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  1. No problem, We'll get this settled ASAP.
  2. 6 weeks is not normal. I'll mention this to customer service and have them get in touch with you ASAP.
  3. Hi Matt, Yes, the Cypress have good depth at the instep. I have not tried on the Super Tacks however and cannot give an exact comparison. I'll try to find out for you.
  4. I had already sent him the PM response before seeing the post. My response to him was that the new Dextra Pro+ does fit more narrow and snug than the previous models.
  5. Hi CY, sent you a PM. Thanks Matt.
  6. Kgbeast, sorry for the delay, I'm working overseas at the moment and I don't have access to the skates to provide a measurement but the the V2 has a substantial amount of volume. Big change over the first generation. I personally have a pretty high instep and they work well for me.
  7. Althoma, you are correct. The Vortex II is definitely a more wide, deep fitting skate. The Cypress skate will be more narrow.
  8. Hi guys, the button on the tongue is completely covered by felt or Lycra depending on which style you choose so there's no rubbing. The tongue does remove excess space in the toe cap but does not effect the length or space in front of the toe. Hope this helps.
  9. As far as the Shield line goes, the products we have now are just the first offering and we are developing a number of complimentary products. Just takes time.
  10. The letters represent what to measure and the numbers represent inches.
  11. Size chart for the Shield products is now online: https://www.verbero.com/pages/size-chart
  12. I would say go XL to be safe but if they are too big you can exchange them (assuming you mean the shoulder pads).
  13. Hi guys, for the new Shield line, we took the old Farrell pads and updated them with more lightweight and durable materials. We've also modified the foam shape to be lighter without sacrificing protection. In short, if you liked the old stuff you'll love the new pads. The sizing is exactly the same. We also updated the should caps to make them NHL legal. We are working on an updated size chart this week. These pads have had a lot of traction in the pro's so far this season, especially amongst goalies.
  14. Hi Andrew, unfortunately it's a little too early to tell but I can tell you the intention is to have 2-3 price points for the Cypress skates.
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