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    It’s made by True so it’s the greatest thing in the history of mankind and will instantly put Bauer, CCM, and Warrior into bankruptcy.
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    After just a few days doing the exercises in the video posted a few posts back, my son's pain is gone. He can't believe it went from intense pain to feeling normal in such a short time. To be on the safe side, he's still off the ice for a couple of more days. So I went to work on verion 2.0 of the eyelet extenders. Going with Vet88's advice, this version uses belt leather (literally cut up an old belt to make these). And instead of using hardware, which was going to deform his eyelets, again to Vet88's instructions and I'm just tying them off with some skate laces. I cut up and used the thin wax laces that started us down this path in the first place. I think these are going to work great. They raise the lace pressure point by a few mm at least - he won't get the pressure across his tendon with this setup. Find out this week when he tests out the setup. colins
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    My 40 and over team had a practice last night for an upcoming tournament. A couple of guys brought their kids (PeeWee/Bantam aged) as we were short. I brought my 11 year old son. It was my first time skating with him in an adult full on scrimmage. We had a blast. I told him I waited 11 years for this day and it was worth it. He played great- fearless in the corners and carrying the puck up ice. Had about 10 shots, about half really good scoring chances. So much fun.
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    Hop everyone has a good time in Chicago!!
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    I will totally donate some money to a Learn To Play a program in honor of you guys sharing used equipment. Best site.
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    If he/you are not opposed to used, I have a pair of 12" CCM RBZ's that I'll send to you for the discounted price of free. They're in good condition and have just been sitting in the garage collecting dust since we moved to 13". If so, I have some 14" coming tomorrow and I'd just ship out in whatever box they come in. No big deal if not, just throwing it out there. https://ibb.co/Q9pJ5nL https://ibb.co/gJdgLV4 https://ibb.co/8MZ9wWJ https://ibb.co/sbjY1RD https://ibb.co/k3J006Q
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    I don't think anyone should suggest that plates & screws (ORIF) is a bad way to approach repairing a fractured ankle. Getting the bones set and re-aligned for proper healing so you can get back a full range of motion post injury would be the critical part. It's awesome it worked out for you without needing it - but if the doctor's taking the x-rays say orif is recommended, I wouldn't advise anyone to try to avoid it. The plates & screws can be removed after the healing is completed - but in the majority of cases there's no reason to do so. I have a plate & screws in my collarbone I thought I would want removed, but that was 5 years ago and I never even think about it now. I also wanted to add - if you think about what happens and the forces involved to actually break the bone(s) in your ankle, there's probably close to zero chance that happens without accompanying damage to the ligaments in that area. Those take a long time to heal, the ligaments and tissue in that area won't be back to normal long after the bones fuse themselves back together. Aggressive physiotherapy sessions with a seasoned pro who had worked on many athletes in the past was critical to my son getting back to normal on his skates. I can't really say enough about that and how much it helped - otherwise the range of motion will be a long time returning. And still, all being said, his broken ankle still looks slightly larger than his other one, about 9 months later. colins
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    I always practice at public open skates with all my gear on, except for shoulder pads. I have knee pads, hockey pants, elbow pads and helmet. I put all my gear on for my Learn to Skate lessons too. I look like a complete wanker and I don't care! Been learning for 6 months and i've worn gear since day one. I initially did it for protection because i'm old and the ice really hurts when you fall on it lol. But now I wear it not only for protection because it allows me to lose the fear of falling and being hurt so I can push myself harder and harder, but also my goal is to play hockey, so learning to skate and doing various maneuvers in full gear allows me to learn the maneuver for when I start playing hockey so I don't have to get used to doing the maneuvers in gear after learning them without the gear. Sure you get the occasional snicker out of some kids, but they usually laugh at you right before they fall on their ass so it evens out...
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    I tried lots of different types and thicknesses, in the end settled for 4mm thick as that seemed to provide the best balance between durability and flexibilty. I had plenty of thinner leather stretch and rip over time but the 4mm thick never had any issues.
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    I would stick with the same size as you currently wear. I have the QR Edge pants and the Warrior Covert QRE Pro girdle and use the same size on both. Same with the TRUE girdle well.
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    Lol, I feel like I'm being chastised by my dad! You're right though, I'm going to bite the bullet and drop in on Monday when the rink opens back up. But I know that the minute I go to an open hockey session and actually start playing, my wife is going to divorce me and take me for everything I've got because I'll be at the damn rink all the time. I'll be living in my car, but at least I'll have hockey!
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    Correct, They are less wide and can be mounted in a similar fashion to figure skates and are actually easier to mount than holders that are right and left as you don't have to worry about the outside of the holder being too far off in some cases. I have only worked on 3 pairs so far but I really like it. There will be quirks as with all of the quick release. Until I'm more familiar with this Shift Holder the XS is still my favorite so far. But this one could take off.
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    I’ll take the pill when you show me one guy using these on a Bauer skate at the NHL level. Until then they stay in the container.
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    Howdy, How is this holder the giant step forward that folks were talking about? It looks like just another holder with a quick release? Is the pitch adjustable, is it way lighter, or ?? Mark
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    Based on Vet88's advice and the comments on this thread, I mocked up some test eyelets extenders for my son's Tacks. Going to give them a try tomorrow. If they work I may get some thicker belt leather and make a more permanent solution. colins
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    I got to talk to a couple of the guys at one open hockey session, seemed like super nice guys. They encouraged me to drop in and offered to give me pointers and help me out. So now i've got butterflies lol. I can't wait to drop in but i'm nervous. I'm 46 years old and I can't remember the last time I was nervous about anything lol. I like it. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks getting a little more comfortable with my backwards crossovers and transitions then i'm going to bite the bullet and go to an open hockey session!
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    Since the P08 is really just an amped up P92, I'd go that route. The P28 is made for that player that shoots by pushing his hands forward, moving the puck onto the toe, and quickly catapulting it in stride. I don't think you'd see the benefits of a curve like that if you're a.) taking a lot of quick one timers without the puck on the blade first, b.) taking a lot of full motion wrist shots with your hands more neutral and moving the puck along the entire blade, or c.) not doing a lot of dangles. I'd also check SWS for some Oshie pro curves, a few guys use it. I believe it's something similar to a Crazy Ovi.
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    This. Used to never tape the toe... after a few months of beer league it would be chipping and falling apart. Starting taping toe... Now the only reason I buy a new twig is because the old one is losing a bit of pop, or I just want something different. Toe (and blade overall) holding up way better, no chips or things falling off.
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    Great deal for our gravatationaly enhanced members.
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    Somehow improving my SAT score by 130 points. A lot of schools on my list went from 'unlikely' to 'very likely'. As an aside, I haven't been on the site in a while, hope everyone's doing well! Edit: Went from a 1210 to a 1340 if anyone was curious
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    That’s precisely the point I was making. In order to opt for less of something (stiffness in this case), it has to be an actual option. I still strongly disagree with the oft expressed notion that a stiffer skate entails a stronger skater. There are plenty of counter examples, but the general rule would have to account for context, and in the current hockey skate market an argument can be made for skates being too stiff for the good even of the strongest skaters in the world. That’s what I was trying to get across. I absolutely agree it comes down to personal preference.
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    I almost feel like the video on the page was a parody. Something Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would record.
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    I was having too hard a time finding current Pens Warrior 4 rolls so I had Warrior make me some customs thumb embroidery is a combo of my number and the fact that I work for our state's department of transportation.