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  1. I don't see any age dropping in the rules either. The 15 year old girl should be on an under-16 team. I'm guessing there is no all-female or mixed under-16/bantam team in your area and she might be at a physical disadvantage as 15 and 16 year old boys can check harder than the 13 and 14 year old boys.
  2. Step-ups is good. I do that as I'm recovering from my shoulder replacement. I just set up the box to it's lowest step up height, 20", and do 10 reps with one leg and 10 reps with the other leg as one set and do that 4 to 8 sets consecutively. I do leg press on a pin-selected leg press machine, not the free-weight plate leg press machine. Just use a machine you can do leg presses while holding only one hand grip effectively. And I use the abductor and adductor machines and the calf raise machine for my leg workout. Cardio-wise, I use a treadmill. Without being able to run, a walk workout doesn't challenge me cardiovascular-wise but it burns calories if I put in a long walk (an hour or more). You're probably going to lose some endurance conditioning, whatever level that was, while recovering. Note, I only added doing lower body weight-resistance exercises after my doctor said it was okay. I was doing walking only for awhile. It might be different since you had a different surgery.
  3. Probably a crazy question, but why would anyone not want to hear what's going on around you? Teammates and goalies need to be communicating to each other on the ice and on the bench, not just zone out from everyone else. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, that's a different story.
  4. That's the game all the major companies play. Providing a new stick with an incremental performance updates. That way, you are buying something that is better than last year's model. It's kind of lame as some of these incremental updates are just new paint jobs. All the while, NHL players sometimes have an older stick model that has the paint job of a completely different stick just for marketing purposes. Can't really do anything about it. But if you ever find the perfect stick, buy a dozen of them.
  5. Wow, I was wondering what that was in the video.
  6. If your sauce passes (and other passes) are getting flubbed, either flex is too high, or lie might be off (blade's heel or toe touches the ice when you are passing and shooting)
  7. I'm 5'6" too. I got a 110 flex shaft because it was on clearance, I put a Bauer carbon fiber blade on it.. I cut it down and it has zero whip. I use it as a back-up stick.
  8. Check out prostockhockey.com stick selection. You can see a picture of the curve for these custom sticks. Pick the P88 and left or right hand checkboxes on the left-hand side of the page to narrow down the sticks shown. Some are same as retail and some are custom.
  9. Interesting. Maybe it's just for looks.He wears his shin pads under the tongue, but maybe wants the shin pad over the tongue look. Here's an older picture with the tongue going above the top of the boot.
  10. Pitch adjustment is the whole blade's profile getting angled, so you could have a 9/10 blade with +1 pitch or 9/10 blade with -1 pitch adjustment. Imagine if there was a thin piece of wood put on the heels of your skate boot, and then someone attached the blade holders, that would be positive or aggressive pitch adjusment. If someone put a thin piece of wood on the forefoot area on the bottom of the skate boot and then attached the blade holders, that would be negative pitch. The front half is still 9' profile and the back half is still 10' profile. Or you can tell your sharpener how your skates feel and how he or she would adjust the pitch.
  11. If you feel like you are getting pushed forward and tripping over your skates, you would want negative pitch. If you feel like you are getting pushed backwards and can't hold a deep forward tuck like a speed skater, then you would want positive pitch. If you feel balanced, but want to make deeper/faster turns and doing choppy/quick east-west skating, then you will want the front profiles shorter. If you want to glide longer for efficient north-south skating, you want long rear profiles. Sometimes, you can keep your current profile and alter the ROH, radius of hollow, for more glide or grip in hard turns/stops as an easier way to adjust for harder or softer ice.
  12. Where? – The sale will be held at the Tricolore Sports Bell Centre boutique situated at 1275 Saint-Antoine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, H3C5L2. It is accessible from 1275 Saint-Antoine Ouest, 1909 Av. Des Canadiens de Montréal, by the Lucien L’Allier metro, and by the De la Montagne / Des Canadiens-de-Montréal bus station. The boutique faces the Lucien L ’Allier train station. When? – The sale will take place on Saturday, March 11, 2023, from 10:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M EST. What? – This year's Montreal Canadiens pro-stock sale features equipment used by or prepared for current and former Montreal Canadiens players. Included in the sale are sticks, gloves, helmets, assorted protective equipment, team issued apparel and so much more. Free Parking - Parking will be provided until 3:30pm. Customers need to inform the attendant upon arrival that they are at the Bell Centre for the sale. Customers will be assigned to a designated parking area and given a free receipt to be put on the dash. If you wish to stay past 3:30pm you will be charged the full parking amount for that day. Finally, anyone with a parking pass to the game that comes to shop can show the attendant their parking pass. https://www.tricoloresports.com/us/service/vente-pro-stock-des-canadiens-de-montreal/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=ventets&fbclid=IwAR2q3guWZMed3_2l5GyItAE3bD4cbsazJTwbnX3UTJ0iMhXOYK7wbDP1GU0
  13. Pants usually go by waist circumference, weight and height. This is the bauer pants size chart. If you are in the 'between size's zone, go with the small and risk a shot between the shin guard and bottom of the pants. Or go with a medium for a loose fit and wear suspenders to have it pulled up as high as comfortably possible. Or, you can try to look for a hockey girdle and a shell to go over it..
