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    Hey guys - Steve from Sparx here! Its been a while since we have been on here.....did we miss anything? We have addressed this 40 vs 60 pairs of skates per ring several times, but let me explain it again. When we originally launched our product, we recommended four cycles per skate (hence that is why there is a circle around the No. 4 in the keypad). As a small, new company with no machines out in the marketplace, that is how we envisioned the product being used. Fast forward a couple of years - and add in 20,000 machines in the market - and not surprisingly we have learned a few things about our customer's behavior! Like many of you have stated, we learned from our customers (through surveys, events, phone calls) that the AVERAGE consumer was using far less cycles per skate. Many were doing a quick 1-2 passes after a couple hours of skating and achieving great results. People were even boasting online that they were getting 80, 90 and even over 100 pairs of skates done on one ring! Obviously 90 and 100 pairs is not the normal outcome, but we determined that for the MAJORITY of customers, they were doing significantly more than 40 pairs. So....as a small company that is continually learning....we decided to change our packaging (the rings are NOT different nor do different hollows sharpener more pairs) to reflect the results of the average home user. (Obviously a retailer is going to get less on average due to really bad steel, new steel, etc.). This was what is called a "running change" on the packaging so there are some packages that still say 40 and some that say 60 out in the marketplace. Let me reiterate.... this reflects the average home user. Obviously there are going to be people that sharpen 6 or 10 cycles and get 20-30 pairs and there's people that are going to do 1 cycle every time and get 100+ pairs. There is nothing "nefarious," "misleading," or "fake news".....we're just a company that is continually learning our customers' behavior and doing the best we can to communicate those learnings to our existing and future customers. Thanks!
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    Howdy, Is it possible to ban users from specific threads? Mark
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    Like I've always said, the weakest part of the Sparx machine is the bag of bones pressing the buttons. So I checked all my rings, they all say 40 per ring. Can someone hook me up with some of those sweet 60 per rings?
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    Jesus Christ this thread needs to die. One person not being able to read simple English is starting to add up to multiple pages of junk that benefits nobody.
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    Woodward and Berstein is about to blow the lid off the whole home sharpening industry. Prosharp and Sweetstick are already shredding documents left and right. This probably goes all the way to the top!!!
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    That’s a great breakdown, and while I agree that you obviously can’t directly correlate time wasted to your hourly salary, my time is definitely worth SOMETHING, and keeping my sanity is worth even more. Not having piss poor sharpening done, or showing up during posted business hours to find the shop closed “because it was slow so the guy went home” after the 30+ minute to drive there. Bottom line, for me: I didn’t buy a Sparx to save money. Not even close.
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    Or Barge cement thin leather over the wear area.
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    Those Kings Unis might as well go all the way and have one black glove and one white. I think black glove on the white sleeve, and vice versa, for maximum regrettableness.
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    At the risk of sounding like a handwringing parent, why wear shoulder pads for protection is you’re just going to cut off the caps? The shoulder injuries I’ve seen in adult leagues are never from checks. It’s typically incidental contact that you wouldn’t otherwise think about. The two that stand out to me are a guy watching the play move up ice and banging hard into the glass, not knowing how close he was, and the other catching a rut by the bench and falling shoulder first into the boards. Both guys are good skaters and just had bad luck while not wearing shoulder pads (but now they both do). In my opinion, if youre going to wear equipment for protection, wear it correctly and avoid potential problems. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    When I noticed this I simply sent an email to Sparx and they explained the reasoning. They were helpful and I don't have any issue with this, it all makes perfect sense. I think you need to do your research first, rather than always assuming the worst and then throwing your toys out of your pram. And at risk of being confrontational, your outbursts are getting tiresome. By the way, ProSharp claim 500 pairs of skates sharpened per ring. They assume one pass equates to one sharpen. So, who is being more realistic, Sparx or ProSharp?
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    Problem solved. I took a rat-tail file to the eyelets. They were hooking the fibers every time I loosened my laces. I guess they were designed to do that so they'd stay tight, but...not worth having to change laces every ten skates...that's once every other week for me.
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    Or maybe a chunky two-tone glove like the old Flaks. Or shiny silver gloves. The aftermarket demand for those would be insane. So would the durability, I’m guessing.
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    I wonder why I can’t stand the new kinds of foam... they are more protective but they never fit my head properly. I haven’t found a modern helmet close to the v08 in terms of comfort. Second place for myself was probably the warrior px+ but it got so hot and was heavy. I’ve tried the 710 and it wasn’t st all comfy. Same with the reeakt and the ims9.0. I must have a weird head or something. I’m just nervous for the day I can’t find one. I all ready can’t get a white one easily.
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    Howdy, Well, I guess when Sparx stops selling overseas, we'll know why. Mark
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    Same here. My V08 died and I am currently rocking a bauer 5100.
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    Looking less like Kings and more like Harlequins. Not that it's a terrible look. I like it better than these for instance: I kinda wish they'd just bring back the Burger Kings...
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    Glad I came across this. I am 22 and learned to ice skate in June. Public skated 2-3 hours a week over the summer. Got gear and did a few stick and pucks and started working with a coaching October (he lets me participate in his other lessons for free bc I'm a broke college kid but he sees that I want to be good) then played in some pick up games and even got asked to fill in for a hurt player for the last few weeks of that league. My first official season in the league starts Monday. I'm on ice 4-5 hours a week now, plus off ice workouts pretty much every day (whether it is roller hockey, weight lifting or doing core/balance workouts). Luckily I am in a small town in Texas so the average player is not as good as they would be up north so its been a good growing environment. But keep it up! I loved looking through your story, you're an inspiration whether you know it or not. Here's a few clips of me at stick and puck over the last couple weeks. Don't judge too hard, I've only been ice skating for 6 months, and I had never even watched hockey before April 2019
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    I find the VN way too hard and didn’t conform to my head shape. So my helmet history is basically V10, Bauer ReAkt, CCM 710, and Bauer NME for goalie masks (the more common Profile series used VN foams).
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    see, I'm the opposite... I can't stand that hard bike helmet type shell inside the V10 and many newer helmets, I prefer the cushioning the VN gives me. I've also tried a Bauer IMS9 and didn't care for that padding either. My V08's are both maybe 10 years old and still have soft padding, seeing how I might be able to find a new one here or there I'll have to keep my eyes open.
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    Sparx did explain why they changed the verbiage from 40 to 60 in a blog post. It had to do with typical consumer use. I didn't count how many sharpens I got out of each ring but I do 1 - 2 passes every other skate. I skate 3 to 4 times a week and my first ring lasted over a year. My second ring is about cashed and I'm just over a year on that one. I had consistent and reliable edges every time. To summarize: Old boxes say 40 New boxes say 60 It's based on average consumer usage. Congratulations, you are above average.
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    Decided to pick up a pair I found on ebay that was the exact color I wanted. These are insanely comfortable, I get it now.
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    Looks, fit, etc. the weight is basically the same as most other helmets I guess. I can't stand the newer helmets, they just don't feel or fit me right, but the V08's are perfect and I love the way they look. I'm guessing this is why so many pros still use them too... also their design is part of the reason I thought they couldn't sell them (something about they contracted someone to design it but never paid or somehow didn't uphold their part of the contract, so now they weren't allowed to sell commercially anymore, don't quote me on that being 100% accurate bu something to that extent).
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    with his shot, meters per hour.
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    Any chance you're going to get this on Wear OS anytime soon?