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    Bauer Supreme ONE75
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    Brian's Curtis Curve
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    Vaughn Velocity V1 Trapper, TPS Summit Blocker
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    CCM Gatekeeper Pro
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    Vaughn Vision 5500
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    Vaughn Velocity V2's
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    Vaughn 7800 Pro Wheel Bag

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    Hockey, Gear Mods, Stopping Pucks.
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  1. Netminder32

    Save the date!

    JR!!! Pencil Michelle and I in... would like to make an appearance for old times sake. ;)
  2. I like the "sham" band. Did you make your own?
  3. Just back from our game at the John Labatt Centre. First pic of my matching blue retro set...
  4. And now for something completely different... Just to spice things up.... thought I'd throw in a pic of my old (1908) Singer 29k. It's ok to show off the equipment you use to fix your gear right?...
  5. More pics of my beautiful new V2's... Don't know who Elsaesser is but I'm glad he never took delivery of these pads. Picked them up from Perani's Windsor (pro returns). Not a lot of mods on 'em. Two leg straps instead of three, a slight taper to the top, "plus" thigh rise sizing and custom colours of course. They were displayed as 34 +2's but measure 34 +3. Can't wait to get them on the ice this Friday night...
  6. Had these right up until this week....all NHL spec stuff with pro stuffed pads. ...what a train wreck. Cannot wait to be back into 12" wide pads... ... Look Out MSH Winterfesters, going old school!
  7. You call that purple... :) Here's our "Plum" jerseys from the 1998 Rusty Blade...now that is purple!
  8. Sorry about the delay JR. It's been crazy busy... First off let me start by saying I'm always a little hesitant to review anything that I have not personally tried. That having been said... neither has anyone else. :) Most of this stuff is new to the market so these comments are based more on personal observations and appearances as opposed to real life experience. Pads: I'm glad Warrior took their time in getting this stuff to market. From all appearances it would seem they thoroughly did their homework and came up with some pretty unique products. They have incorporated little things that work from other gear and gone ahead and added their own flair. The Messiah line is their Pro Line available with full customization and incorporates a lot of design aspects from the popular RBK pads in it's leg channel while still using knee rolls and segmented outer rolls on the pad facing. From what I saw at the showing, it is extremely light and flexible. Should work well for either butterfly or hybrid style of play. The Swagger pads are their Senior line and actually my personal preference. While they don't offer the customization of the Messiah pad, they do have a leg channel more closely resembling a Velocity pad. These pads are again very light weight and flexy. Should be amazing on ice. Gloves: The Messiah blocker is again the Pro line product while the Swagger is the Senior line. The biggest note on the blockers is once again weight. Or lack there of. Warrior has really pushed the envelope in making these gloves ultra light without sacrificing any protection. I have to say, I've been using a Brian's Zero G prototype glove for the past couple months and the Warrior was definitely every bit as light. The only thing I didn't like was the sidewall protection on the Messiah glove. It seemed a little overkill. I preferred the simpler sidewall on the Swagger. Other noteworthy positive additions are the padded smart palm and dual flared cut on the blocker board. The smart palm only puts extra protection where it is necessary which gives you good shock isolation while still allowing for good puck feel. It really is a pretty unique palm design. The blocker board was really what impressed me most though. The dual flared cut really looks like it is going to work well on ice for us goalies that like to add that paddle down style to our game. There is literally nothing else like it currently on the market! I can't wait to try one of these blockers out. The trappers are where Warrior really seemed to set out and make something completely different. Anyone who has seen Carey Price this year will recall he's been going back and forth between a one piece cuff and the traditional two piece cuff on his Velocity glove. Looks like something Vaughn has in the books for future product development. Well Warrior is coming right out of the gates with a one piece cuff on it's Messiah trapper. To me this is a pretty big gamble for Warrior. I mentioned to Keith at the show that other companies have tried this in the past without much success. Us goalies are a funny lot. Once we get used to something we aren't very open to change (reference failed products like the Vapor goalie pads...too radical, too soon). But he assured me the Messiah will be available with either the one piece or a two piece cuff if you want to order it that way. Othewise the trappers are again insanely light. They have a comfortable break and it is segmented with a dual break zone that offers more of a "C" type closure. Both models have the funnel thumb that has become my personal favourite since the Velocity One glove although the thumb is not as flat as on the original Velo. It seems a good compromise between the large flat original funnel thumb and the deep blocker style