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  1. Warrior Alpha QX Stick

    Is the flex profile closer to supreme or nexus?
  2. Tacks 7092 Stick

    I'm in the same boat wanna try p30. Saw it yesterday. I use p28 and it's pretty much a closed p28. im debating if I want the tacks p30 or stay with p28 and get an alpha qx
  3. QRL Pro pant sizing

    I'm 5'8 will a large QRL be too long in the leg for me? Medium too small in waist.
  4. CCM hockey sticks P46

    Did you watch the video? They clearly state everything is like the p88 except for the toe. It's p88 with a hook at the toe and closed
  5. Do TRUE sticks play whippier than CCM sticks?

    How you guys compare the x9 acf to the 5.2 bsp? my next stick gonna be the ACF, super tacks 2.0 or nexus 9000
  6. CCM hockey sticks P46

    The p28 was a one off with Easton until Bauer, ccm and warrior picked it up...and stx and Sherwood. The p30 could be a good one. Who knows. I like the p88 but would like more toe. May try it.
  7. CCM hockey sticks P46

  8. Warrior Alpha QX Stick

    $300. Damn...
  9. Stick comparable to CCM Ultra Tacks

    True A series. For real. A5.2
  10. CCM hockey sticks P46

    Is it just a real p88 clone or what?
  11. New Skates Needed, likely CCM

    IF the tacks like fits your foot right I'd check these out http://everysportforless.com/ccm-tacks-classic-pro-plus-smu-senior-hockey-skates/
  12. Super feet to speed plates?

    I did the same and went back to super feet
  13. CCM hockey sticks P46

    I was excited for the p30 at first but it just looks like a replacement for their Hossa curve that's closer to the p88.
  14. Qrl pro vs x900

    That's a good read
  15. Qrl pro vs x900

    My bad, stick. I meant $200