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    Vaughn Velocity V1 Trapper, TPS Summit Blocker
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    CCM Gatekeeper Pro
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    Vaughn Vision 5500
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    Vaughn Velocity V2's
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  1. Also looking for this information... MissConduct needs new gloves and we're looking for Toronto Maple Leafs Dark Royal with a White cuff in a glove that fits like her old Franchises. Trust me when I tell you there is nothing currently available between Windsor and Toronto. We made the trip, over two days hit 13 different hockey stores and found that a) nothing fits quite right, (mostly too restrictive in range of hand motion) and b) their selections all suck for Leafs colours.... (store owners in the Toronto area should note this...) ditto to GoalForFun's comment on the CCM 4 roll pro's. If they had the right colour, they were one of the best fitting gloves we found...
  2. If you can follow this, take the excess nylon strap and flip it back over the top of the buckle, then tuck it through the buckle on the far side... It's usually a little hard to get through, but that is what keeps it there. It's worth the effort, it won't move and it is a completely reversible process if you want to make adjustments. Hope this helps... ;)
  3. option 1: run a stitch across the strap. (doesn't allow for adjustment though) option 2: run the excess of the strap back through the buckle again. I'll see if I can post a picture of what this looks like...
  4. I've seen that floating around for a bit now. I thought the NHL had some sort of ban on team logos on goalie gear in place. I seem to remember something involving a Penguins goalie with penguins on his pads a few years back. Can't recall all the details though... Anyone more up to speed on this topic care to chime in?
  5. Anders Lindback and Jacob Markstrom
  6. If you run a tape measure along the face of the pad from the tip of the boot to the top of the thigh rise it will give you a good proximity to the overall size...
  7. cherry pop.... Ryan Millers Vancouver Vaughns!
  8. And they're gone again! Decided to custom order three new sticks for the fall in the natural wood finish. So I contacted my supplier, Bill at ThePuckShopsHere.com, only to find out that Eleven Hockey/Boa haven't been accepting orders for the past 7 months now. Looks like they went belly up again. So I guess there isn't much point in submitting my long term review now. On a side note. I happened to break one of my Eleven Hockey CC's last game which sent me out shopping for a replacement. Ended up with at sweet Warrior Swagger ST. (pic below) AND...there will be forthcoming insider news on the Curtis Curve front coming in the next few months. Stay tuned for the saga to continue.
  9. Just received word last night... my new skates are on their way! I'll keep you posted...
  10. I like the "sham" band. Did you make your own?
  11. 1) Christian "composite" Curtis Curve 2) Christian Curtis Curve 3) Brian's Curtis Curve 4) Eagle Curtis Curve 5) Eleven Hockey Curtis Curve
  12. Time to revive an ancient thread. :) Shortly following the MSH Winterfest IX game... my final Brian's Curtis Curve passed on to greener pastures. :( This set me on a quest to find a suitable replacement. There are currently two companies still related loosely to the old Christian Bros. making Curtis Curve sticks. One is Boa Hockey, the other is Eleven Hockey. Since I don't really like the snakeskin pattern of the Boa sticks I thought I'd give Eleven Hockey a whirl. I found out they don't sell direct as they are in the process of setting up distribution so I found an online retailer for their products. I chose thepuckshopshere.com to order my sticks simply because they had a sale on at the time. Turns out it was a great decision. Bill at The Puck Shops Here was awesome to deal with and really helpful in getting my order to me. ... and here they are! Two Eleven Hockey Sentinel Curtis Curve goalie sticks when they arrived back on January 3rd. I've been playing with them for a month now and plan on doing a full review once I've used them for a while longer. (spoiler alert: one of them is already no longer with us :o ) Stay tuned for more...
  13. OMG... My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. Vaughn to release GX1 goalie skates for 2014! So have to have these.... http://ingoalmag.com/news/vaughn-launches-new-gx1-goalie-skate-ingoal/ Article from InGoal magazine.
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