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  1. Doesn't tape wear on the heel imply you should go with a lower lie? also, does the p28 have more blade on the ice than the lie 5 and 6 p92 due to p92 rocker?
  2. You mean p92 lie 5 right?
  3. Will the p92 lie 5 put that much more blade on the ice vs the lie 6 or is it just going to change the angle more? im currently using the p28. Anybody switched from one to the other? If so what were your thoughts? im short like 5'8, but kind of an upright skater. P28 may be a little extreme so that's why thinking of trying p92 lie 5
  4. Wristers and snappers better with the 1n?
  5. That kinda sounds just like the P28! Funny
  6. My trigger the blade toward the heel is chipping
  7. With how curves like the p92, p28 and p88 are rockered at the heel, how much does the lie impact having more blade on the ice. With the rocker, it doesn't matter what the lie is, right? Only x amount of blade will be on the ice. I'm convinced it's all about what the previous poster said. I'm 5'8, hold my hands kind of in front of me hand at hip, stick cut to Adam's apple in skates. I need whatever the p28 and p88 lie is. P92 for taller more upright folks
  8. Ok my jetspeed have 255 so I guess that would be tuuk 254 which I think is size 6
  9. Size 6 jetspeed....size 6 tuuk holder? How about LS3 steel?
  10. I have a normal arch. Not sure on pronation. How do you know if you have an issue. I may have to take it back about nexus. Been a minute since I tried them on. So really, jetspeed 6 good. Supreme/nexus 6.5 not good.
  11. I wear an 8.5 shoe. Vapors, forget it. Supreme 6.5 are decent length wise, but my instep eyelets 4-7 my foot is busting out the boot. Size 7 instep is better but then way too long. Nexus 6.5 too shallow as well. weird thing is jetspeed size 6 is great depth wise and decent in all other aspects. Really wanted the new s180's.
  12. Ccm v08 helmet with Bauer profile 2 cage ccm rbz 130 shoulder pads ccm CL elbow pads warrior pro stock ax1 and Bauer apx 2 pat sharp gloves warrior covert pro pants warrior ax2 shin guards jetspeed skates true a6.0, ccm tacks, ccm ultra tacks LK team, warrior qr1 sticks
  13. Ok, bought a pair of sumpremes. Should I bake my speed plate and skate just like video?
  14. looks like a nod to the ccm v08