faa342a5abd9b40dd331.pdf
  20. If this is true than I’ve been duped all this time by CCM. I can’t consider that a one piece boot if all it is is an outsole that’s shaped in a way to sit flush against the quarter. That’s just good design, but definitely not a one piece. From a performance standpoint, I can hardly imagine a difference compared to a traditional outsole. Does anyone have more info on this?
  21. Chase from IW confirmed along with a CCM rep on a recent review video that the FT490 does come with the new holder. In fact, the only downgrade from the FT1 and FT490 seems to be the runner (no hyper glide) and a nylon midsole. I’m not sure why he said the FT490 has a nylon midsole though since a one piece boot is supposed to be composite. The FT1 and FT490 seem so similar that I wonder if the fit is even the same. I know that with the previous FT line, the 380 fit completely differently than FT1 and was more similar to the original jetspeeds (wider and with more depth throughout). CCM sizing between price points are so much more inconsistent than Bauer.
  22. My concern and hesitation with the sleeve design is that it will smell like crazy after 6 months or so of play. I air out my gear regularly and use one of those portable dryers, so my gear just has a slight odor, but the under layers really reek! Despite the anti-odor claims, they smell so bad that, at this point, laundry only makes them smell good for 1 wear. I can't imagine forcing something like that to be sawn onto my gear. Traditional elbow pads without sleeves seem so much easier to maintain.
  23. I'm in the 2S right now and actually like it better than the 2S Pro when I tried them both on. I don't like the new lacing system on the 2S Pro and the 2S is just right in terms of stiffness for me (they're practically the same, but the 2S might be like half a point less stiff - you probably couldn't get me to pass a blind test though). The best part is the fit - these are REALLY snug skates. I went though insane number of pairs and these were the best. I had Bauer bumps before and had to wear sleeves around my ankle/heel, but no longer need them due to the ample cushioning in the heel area.
  24. Anyone have experience with the new STX RX3 shoulder/elbow pads or the Vapor 1X Lite shoulder/elbow pads? I'm supposed to get Christmas gifts so I can sort of hint at what I want. My current elbow pads constantly slide down. I've resorted to rolling up my compression shirt's sleeves to keep them up for now. Do you have any other elbows to compare to? I want whatever is less bulky and lightweight, especially the shoulder pads. Something that can maintain a light weight and can shed all the water weight off. I sweat a lot and my current shoulder pads really weigh down by the third period. How do the RX3s compare to the 1X Lites in terms of weight? Any opinions on their sweat wicking abilities? Do the sleeved elbow pads of the RX3 get really smelly and annoying? Welcome to other suggestions too. FYI I'm on the skinny side so the pads will probably have to be more form fitting.
  25. I got my hat. One of the very few hats out there that fit my head well. I have a really large head.
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