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    CCM Jetspeed 300
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    True a4.5
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    Warrior QRL
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    Bauer IMS 9.0
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    Graf G700
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    CCM RBZ 130 LE
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    Warrior Dynasty AX2
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    RBK 8k
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. Profile: Zuperior S by JR. Hollow: FBV 90/1 Steel: CCM SB 4.0 247 About Me: I started playing roller hockey in junior high ~25 years ago. Started playing ice ~20 years now. Beer leaguer that skates 2-3 times a week. Control set: Step Stainless 246. My old profile was a dual radius 8’/12’ with a medium forward pitch done by noicing. I am very comfortable with it now as I have been using them for 4 years. Acceleration - 4 Mobility - 3 Stability - 3.5 Speed - 3.5 Comments: The Zuperior S initially felt longer or flatter than my old profile. It felt a lot more stable, but I didn’t feel on my toes as much. That made it a little more uncomfortable for me as I have been on a forward pitch profile from noicing and my old Grafs. I didn’t ask JR to put a pitch on them, so that was my mistake. It took a while to get used to in my first game, but I felt pretty comfortable by the end. I went from FBV 90/75 to 90/1 because I thought 90/75 was closer to 5/8, but according to the Blackstone guide in the Pro Shop, 90/1 is more like 5/8 and 90/75 is more like 3/4. Since this is my first sharpening with JR, I figured I should try 90/1 and adjust from there. This may have been a reason I had to take some time to adjust. During the warmups, I felt like I could catch my edge easier and that affected my confidence and my mobility. As I got more comfortable, it felt easier to go edge to edge and my trust came back. By the middle of the 2nd, I was pretty comfortable with the stopping and accelerating. I really liked the agility towards the end of the game and I really felt comfortable accelerating and keeping good speed skating backwards. The first 3-4 strides felt good (even if I’m not on my toes), but I’m not sure if it was also due to the new sharpening as my old runners were due. Highlight of my 1st game: As I got used to them, I took the puck end to end and beat everyone but the defenseman that forced me outside. I had a battle along the boards, broke free, made some nice pivots, stops/starts, and broke away wide open. I felt very comfortable on my skates on that play. Lowlight of my 1st game: Later that period I took the puck into the zone right down the middle and went for a quick snap off my front leg. I lost my balance, flubbed the shot, and almost crashed into the boards. I think it’ll take me some time to get used to it, but it has been more good than bad so far. I’ve played ~10 games and feel a lot more comfortable now. Still not on my toes as much and have been off balance a few times expecting the forward pitch. Other than that, I feel a lot more stable skating forward and back. Acceleration feels better forward and back too. Top speed is not too much different, but feels better than stock. I’m starting to develop some soreness in the shin area due to my legs adjusting to this profile. It’s about time to switch back to the control set to see how they feel. I will try the quad zero on my other CCM runners and will try to add pitch to these if JR recommends.
  2. I agree. I was deciding between the 7092 and the super tacks girdle. I liked the 7092 slightly better, but had to go with the super tacks for the adjustment.
  3. I picked up the 7092’s recently and have about 10 games in them. I came from some RBK/Jofas and these felt pretty comfy. When strapping them on they feel great but I notice by the end of the games they’ve slid down and left myself unprotected. I was trying to use only the straps and progressively went tighter each game with no luck. Last game I tried clear tape on the lower part of the shins and they stayed up the whole game. I hope I figured it out because they feel great when I’m sitting on the bench before I start skating.
  4. Been using Jofa to RBK to Tacks shins now and have not been disappointed in the protection. If it fits your body well, I would stay with that line for the most protection. But I would definitely try them first with skates on to make sure they fit well. Having the most protective shins that don’t fit well are useless.
  5. I like this page that has been posted around here a few times. It’s interesting to see the differences between the sticks. http://twu.tennis-warehouse.com/learning_center/hockeyflexprofiles.php
  6. Pretty sure the SBP will be the same as before.
  7. Looks like the A series intermediate flex and length are going to be similar to the XC line as far as the 58/68 flex and the 58 being a little shorter. This is good for shorter people like me. I emailed True a while back asking if they would consider going shorter for the intermediates and it looks like they are. I’m excited to try it out. Have you tried shooting the new 6.0 or 4.5 yet @Zac911?
  8. High end sticks on sale will not always work. I used to do that too but you really get slim pickings when it comes to flex and curve, especially RH. I was looking for a specific 4.5 SBP and had problems finding it a few months back. Now that they’re on clearance, it’ll be even harder trying to find it. And that’s not even a 6.0 or 5.2. Always be on a lookout when you know a new model is coming out but you can kind of figure out whether or not the inventory is going to last. I feel like online shops aren’t stocking as much inventory as they used to, so it’s getting tougher to find popular sticks on closeout. At least that’s my experience anyway. Local shops around me aren’t very consistent.
  9. I dropped half a size from my Vapor to my new JetSpeed. I didn’t use 3D Scan, but that was just going by my own feel. Seems about right to me.
  10. Mine didn’t fog up very often. If I could guess, it would have been less than 10 times in the many years of owning it. When it happened, it was really annoying. But it took specific conditions to trigger it. It may have something to do with being in a warmer climate like So. Cal. During the times it fogged up, othrs on the rink with a full shield or hybrid had the same problem. Others may play in areas where it won’t happen as often. I was just bringing this up since a cage would not have this issue by design. I would not recommend against a hybrid, but I would want to make sure the OP is aware of issues that I have experienced in the past. There are a few products that I would recommend against purchasing and this is not one of them.
  11. I grew up wearing a cage. I wanted a hybrid after watching Team Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2. I finally got one as an adult when I could buy my own gear. It worked really well but fogged up on me at times. Used it for almost 10 years and it finally got too scratched up and had to be replaced. I went back to a cage to see if it would mess with my vision. It’s so much lighter with a cage and the air flow is much better so it’s a cooler. I don’t think I’d go back to a hybrid. You do lose something with those bars on the cage. But the weight savings, cooler air flow, no maintenance/cleaning, and less fogging are more beneficial to me. Try it out. The things that matter to me may not bother you. I used it for a long time, so it wasn’t that bad. But I think I figured out what works best for me.
  12. On topic: Went from Vapors to last years Jetspeed. Vapors were just right when I first bought them. I think they may have been a little shallow in the depth side for my foot. As the tongue broke down over the years, I got some bad lace bite. Like someone mentioned, the Jetspeeds fit my slightly narrow shaped foot fine and gave me the extra volume I was looking for. It's going to depend on the models you look at and you should try them out in the store if possible. The Ribcors felt great but were hurting my previous lace bite since they didn't have the depth like the Jetspeeds. Off topic: Daryl Evans
  13. Hmm...the weight difference between my SB 4.0 and Step runner is 6 grams. I don't consider that very heavy.
  14. I'd take any of the Step steel options over the LS2.
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