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    I bought a HockeyShot shooting pad for the driveway and when it got here the corners were all mangled and the edges had some damage. Contacted them and sent pics and they immediately shipped a new one which arrived the next day. That is kind of Coyote ordering from ACME fast. I e-mailed them back and asked them how they wanted me to get the damaged one back to them and they said don’t worry about it. So i may see if i can take the heat gun and try to fix the corners. just wanted to post a positive experience thanks instead of the usual complaints.
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    I don’t think these are all that rare, but an interesting set to add to the collection.
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    I assume that common procedure with VH skates is the same as it was Pre-True. Volume fine tuning is made by removing the red insole liner to increase volume, or thickening it to reduce volume. The OP should just try the thicker liner and if the skate is still too large, have the boots re-made after re-scanning or re-measuring to determine where the process went wrong.
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    But the Mako was derived from the MLX which was designed by Scott Van Horne. So do you consider imitating your own design imitation?
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    I'd argue that nobody is missing the point. OP says True's response is not adequate, but OP hasn't followed proper protocol. Don't complain that they're not solving your problem when you're not willing to go through the proper channels.
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    iN THE VIDEO THE STORES RECEIVED oops caps lock sorry. Scott explains the difference in materials and that using this new one the skate is lighter and as strong or stronger. So yes it would be a great skate to switch to now. Also, the tongue is amazing my son is 6`1`190 at 15 and growing so fast he had a hard time bending but he got samples of the new tongue midseason and it was an immediate change and improvement. I would say 3 to 5 degrees more forward flexion available. With that and the Hockey Stability System used (formerly Red Dog Hockey Boost), he has gone from the worst single A team in his age group to a top 6 AA team and playing AAA summer hockey. He is 3rd in scoring on the 3rd place team for summer hockey. And he is doing hardly any extra off and on ice training. He can move better and sees the ice better now. (this part kills me he needs to start..LOL)
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    At the risk of getting too far off topic, it is possible to be guilty of plagiarizing oneself in a peer reviewed article. That being said, my original comment was ironically pointed at what appeared to be copying the Mako, since I'm well aware SVH was involved with DC on the MLX skate. The reason I thought it was worth noting was that if the heel had changed, maybe the boot had gotten lighter. It appears from subsequent comments that it has gotten lighter, although I'm not sure the heel has actually changed. Back on topic, if the weight has come down, that's very interesting. My son is a Dman and since he's a bantam, shots are starting to hurt the foot in Makos. I told him he should get a beefier skate and Trues are better for that, but he hated the weight when he tried them on. So, if the weight has come down significantly, but they are still more resistant to shots than the Makos, it might be time to switch.
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    I would argue that even with 3D scanning (which in itself is still not all that advanced at the retail level, have to keep the cost down or the product becomes too pricey) and taking into account all of our "advanced technologies" we have to date there is still a slight margin for fitment refinements. Everyone needs to understand a scan is only as good as the person doing it. If that person doesn't follow all of the proper procedures and the scan is compromised then everything else will be as well. For example, if the foot is positioned in the wrong pose when scanning, or you may have foot swelling due to inflammation, or other reasons for a variance in the scan, the scan is thereby going to be slightly off. If the scan is off everything else after that is basically compromised. If the proper procedures are followed usually minor alternations and heating of the skates in the store will allow for the necessary changes to bring the product back within spec. I would venture in the next couple of years we will see specifically made devices that are not using low-level retail hardware + iPad to perform scans. We are very much in what I would consider V1 of this technology at a retail level. Yes, I say retail level often in my reply because everyone needs to understand what a company like SpaceX, Google, Apple, and others may use will be drastically different than what a sporting good manufacturer is going to offer and support without having to substantially penalize the customers pocket. I am sure this will first happen at the pro level, which is where TRUE, CCM, and Bauer started before it will trickle its way down to the general population. Lastly, I am not 100% sure I can consider volume ever to be a fitment issue and rather a personal preference. For example, some people myself included) like to get into the smallest and lowest profile skate possible while others ( a few recent customers) may want or need (medically) wiggle room for their toes. Finding that "sweet spot" where you can provide a product for 99% of the general population while keeping costs reasonable is no easy task.
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    I'm glad you posted this, it was eating away at me wanting to say something. The last thing I wanted though was wrath from some of the TRUE staff
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    I see 2 sticks there that are perfect for SummerJam...
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    What most are objecting to (at least me) is that he got a skate that didn’t fit, claimed the store couldn’t help him and didn’t provide any details when asked (the fact that the store wouldn’t/couldn’t help runs counter to those here who either have stores that do True as well as customers who have rectified their issues in that manner), and went through the first step of debugging with True and no further. The implication was that True wasn’t treating him right. you are correct about people choosing to spend their money as they wish, but it is a discussion topic here. as for screw ups, i am not going to judge failure rate by what i hear on the internet.
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    When you find something you like...well, you know. From top to bottom 4 Pro-Stock Nexus 2016 1N's 82 flex P28's, 2 clear (DeAngelo) & 2 grip (NCAA) 1 Pro-Stock Alpha QX 75flex P28, (EK65, T8 build)
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    But the people who buy are saying "screw that, move on". Both sides have valid points. However what seems to be overlooked by one half is it's up to the consumer how they want to spend their money. Some people are willing to deal with a little BS, others aren't. Me, if spent that kind of cash on a custom made skate and it was off by that much, no way I do business with that company again. If they didn't fit and I got that same response from True, no way I go back, not in a million years. Still baffles me how many screw ups there are on an item made specifically to the customers foot. Maybe they should have refined their process before putting time and effort into a holder.
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    He no doubt played on the edge, but to act like he was purely predatory is just not accurate.
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    Jesus I have a beard and like craft beer and use a Drury, i guess i am a hipster!
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    No its not just the holder. The boot is lighter by a lot. They use a new style of carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger. The new tongue is lighter and more protective as well as way more comfortable and allows even more forward flexion than a traditional tongue. The new holder and quick release blade system are lighter with a faster and more reliable quick release system (Plus other cool features of the blade and holder) All in all the boot holder is now 110 grams lighter! Details available July 15th.
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    My guess is you could be dealing with formality in True saying “try to add the red insole.” That’s probably step one. If after trying the red insole they still don’t fit, then maybe they consider a remake. It’s not uncommon to trouble shoot by little increments rather than starting from scratch. It’s a natural search problem.