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  1. I'm 5'8 and cut them so off skates they come up to my top lip. It's a few inches off. And I feel like I could go even shorter.
  2. Is it me or have they increased the size of the opening where your head goes in shoulder pads? The 270 opening is WAY bigger than my rbz 130's. Kind of uncomfortable. May return them.
  3. How do the speed plate and super feet compare?
  4. Size 6 jetspeed what size speed plate? My jetspeed's were baked one time do I bake them again when baking the speed plate?
  5. Did you find the opening was way bigger on the 270 vs 130? On the medium it's drastic. Otherwise I really like the 270
  6. I bought the 270's in a medium. Coming from rbz 130 medium. Wore them at home for a minute and the opening where your head goes in felt off. Like real big. So I measure how big around my 130's are compared to these. 130's are about 21 around and quiklite 270's are close to 30!! I need to get to a shop to find another pair but did they change something with fit?
  7. I am in the same boat. Narrow foot and heel plus high instep. Try on a pair of jetspeed. I got some and put in power feet to make toe box more snug. Love them. go down .5 or 1 from Bauer.
  8. Question.....I put these in my jetspeed's. Love them. I may get some Bauer speed plate insoles. It will require backing again. Will this cause issues with the power foot?
  9. Can you use the inserts and then add the shim to the bottom if needed?
  10. I wanted to go back toward a more traditional boot since mako are discontinued. I tried EVERYTHING on and jetspeed fit my foot best. Was looking at the 290 but a local rink shop was clearing them all out 30% off. The only ones the had in my size were a top of the line pair never baked, sharpened or worn for $300 plus the 30% off! $180 couldn't pass up. I love them so far. Have been thinking about changing radius to match mako and messing with pitch but am just getting used to them as is.
  11. Skates have been baked. I leave top eyelet undone since coming from makos. Feels right. I wasn't concerned with depth but don't like how outside overlaps skate. I thought shins should be flush with top of skate not overlapping. Why I thought these may be a tad too long
  12. These are 14 inch ax2 warrior intermediates. Only Bauer has 13 SR which are too small. It's only the outside part that is kinda long I guess and goes over my skate. They are kind of angled/tapered so the outside edge is longer. are ccm or Bauer or Easton shins shorter at 14
  13. Ccm are 6 supreme 6.5 they fit about the same length wise. The ccm have more volume throughout. Both heel lock are pretty good. I'd say ccm a little bit more locked in.
  14. I lace them up one down from the top eyelet and don't feel that much different than mako
  15. Any reason why you may pick one over the other? I got a pair of each for awesome prices. The jetspeed were even cheaper than the 190 cuz they were a demo. Anyway, been using the jetspeed and really like them. Haven't used the supreme and could get my money back before baking and sharpening. The one thing I prefer on the supreme is the flexible tenon guard. Not sure if it'll be a huge diff once out on the ice. And oh, both fit my foot pretty well. Figured even if I tried the supreme and didn't like I could sell...or sell the jetspeed and almost break even.