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  1. Oupps! Missed on that one.. You can remove the thread since it’s allready have been discussed
  2. New bauer prototype! whats your thoughts about this? Durability? Pros? cons?
  3. No, the M7 is not that soft, but still lower cut which provide more ankle movement. One skate i totally forgot is Easton Ultra lite pro SBX. Stiff lower part, and a soft, low cut upper part. A really great skate if your ankles are strong enough!
  4. It’s all personal preference! i’m a heavyweight myself (180cm/108kg/240lbs) but i still prefer skates with a more flexible/lower upper that allow a greater forward flex/ankle flex for better skating mechanichs.. People on this forum complaining about skates being to soft are just gearwhores with weak ankles who cant skate properly Mike Gartner (in his prime) would still out skate most of todays nhl players in Soft old CCM Tacks skates! my top 3 skates. 1. Graf Supra 707/G7 2. Easton Mako M7 3. Graf Supra 704
  5. If you want to see the new ADV stick up close, with the taper etc.. Add jenni Hiirikoski from Luleå Hockey (sdhl)/Finnish national team on instagram.. She put a shorter clip out yesterday with the new supreme adv stick.
  6. ISame pad as ccm classic 1899 shoulder pads. Go with ccm shoulder pad sizing
  7. Old jofa design with new look. allmost all europeans use them. Available in most sports stores here in Sweden. Here there are two versions. One with jock only, and one as jock/garter belt combo.. ive used the combo version since the -90s... best/most protective jock ever.
  8. The technology isn’t very new.. Curved shafts has been used in floorball sticks for like 10-years allready, and allmost 50% of all floorball elite players use some kind of curve/bow shafts.. In floorball the curved shafts make you shoot much harder and it would be interesting to see if the technology has the same effect on shots in hockey.
  9. Haha... it might be... All euro spec hockey sticks have better quality control since we cant warranty sticks like you can. Sure Ls2 runners arent as good as step or massive or tydan but they does the job as a spare runners in case you brake one of your precious step runners during game. I have 3 different pairs of massive runners for different ice conditions. And 3 pairs of Ls2 runners with same profile etc as the massive runners, cuz i rather play a period with Ls2’s than not playing at all...
  10. I would not consider Ls2 steel as crap, but there is better stuff out there also.. Personally i prefer Massive blade’s ”gold/titanium” coated runners in Ls2 holders, but bauers steel works fine as replacement steel..
  11. new stuff from Bauer on preorder at Monkeysports.se
  12. Huh.. is that piece of padding loose inside the mesh? I thought it was one big piece of foam that wraps all around the elbow/forearm with extra added foam for greater slash protection where the tear is? If the foam is loose inside, it would be the first time ever ive seen this... My old RBK/Jofa 7K had allmost all mesh teared to pieces but the soft elbow cap and all padding around the forearm were still there..
  13. Yeah, bad example, but it’s how it works in Europe.. If you have something good, you dont want to be associated with something bad or something with bad quality.. If Flite skates would have been good they would probably get more attension, so the probably suck pretty bad.. But since ive never heard of the brand before, and they’ve been sold with tuuks (which are great, especially Ls2) here, i just assumed they would be decent.. well, cheap holders and steel anyway
  14. I think we dont really understan each other.. But i will try to explain what i meen with an example. Audi make great cars and engines aswell. LADA make shit cars with shitty engines. Anyone can buy a Lada and then buy a Audi Rs4 engine from Audi.. But Audi would never sell RS4 engines to Lada or let Lada use RS4 engines because Lada is shitty cheap cars, the direct oposite of Audi... I thought it worked the same in NA.
  15. Well... things clearly doesnt work the same in Europe and NA..
  16. I would actually not do anything.. To me, thats just cosmetic and does not effect how the elbow pad protects you.. most pros have some piece of gear that is held togerher with hockey tape..
  17. Thats right.. Theese skates im talking about, doesnt look like the ”Chaos c-150” pictured on flite’s site. They look like the C-150 junior skate but with lightspeed2 holders and ls2 steel. Flite seem to have Swedish branch, or atleast they Had.. The Swedish site is down, but the skates are sold in sports stores around the country... So, my thinking is flawed... I guess my Swedish way of thinking is different than yours... If Bauer were swedish, there’s no way in hell they would let anyone use their runners and holders when making skates without premission and a huge amount of money, AND there is no way in hell they would let anyone use their expensive ”high end” stuff on low end gear.. It would be bad publicity.... But Bauer aint Swedish so...... The skates might be crap, but the holders and steel are sure not, so its hard to pass on a deal like this (112$/990sek), I could always need a spare set of holders/runners.
  18. No but i dont think Bauer would let anyone produce skates with Bauer holders and runners if the rest of the skate is pure crap. It would lead to bad publicity. So i must assume they are atleast decent.. is it just me or does the ”higher end” flite skates remind a little of older Vapors, like XX?..
  19. What the heck is Flite Hockey? Yeah, I know they make hockey gear, but ive never heard of the brand until recently when their skates suddenly appered in Sweden! They look kinda cheap in pictures but a few shops actually sell the top end model ”Chaos 150” which retails on Flite’s online store for 300$+ with Tuuk lightspeed 2 holders and steel for like 112$ (990sek), which is less than what a set of lightspeed2 holders with steel retails for.. The price makes it a bit tempting to buy a pair just to get a spare set of holders and steel for my makos.. But how is the quality of Flite skates? And how do the fit? Depth? Narrow, Wide? I mean, they cant be that crappy since they come with tuuk holders and steel?
  20. A one.6 will fit the same as the new line of supreme skates, no difference at all. About the same skate as Supreme 160/s160
  21. Or perhaps skating with more knee bend..
  22. TPS R8. I previously had an Easton synergy stick bag which was 65”. The zipper gave up after 13 years, so last year i bougth a new old stock TPS R8 65” stick bag off ebay for like 160Sek (~ 18$) plus shipping from England. Now when searching i actually found a CCM 71” stick bag at Monkeysports.se.. You would probably find same bag at hockeymonkey.com also..
  23. I dont think there is any stick bags that fit longer than 65” sticks.. Just about every one ive seen is 65” aside from Jr stick bags that comes in 55-60”..
  24. A few weeks ago, when i was a few days in Stockholm, the store manger from one of Swedens biggest (and best) hockey stores hinted that Bauer is coming with something new. And last summer when i bought my Mako m7 and M8 skates from the same store the same guy told me that Bauer was working on a new skate with ”makoish” features but they would not release it until summer or fall 2018... hard to say if he was talking crap back then or just guessing, but it seems like he knew something... this store is known (atleast in Sweden) for having all the new gear first..
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