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    CCM Externo Outcasts w/ Mission Vanguard chassis and Rinkrat Hotshot wheels
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    Bauer One95 tapered shaft, Easton composite blade
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    Easton Z-Air '02 model
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    Bauer 4000 with Oakley visor
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    old school Jofa
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    ... also old school Jofa

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    O'Fallon, MO
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    Fire/EMS services, nutrition, weightlifting, hockey
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  1. The graphics look incredible to see for sale again, but I don't even know that I'm tempted. It's purely a money grab for Bauer to get rid of whatever unwanted or extra sticks they have in a certain specification. And let's face it, despite the fact that I grew up using the Modano pattern, hardly anyone is using its PM9 version or the P91A now.
  2. No, I believe they're retail 85's in the newest graphics w/ the green kevlar. This unicorn of mine showed up today as well. Also just a retail, but been searching for one for years.
  3. Great collection, Krev. :) In the process of adding 2 of them to mine right now.
  4. Wrist/snapshots off of the toe. Trying to take slapshots purely off the toe makes zero sense and would work extremely poorly at best.
  5. I was on both of those boards as well, but had forgotten the name of the latter completely! Fun times.
  6. Any of Easton's tapered shafts over the years are essentially alike. The T-flex was merely lengthened and turned into the Synthesis, Synergy II, EQ50, and whatever other tapered shafts they produced after that. The construction of the Mako or Mako II may have changed, but pretty much anything with the compression molded graphite shaft and kevlar wrap is the same as the T-flex.
  7. More pics needed, Mack!
  8. The Spyne taper is much longer than Warrior's normal, so you'll likely have to go up much higher. Either you can compensate for this with a very long end plug or just flip the shaft (yes, I know that messes with your kickpoint).
  9. Pro stock EQ50 blades (no little weight insert windows) in retail Zetterberg/Cammalleri pattern. They weigh slightly less than the old retail SE and SE16 blades and have noticeably better fit/finish.
  10. Pro stock Modano Easton T-flex graphite blade in his older pattern. Thanks to Krev for pointing it out to me.
  11. Where did you find shafts like that? Custom deal?
  12. Newest addition to the shaft family: a converted Response XN10 with a prostock Warrior tapered blade I also got in a TPS R2 shaft, but really don't have a desire to use it now that I have this one.
  13. They don't feel the same at all with a repair like that. Only semi-success I ever had with a softening blade was to drill a small hole in the toe (soft section) and carefully pour in a pretty thin epoxy. Repeated the pouring several times and after it hardened up it felt much better.
  14. DavidT, WHERE did those gloves come from? They look incredible.
  15. The question is.... who actually makes those blades for Reebok? Their construction looks similar to the company that does their pro stuff as opposed to who does their retail stuff. If that's the case, those blades might be pretty decent.
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