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  1. Same with the P92 and its variants. Now he just released 4 more of them in the last 6 weeks: a version of Benn's modified P92, a max height P92, Caufield/Wideman's deeper P92, and a P92 with Laine's blade profile. Also @Krev, I see you quietly posting those Modano pro shots. 😉
  2. Has anyone on here previously organized a group purchase for custom sticks? I know many of us don't necessarily need 5+ of them, or if we do, we aren't willing to spend that kind of money at once. I'm sure we could come up with some sort of system for placing a custom order and would just need to figure out payment and shipping fees once delivered.
  3. Good to know! I guess I'll be sticking with my Redline build unless something else interesting pops up.
  4. If I were Gep, I'd have made a lot more of my own sticks by now! The pics I saw on his IG still show the 12k carbon weave on the "Dan's Build", so I'm not sure specifically what is done to make it lighter. I suppose the same things he does to the standard 18k Redline to drop it from the 375g version to the 350g version. If it were the equivalent of the 2N Pro XL, I'd think it would be using 18k weave, but regardless, it's merely an older version of the same tech. I cannot wait to see what this summer brings for his releases.
  5. Additionally, Pro may soon be offering some different builds. He currently has a G63 XL build (12k carbon G3 extra light equivalent) he makes for some pros that he has alluded to releasing. He also said "Dan's Build" will be offered, which is the G63 XL 12k carbon shaft build with his 18k Redline blade.
  6. After growing up using the Easton Cyclone graphite shafts and then a large stockpile of Pure Hockey's custom One95 tapered shafts (that were actually more rounded than the Vapor series), I came to enjoy using very rounded shafts. PRO's Super Round shaft option is definitely in the realm of intermediate shaft dimensions and the corner radius only increases that feel. I have a custom Redline with the super round shaft and measured it at 19.0 W x 29.9 H, which makes it taller, but much more narrow than CCM's F shaft. Has anyone had a chance to compare a Redline build to their G63 build?
  7. The slightly taller shaft dimension is very slightly noticeable if you know it's there, but that's pretty much offset by the more rounded corners. Even then, the degree to which the corners are more radiused is very small. The minimally concave sidewalls are more notable, although not near as extreme as the K.
  8. Preface: I'm a lifelong PM9 user and working on switching to something with slightly more curve, so I've tried PRO's Panarin/1910, Barkov/1616, and now the Backstrom/019. I really enjoy the dead straight section with essentially no loft on the first portion of the Barkov, but the mid-toe curve and slight twist to initiate the degree of loft has made for what feels like a smaller sweet spot to shoot from. I'm used to shooting off the mid-toe portion of the blade, but there's been a learning curve. Given the smaller amount of loft than the P92 you're used to, that smaller shooting pocket and heavy rocker on the bottom may be giving you issues. Whereas the P92 is a consistent transition both in terms of curve and degree of loft, the Barkov almost has a distinct spot where the blade bends in comparison.
  9. The graphics look incredible to see for sale again, but I don't even know that I'm tempted. It's purely a money grab for Bauer to get rid of whatever unwanted or extra sticks they have in a certain specification. And let's face it, despite the fact that I grew up using the Modano pattern, hardly anyone is using its PM9 version or the P91A now.
  10. No, I believe they're retail 85's in the newest graphics w/ the green kevlar. This unicorn of mine showed up today as well. Also just a retail, but been searching for one for years.
  11. Great collection, Krev. :) In the process of adding 2 of them to mine right now.
  12. Wrist/snapshots off of the toe. Trying to take slapshots purely off the toe makes zero sense and would work extremely poorly at best.
  13. I was on both of those boards as well, but had forgotten the name of the latter completely! Fun times.
  14. Any of Easton's tapered shafts over the years are essentially alike. The T-flex was merely lengthened and turned into the Synthesis, Synergy II, EQ50, and whatever other tapered shafts they produced after that. The construction of the Mako or Mako II may have changed, but pretty much anything with the compression molded graphite shaft and kevlar wrap is the same as the T-flex.
  15. More pics needed, Mack!
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