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    People in the office are being super moody today. I went and got dilly bars from Dairy Queen for everyone. Its amazing how a dilly bar can change the entire mood of an office.
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    I thought it was foolish to not wheel Eriksson at the deadline last season. They weren't going anywhere even if they did make the playoffs.
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    They love doing these kind of things when they're buried behind some other big Boston sports event.
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    Looks like the RBZ is a variable kick point, where the True is traditional mid-kick. I think it is totally realistic to be able to feel that difference. Even just playing around in the store I can feel the flex difference between sticks of the same flex rating (same manufacturer), but different kick points. The fact that you are seeing additional snap on your shots with the RBZ, to me, says you can feel the difference too. There are a lot of factors right now, maybe it is different construction between brands, maybe it is the kick point, maybe it is your improving mechanics. Not sure there is a way right now to pull any of those factors apart from one another. You could start to A/B the True and CCM as often as possible to help isolate some of those factors. Take a shot with 1, then try to take the same shot with the other, rinse, repeat. Man, can you tell I am a scientist? Designing isolation experiments for stick kick point preference. As for blade pattern, I think the common understanding is, the more open the blade, the easier to lift the puck. Looks like both your curves are more closed to slightly open. You might want to look at stuff closer to a P92 (Ovie, Crosby, TC2, etc.) to help in that department. Technique definitely plays a factor as well.
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    That's what I was thinking for my situation.
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    Aren't you mostly using the front of your blade for stops and the back half of your blade for cuts and turns, etc.? I'd imagine (just a guess) that the act of stopping/sliding the blade across the ice is way more friction and therefore dulling than the stuff you typically use the back of your blade for. Just a theory.
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    I have noticed the front half of my runners wear out faster and was wondering why as well.
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    I'm on the ice 3-6 hours per week as I am trying to reach "competent" level as quickly as possible. Right now I'm still the guy that watches perfect passes go right through my legs... but I've made a ton of progress and am having a blast!
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    I'm an organizational psychologist, so hardly hard-core science, but trained in the experimental method and use it often. I'm on the slow train when it comes to hockey. You sound like you are playing way more than I am. Most of my "hockey" is with my son on our backyard shooting set-up. So I get a bit of stickhandling and shot technique, but translating that to ice is a bigger challenge. I am hoping this year to up my commitment and really work on the full ice related skills. So, most of my input comes from being a gear nerd. Worked in "outdoor retail" for a number of years and so do alot of research and reading about the technical side of pretty much any sport I get into. I have started to mess with flex and next is kick point. Started on an 85 flex Easton my brother-in-law handed me down. Now I have a few 65 flex INT Eastons. The 85 Easton cut down (I'm 5-6, 175) I thought was too stiff (maybe bad technique). The 65 flex feel a bit too whippy. So I think my sweet spot might be in the middle. All those sticks are low kick points. I don't often feel I am really flexing them (even the 65s) because the flex point is further away from my hands. Local shop has a discounted Nexus 6000 I might pick up to see how I like the feel of that. Best stick I've shot with so far is a mid-kick 70 flex Warrior my nephew has, so might look into the cheaper version of that stick as well. He is an elite Bantam so can justify the $250 sticks. I can not.
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    Taylormade golf worked on RBZ line and helped design the blades. I don't much about the TRU line but the general difference between the RBZ other lines is the RBZ has a hollow blade and that gives it a Trampoline effect so a lot of pop. Other lines have foam in the blades to absorb the shock of receiving passes and stick handling.
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    Exactly. They are just ok and nothing special but it made everyone happy.
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    IMO, they aren't all that exciting of a treat (ice cream covered in chocolate is about as basic as it gets) but they do bring back memories as a kid and ice cream always puts a smile on my face!
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    Recently picked up another team, this one a 35 and older league that needs tendys bad so they allowed me to join. Simply put, this team sucks. Since it's a group of older guys they obviously don't go full speed but the majority of them have been playing their whole lives. They understand concepts and how to cycle through the play but for whatever reason they can't seem to figure out that their D can't get caught low in the zone and that they can't stand still when they go for a poke check. I've had defensemen jump in front of me blocking my view and then purposely getting more in my line of sight as I yell screen. Between the 2 games they've only managed to put up 2 goals and hold play in the offensive zone for maybe a total of 3-4 minutes a game with no real chances on net. They play a bit faster than the league that I put videos up for but not as fast as a team that I occasionally sub for. Being out of my comfort zone isn't a problem at all here considering I've also had the opportunity to play with some draft picks and college players. Despite all that, I've let in 15 goals the last 2 games because of how crappy this team's defense is. Five goals last night came off of 2-on-1's or breakaways with the other 3 I let in actually being good goals. I completely understand that beer league is going to have bad defense and players that aren't going to backcheck but this is a bit over the top. Even when the other team gets play set up in our end they all run around like chickens with their heads cut off. One minute there's a guy open in the slot followed by a guy wide open backdoor. If the bad defense was actually justifiable and they were putting up large goal counts I wouldn't have a problem with this but frustration is definitely starting to set in. I haven't counted shots against but just guessing I would say I'm probably seeing 40-50 shots while the other tendy is seeing maybe 10 at the most.
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    Wish that worked with my wife... usually I just throw chocolate at her and run and lock myself in a closet until it is safe to exit... Good call though! I wish someone brought me a dilly bar today. :)
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    Wasn't alive for that, but yeah.
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    Original. I use a Canon 70-200 2.8 shooting hockey & sports in general.
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    Howdy, 7dm2 or the original? Either way, that should be a nice upgrade. :-) What're you you using lens-wise? I've been thinking I should dust off the photo gear and see how I could do. I expect getting exposures right is a challenge with so much white & the fast motion... Mark
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    If it was Joe Thornton doing this, I'd say he was creating a stroke point. :p But if I were to take an uninformed guess, maybe it weakens the shaft a little making it easier to flex the way he likes.
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    Hi All - Russ here We sent out a note last night to all Sparx customers regarding the X-Grind ring. Bottom line - follow the updated Maintenance Instructions in the Maintenance section of the Sparx Operating Manual. Here's also a link to a similar conversation on our forum regarding the X-Grind Ring (includes a link to the email we sent last night if you didn't get it). https://www.sparxhockey.com/pages/sparx-sharpening-forum#!/general:cross-cut-wheel Regards, Russ
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    Cole is on Step Steel. As for that Marlies team with Hosang and McDavid its funny about the story because it's so true. However in the final game of tge OHL cup McDavid was told he was falling because his blades were so low. I offered to switch them and match the profile. Josh said he should. But the captain said it would be bad luck. So he left them just sharpened. He fell on a break away to tie the game and his team lost in the finals. Since then he has always had fresh steel. Profiled and sharp.