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  1. I saw a trustworthy guy review one on YouTube ..........
  2. Because the pros do it so it must make your skating better
  3. Try some weighted lunges those will help you flex better and maybe drop an eyelet
  4. The first two sentences make me inclined to feel that your skates might not be the correct size. If you are struggling to keep your skates tight, they are most likely too big. That would be the first issue I would look at before being concerned about what name is on my feet.
  5. The place to start would be sideline swap support. They would be able to assist you better.
  6. I doubt his personal preference is in the article.
  7. https://www.echl.com/en/news/2019/4/warrior-hockey-named-exclusive-on-ice-equipment-provider-of-the-echl-for-2019-20-season Congrats to Warrior. Making the money moves
  8. Mm= millimeters get a ruler with metric markings and place one end of the blade on the end of the ruler and count the markings along the length of the blade.
  9. That's the difference between form and function. If the skate performs as it should, cosmetic issues don't matter.
  10. Hahaha It is all legal there now, isn't it?
  11. I put mine in the washer also. Air dry on top of the dehumidifier and they're fine
  12. Here are a few tips for making sure that you get the proper fit with skates: 1. Throw shoe size out the window. Totally different sizing. 2. Be prepared to try on every skate in the store. Rarely are the first pair the perfect pair. 3. Use a Brannock to get you to the ballpark of sizing. I prefer to use two just so weight is evenly distributed. 4. Wear the socks that he will skate in. 5. Have him put his foot as far forward in the boot to touch the toecap. Any more than a pinky width behind the heel is too much.
  13. Regardless of the time frame, how is this an issue that would or should be covered by the Bauer warranty? This is not a manufacturing defect, this is merely a crease in the boot caused by ill fitting skates. If you feel that you deserve some form of recourse, I would address the shop who fitted your child.
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