thumb. Should play really well for all goalie types. Pants There are again two models of pant coming out, Messiah = Pro and Swagger = Senior. I didn't get to see these in person though if they are anything like the player pants I'm sure they'll be a huge success. Just from the pics and catalogue write up they look like they would compare well to the Tackla/Vaughn goalie pants. Bag The wheeled goalie bag looks pretty nice although again I didn't see this at the show. I'd be interested in seeing how well the handle and base hold up as these seem to be problem areas for most other bags I've tried. Looking forward to seeing these in person before passing final judgement. :) Sticks There are FIVE! models of goalie sticks this year. :o The Fortress one piece composite, the Messiah one piece composite, the Abyss foam core, the Swagger urethane core and the Woodrow "woodie". These sticks are already proven winners and this year they have even been improved on. The Fortress and Messiah have been rebalanced and the weight distribution is much better on this years sticks. In addition the Fortress received an improved graphics treatment. The Swagger is already the stick of choice for many NHL goalers (nuff said). And now we have a new choice. My personal favourite already...introducing the Woodrow stick. Made in Canada and a real work horse. If you are like me and prefer the puck feel of a woodie over a composite you are absolutely going to love this stick. This stick is remarkably well balanced and very durable. I've been using the Woodrow that I received to "demo" at the MSH skate three times a week since and it has taken a literal beating with no (and I mean none!) chipping in the paddle. This was always a big problem on my Christians. Additionally, for a wood stick it is actually quite light. Weight wise it compares pretty favourable to my Itech foam core. I'm pretty sure Warrior is going to be the benchmark in goalie sticks for some time to come as they now offer a flavour of stick to suit any goalies personal tastes.
  9. I don't know that I necessarily have anything to offer besides what everyone else is seeing in the catalogue. I haven't actually tried the new Bauer gear. Obviously they've integrated Itech with the mask and "10" line JRZ goalie equipment which will be a huge plus for them. Otherwise, so much has changed I wouldn't even have any bench mark to compare to. The goalie cowling/skate are completely redesigned with removable runners now and more changes than you can imagine. Extremely innovative, should put them at the forefront of the goalie skate market for some time to come. The "100" line pads look like they've integrated enough customization that they should be adaptable to any goalies playing style. The gloves look protective but everyone has a very different take on gloves. They'll need to actually get to store shelves before anyone can really form an opinion. I've heard a rumour, and this is only rumour/speculation at this point, that Bauer may be making a "Kiprusoff Spec" trapper. You probably all already know that when Kipper was with Vaughn he was using a pro spec V1 trapper that had the nice funnel thumb and break that Vaughn never carried through the V2 and on line up. Goalie Monkey was the first to jump on board making the "Kipper Spec" a custom available trapper for the goalie masses. Vaughn has since seen the light and brought it back this year as the "7700 Ltd Edition" glove. (I don't think it's up on their website yet but should be soon) So from my perspective the biggest news, now that Kipper is in Bauer, will be whether or not we see him wearing a reskinned Vaughn or if Bauer looks at getting their version of this trapper to market. Obviously Bauer has once again taken an interest in becoming the goalies "equipment of choice". They have put their gear all over the NHL Goalies and have made great strides in introducing some pretty cutting edge innovation. What remains to be seen is if they've got it right. We've seen this before with the Vapor line which was innovative but not well received and the XXX goalers with the translucent blue cowlings which had "problems".
  10. Since I'm at work goofing around right now anyways... figured I'd update this. :P Mask: Olie MA2000 "kipper" (thank you Miss Conduct) C/A: Vaughn 5500 Vision Pants: CCM GateKeeper Pro Pads: Vaughn Velocity 7000 V1's Trapper: Vaughn Velocity 7000 (V1 x 2) Blocker: TPS Xceed or Brians Thief (depends on the night) Skates: Bauer XXX Sticks: Warrior "Woodrow" B) btw, I love this pic. Kudos to the photographer whomever you may be. No idea what I'm doing here...but it looks kewl.
  11. Cost = 1 Bundle, Team = Pick Up :D I don't really play for any specific team. Just pick up hockey. I'm just at that age where you have expendable cash for your hobbies and hockey is what my wife and I do for our recreation. My team is The Harrow Hackers And we will be starting a new coed league in Windsor in the summer. The CNHL (Coed Naked Hockey League). In the past we've always had summer pick up but the interest is taking off enough to start a 4 team league. Coed Naked Hockey
  12. Good thread, I'll get you started...my gear: Mask: Olie MA2000 "checkers" C/A: Vaughn Legacy 4000 Pants: CCM GateKeeper Pro Pads: Vaughn Velocity 7000 V1's Trapper: Vaughn Velocity 7000 Blocker: TPS Xceed Skates: Bauer XXX Sticks: Eagle Curtis Curve
  13. Doesn't your husband read MSH? You might want to remove the part about hooking up with someone. ;) maybe he wont read this thread :D Michelle....You got some 'splanin to do... <_<
  14. ROFLMAO....LOVE the "Smell My Bag" T-Shirt... :D
  15. I thought you already were... :P
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