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    True + CCM FT1
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    Warrior QRE + True A6.0HT + CCm Jet Speed
  • Gloves
    2018 True XC9 + Warrior QRE
  • Helmet
    Easton E700 + Warrior Alpha Pro + CCM Tacks 710
  • Pants
    Bauer Vapor + Warrior QRE Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM FT1
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    CCM FT1
  • Shin Pads
    CCM FT1 + Vapor 1x
  • Hockey Bag
    Grit + True

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    Seattle, WA
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    Ice Hockey and technology
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  1. Nicholas G

    CCM D30 in skates?

    Anyone know why CCM doesn't use D30 in any of their skates?
  2. Nicholas G

    Jet Speed FT1 8.0EE

  3. Nicholas G

    Hands on with Marsblade Ice Holder...

    Interesting. That explains why so many people are asking me to profile them.
  4. Nicholas G

    Skate liner replacement?

    Thanks, I will send him an email.
  5. Nicholas G

    Skate liner replacement?

    Have a customer who has a pair of Vapor 1X skates with the pro stock fabric grip liner. The liner is really worn but the rest of the skate is basically flawless. I dont know of any places that will replace a liner and its definately more work that I would be willing to take on myself. Does anyone have any suggestions? Whats the cost for such?
  6. Yeah, we sell that skate and the tongue is not my favorite but its honestly pretty decent. I would try adjusting the lacing a bit. Did you get professionally fitted? Did you pass the pencil test?
  7. It could be, yes, but I would alter your lacing before performing surgery on your skates. What model of Supreme is this?
  8. Nicholas G

    Jet Speed FT1 8.0EE

    $450 + shipping Brand new. These have CCM's top of the line 2019 XS holder with STEP steel which is built for specific torsional stiffness to make sure a player gets every ounce of power out of every stride. These skates also include CCM medium arch insoles. The CCM JetSpeed FT1 skate is defined by its exciting one-piece boot construction. Picking up where Super Tacks left off, the FT1's showcase a one-piece RocketFrame Composite boot that utilizes L1TE frame 360 technology; making these the lightest and most efficient JetSpeeds skates to date. Since the one-piece boot allowed CCM to create a 360° foot to skate contact area, players will be getting more power through every stride, better overall stability and a significantly more anatomical fit to eliminate negative space. Another tangible difference is the direct feel for the ice since the one-piece construction enables CCM to completely remove the outsole. The CCM JetSpeed FT1 utilizes a pro-level Tri-Tech white felt tongue with a beefy lace-bite guard. The tops of the quarter package are wrapped with Smooth Contour Pro pads that help alleviate discomfort caused by stiff boots, while the Total-Dri Pro Liner ensures feet stay dry and planted inside the boot all game long.
  9. Nicholas G

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    You just need to email them for a status update.
  10. Nicholas G

    Hands on with Marsblade Ice Holder...

    Can you ask him the specific profile they are applying to the steel? It doesn't seem to be a standard single radius 10' since when I check it with the ProSharp profile checker I get different results at different areas of the blade. It actually seems like it might be a dual radius profile.
  11. Through retailers, yes. We sell them. I am not sure if Flare will sell direct.
  12. Nicholas G

    LS Edge Holders Rattle inside?

    I was thinking the same thing. lol
  13. Nicholas G

    Skate Damage

    With a tech mesh skate cuts are going to happen. Just use some epoxy and minimize the fraying.
  14. Not yet. I have been hounding them to make it for the VH/TRUE holder but they just dont see enough of a demand. Maybe now that TRUE is only shipping skates with the VH/TRUE holder they will reconsider.
  15. Nicholas G

    CCM Jet Speed RH P29 75 flex stick

    CCM Jet Speed RH P29 Crosby 75 flex stick. Used a few times for testing. Looks brand new. Has been cut 2" Asking $100