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    My wife and I have been trying to start our family for 5 years now with no success. We had/needed the help of science (IVF) and we are now expecting! We are due in March and I cannot wait to meet my little girl.
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    Ill preface this all with "my own experience", but I found the TC4 from True to play very different from the other P28 variants that Ive had. I found it played higher and also felt like it had a bigger/deeper curve, almost more of a big banana curve vs a toe hook/curve. For context Ive gone through most of the brands (Bauer, Warrior, STX, CCM, True) with the same curve on each. Again, my experience and I'm admittedly quite picky on my stuff, but figured id share. YMMV naturally.
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    Improved stick skills aside, just curious if you actually saw any improvement in your skating? That was the biggest improvement I saw, shortening my stick pulled my body down so to speak. Knees were bent more, ass & hips pulled down, center of gravity lowered, overall hockey 'posture' improved.
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    So this is what I ended up doing. I managed to get a 2019 TRUE AC9 ACF prostock for $179, 75 flex Marner curve (Sakic). I was looking at getting a Bauer 2n for $224, so to get a real one-piece that normally goes $300+ for $179 made me happy. Tried it out today and could not be happier. It does feel a little different being a shorter stick but the shots are booming again. Not sure how much this has to do with the stick being new and having that new stick pop but... One thing I was not expecting was my wrist shot(which I never use...) was a lot better with the lower flex. So long story short. I shortened my stick about the distance from my mouth to my chin and lowered the stick flex to compensate and couldn't be happier. Thank you all for the excellent replies.
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    Part of me would prefer to remain completely ignorant to how the top end sticks play, just to keep my bank account in the green....
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    Had my drain upsized and they believe that the old drain was leaking into me. That’s what was causing my pain. So hopefully in a few days I will get back to be my normal. Now I need to keep progressing to getting these drains out.
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    This is spot on. They feel similar, but the p28 was too unforgiving. Every shot either never left the ice - or took out the lights. When it was perfect though... wow did it rip. In the end, I'm more comfortable with the p92 and went back to it. I think the p92 loads great without the sensitivity of the p28.
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    The knees bend accordingly to maintain balance, but what you guys are describing is a hip hinge. The key to skating is in the hip hinge, as opposed to the knee bend. As described by the_game when he says 'ass and hips pulled down'. Beflar - you should lookup some hip hinge exercises and practice those and see how that translates on ice and helps your posture without putting all the load on your quads. Then come back and let us know!
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    The point of the Comfort Edge isn't for it to be soft, it's to not have an edge. Having two materials come together to a point will likely cause more abrasion than one which edges are rolled.
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    Helmet - Warrior Alpha Pro Visor - GY Amazon visor Shoulder pads - CCM ft1 Elbows - Bauer one95 (love these things) Gloves - Warrior QRL Pants - Warrior Qredge Shins - CCM ft1 Skates - True
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    I wish I knew more about flex. I bought a Reebok Sickick shaft with 110 flex a couple of years ago because it was "on clearance" and I thought to myself, "What a deal!". I cut off 7 inches from the top and put on a carbon fiber replacement blade. It's the complete opposite of whippy.
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    Hey Steve from Sparx here....All you need to do to address this issue is turn the skate around so the toe is facing right. Although some videos still show the skate with toe facing to the left (towards the handle), we have since recommended the toe to the right for this specific reason - to allow you to set a higher contact point on the toe of your skate which will allow the ring to also ride higher up the heal. That should solve your issue. If you need any help, reach out to us at help@sparxhockey.com
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    I really want a legit one. Might one day be worth as much as a Fisherman jersey haha.
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    100% psychology. and usually the guys spending top dollar on equipment thinking it'll make them better that I play with are ankle benders that need to spend that money on skating lessons instead lol
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    Helmet - IMS 9.0 Itech X100 visor Gloves - Reebok 7k knit Shoulders - Jofa 7500 Pants - Tackla 951 Shin - Bauer 3000 14” Elbows - Koho Skates - CCM Tacks Classic Pro+
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    A $20 extension puts you back to a longer length if you cut too much, so I wouldn't worry about it being too expensive an experiment. You give up shooting leverage and some mechanics when going significantly shorter, adjusting flex can get you part way back but it's still something you have to spend a good bit of time on to re-learn and adapt to. Crosby can't shoot like Laine but he manages to do pretty well for himself all the same right. It's more a case of what style do you want to play and what's the best tradeoff for handling and puck protection and passing vs. shooting to compliment your playing style. colins
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    There aren't any guarantees that it will feel exactly the same, but theoretically, yes. How much you need to drop depends on how much you cut off the stick. When you shorten the stick you lose leverage to flex it. So if you drop down in flex, it will make it easier to flex the stick with the given leverage you have with the current length. If you want to get down to the math of it. I did some research a while back and made a post about it.
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    with you on this. it really bugs me that the pants are cream while the stripes on the jerseys and socks are white. I do love the jersey though.
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    I don't get the cream shells... why not tan to match the gloves? Or at least swap the white on the jersey/socks for cream to match the shell? Reminds me of a mis-matched Beer League uniform.
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    The biggest disappointment was when I brought it up to multiple CCM reps and they shrugged their shoulders... the pro stock Tacks shin guards are so much better for knee padding.
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    I've been playing with a completely dead stick for like 2-3 months waiting for it to break while I have a brand new one sitting at home. still scoring with it, so
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    I stocked up on the ek365s bc I love the weight and how I shoot with it. And the fact I got them for about 100 cdn each. I'd never spend more than 160ish cdn on a stick.
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    The "instructions" provided in the box actually say not to use any kind of spray and to only use warm soap and water, and to wipe down with micro fiber towel. That's all I've done so far, and it's worked just fine. I just need to be conscious when I take my gloves off between shifts to not try to touch it, because it does attract grease and sweat easily. Usually between shifts, I unbuckle it and flop it up to give my face a little air and it prevents me from touching it by mistake.