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    Bauer TotalONE NXG
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    Any OPS with a Drury curve
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    Bauer 4 Rolls,NBH Vapor XXXX Team Canada Jr World Championship Team, NBH Pro 4 Roll, Cooper BDP(Rangers, Blues, Black Hawks, Monarchs), + 80 more pair.
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    Bauer RE-AKT with RE-AKT Face Mask
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    Nike Bauer Vapor XXV
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    NBH Vapor XXXX or Bauer Vapor 10
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    RBK 7K
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    Nexus 600
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    Mod Squad Hockey Bag by SMI

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    Northern New Jersey
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    Visit Ice House Pro Shop on Facebook, Hockey(duh!), Fly-Fishing, Antiques, NASCAR (there's more to it than you think, go to a race and have the time of your life!), Grateful Dead concerts(1500+ hours on tape- its not an addiction, its an obsession).
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  1. Ever see a monoframe boot flex out from the sides ?
  2. DarkStar50

    Bauer skate issue

    Isn't 2.5 months less than the 90 day Bauer boot warranty ? Take it back where you bought it. It is an SMU skate.
  3. If anyone takes your order be prepared for payment in full before the dealer takes your order. In other words you need total payment from every player that "wants" to buy a stick. Knowing beer league hockey players, good luck with that.
  4. DarkStar50

    Ccm jetspeed ft1 or new ones?

    I have been skating in FT1 for over a year. I have a narrow heel with wide forefoot. The fit has been perfect for me. I did switch out the CCM footbed for Superfeet as I have been using SF for years. I'm just curious if those guys using FT1 are still using the stock retail CCM footbed. I think the footbed will ultimately play into the fit and comfort of any skate.
  5. DarkStar50

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    In other words, the home machine is only worth a single skating use per sharpening ? Constantly sharpening your skates after single use would seem to directly effect the longevity/life of your steel ? Expense of using your ring constantly leading to quicker replacement ?
  6. I have seen so many Olympic gold medal figure skaters train and coach at my rink since 2001. The best skaters in the world can teach hockey players a lot about edge control, balance, power skating(figure skaters keep their skates on the ice through most of their program) and skating efficiency of motion. Elite figure skating coaches can recognize the tiniest flaw in their skater's technique. A friend of mine is a former NHL linesman that used to work with a figure skating coach every summer deep into his career just to maintain his edge control and remain at that top level. The best skaters in any rink are the figure skaters, not the hockey players.
  7. You know your gear is old when your pants and shoulder pads are branded NikeBauer as mine are. No need to get anything new there. The old Reebok 7K elbows are fine and Nexus 600 shins are good enough. I did get new FT1 skates a year ago after the Supreme NXG died after 5 years. I used to rotate my gloves but now wear the same pair of 2015 CCM 4 rolls every game. As long as the palms are good, why bother switching. As a buyer for the shop, I think that innovation in gear upgrades peaked quite a while ago. So many items were just reskinned after every 2 year product life cycle, that it was just blah. I know the guys on the inside at Bauer and CCM will want to crosscheck me for that comment but I can speak softly and carry a big stick. I do believe that one thing to consider in terms of skate tech/improvements is that as Bauer was blowing up financially and at management levels, a lot of their key leaders in R D & D and skate design were let go. This downsizing in staff and financial resources had to have some impact. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't worry about it. However, I don't see the innovation that was happening 10-12 years ago in skate design by the leader in the category.
  8. DarkStar50

    Can anyone identify these shoulder pads?

    After a little help from JR on dating the Tron movie, I don’t think that is a hockey shoulder pad epaulet/bicep pad set up. The black piping or any not white piping wasn’t added for awhile to hockey protective. Also Koho and Vic(courtesy of Rennie on the Island) were the first to use color other than white on under protective. The material that the plastic caps are sewn to also doesn’t look like anything I recall from back then. Canadian manufacturing was still completely traditional old school in product design in early 80s. The Cooperall girdle was the first product to move the needle.
  9. DarkStar50

    Bauer Stick Warranty help/question

    I'm glad for you that they finally did the right thing. I just hope that replacing this one stick at about $50 wholesale cost to them does not cause Bauer to go Chapter 11 again.
  10. DarkStar50

    Time to officially hang em up?

    Rule # 1 Do not throw out your gear. Ever. The cost to get back into hockey and the thought of breaking in new skates will stop you before you even tape up a stick. I think everyone’s advice has been excellent. Sooner or later you will find the right group of guys. I encourage the pick up game over the beer league. I’ve been playing pick up every Friday Night with the same guys(a core of 10 still remain) over 30 years. A lot of us are over 60 now but the exercise and the social benefits after the game are priceless. Even though I work in a hockey rink, I only play once a week in another rink (Don’t shit where you eat). But I look so forward to Friday to skate that it makes the wait worth it. It’s literally a physical and mental vacation from life. You don’t stop skating because you get old. You get old because you stopped skating.
  11. DarkStar50

    Bauer Stick Warranty help/question

    So I was sharing this situation with the guys in the shop and wondered what would happen if : the customer has a low end stick that broke under the 30 day warranty but he paid $300 for it ??!! Will Bauer replace with like $$ spent on that stick ??!!
  12. DarkStar50

    Bauer Stick Warranty help/question

    Sorry but that will never happen. The die was cast a long time ago on setting price points, margins and profits in OPS. The vendors have no reason to change now.
  13. DarkStar50


    ^ Ferrari F1.
  14. DarkStar50

    Bauer Stick Warranty help/question

    It's not like they don't have inventory. The close out sheet is a half mile long.
  15. Wasn't there a picture of Evander Kane using a heat gun on his toe caps? Heat up the plastic, smooth it over, let it cool. BTW, does this guy tape his stick after every shift too?