  14. I've saw a ref get hit by a ricochet of a slap shot off someone's stick and right at his cup. No time to get out of the way or block it. This was a NCAA Div III men's game so it was a major clap bomb. He actually was able to get up and finish the game. Yeah, I'm four weeks out, but there are certain angles where I have no strength in my arm yet, so I wear my sling when I''m out of the house, but i don't wear it anymore when I'm in the house. God luck with your surgery.
  15. Intermediate sizing is kind of like senior but short in length so they will be wide. I wear Bauer intermediate 13's because senior 14s are too long. I guess I would recommend getting the lower-end intermediate shin pads so there will be less padding/bulk/depth than the higher-end intermediate shin pads.
  16. So, I got total shoulder replacement surgery a month ago, at the end of December. I got a modified procedure called the "ream and run shoulder replacement". It is similar to a regular total shoulder replacement. The ball end side of the humerus (upper arm bone) is cut off and a titanium stem is put inside it. But on the shoulder or glenoid side, they shave out a hemisphere shape out of the bone instead of putting a plastic piece there. The plus is that there are no restrictions of physical activity after the shoulder heals. In a normal total shoulder replacement, there are certain restrictions in order to avoid wearing out the plastic piece or breaking the plastic piece in the glenoid. I got the procedure done out of town with an orthopedic surgeon in Virginia Beach, Virginia. So far, so good. The physical therapy exercises involves a lot of stretching. Since the glenoid was shaved out, it takes about a year and a half for a layer of fibrocartilege to regrow between the metal head of the humerus implant and the glenoid. This is my third major joint replacement surgery. I haven't played hockey or skated in awhile. Now, thinking long-term, I might want to stop playing ice hockey and try refereeing. As much as non-contact hockey isn't supposed to have any checking, there are times that you will get checked on purpose or accidentally... or just fall or run into the boards on your own without anyone even touching you. There's no casual pick-up hockey for old folks where I am. Once my shoulder is in better condition, I'll look into a level i refereeing class.
  17. It's been over a year. My left hip has been doing well. I got my right hip replaced a week ago. Almost the same experience as the left hip replacement. I don't remember all the details of my left hip surgery post-op, but I feel more pain at the side of the thigh. Same was last time, I've been very tired everyday. I walked a mile yesterday. It took 32 minutes to do, I may have pushed myself too far though. I'm doing PT exercises once a day and have had one PT appointment since my surgery.
  18. Mesh? Like this? https://nevermadeitprostock.com/collections/hockey-socks/products/used-red-waterloo-reebok-socks-28 or like this? https://nevermadeitprostock.com/collections/hockey-socks/products/new-black-with-purple-and-white-stripe-knit-hockey-socks-large
  19. I had more of a sizing issue and returned a pair of skates without skating on ice or baking them. Regular width was way too narrow and wide width worked out. Same length. This was with Hockey Monkey.
  20. I couldn't find a chart. ROH can vary between skaters so what's optimal for someone else might not be optimal for you.
  21. Depends on your fitness goals. I like weight lifting and ice hockey. Now, ice hockey is on the shelf, so to speak, for me. Do you want to lift more and carry more muscle in lieu of having less muscle mass and more cardio endurance? I did a lot of weight lifting to gain muscle and strength in my 20s and 30s. Didn't care so much for endurance, so I was strong and fast, but my endurance wasn't the best on the ice. I could fly around the ice in the first period, but would get slower as the periods went by. Into my 40s, I was trying to keep muscle, but also be fit. Playing ice hockey is a HIIT workout in and of itself. I balanced out my gym workouts so I was doing more cardio in my workouts. My main cardio workout was running. Now in my early 50s and having had various surgeries and having another one coming up. I'd say watch what you eat. I got a stent put in from a clogged artery. I was "in shape" but not eating healthy all the time. Basically, I could burn off calories from a high cholesterol meal (like a whole medium pepperoni pizza) by working out at the gym. But, burning calories doesn't equate to burning cholesterol.
  22. Not sure what your skating is like after 7 years. What position do you usually play? Are you skating east-west (a lot of direction changes within a zone) or north-south (straight line between zones) more often? Zones being offensive, neutral and defensive.
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