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  1. Link: https://thuroshop.com/products/snowshine-sports-the-shiner-skate-backpack-ice-roller-inline-snow
  2. I imagine they are different lasts.
  3. An edge checker is mandatory. A cheap and easy to find alternative is a right-angle checker.
  4. Most stores will charge a lesser fee to re-profile since it's usually very minor to get things back in line. For example, we charged $40 to profile and then $20 to touch up an existing profile.
  5. Looks to me there was some impact from something (puck, stick ,skate, board, goal) the way the carbon cracked.
  6. Personal preference. Have it come into contact with the steel where you prefer. This is for the previous mode, but it's the same theory:
  7. Yes, the new Tacks are all built using a 2022 last which CCM will be using for all future models. There is significantly more volume in the new last design.
  8. Not may, its a fact. Your current steel will NOT fit the new Fly holder.
  9. I personally like the AS-V more than the AS-V Pro skate as it's slightly softer allowing more forward flex. They might be a good option for you. Do you have any specific foot issues as to why you keep going custom? TRUE can make the boot slightly lower cut but you need to be detailed int he specifications and should talk to the local TRUE rep before putting in an order. A funny story; had a customer who had a pair of VH like you, when they started to wear out, he got a new pair of TRUE skates and hated them. 18 months later when TRUE released an updated model he tried again, same result, hated them. 18 months later he tried again, also hated that pair. This year the Cat Pro was released, and he ordered those. Loves them! Said the fit is the closest to his VH skates. May want to consider the new Cat Pro skates
  10. I just got it this week, but I haven't used it yet. Seems nice though.
  11. Yeah, that's what the marketing says but it clearly is stiffer and more pingy.
  12. The blade is stiffer and has less flex than the LX Pro.
  13. If it doesn't work out you can return them.
  14. My opinion after testing for a couple weeks: Pros: Balanced Good release Blade has nice pop Nice graphics Square shaft keeps stick from rotating when shooting Taper feels good Cons: Durability is questionable Broke one at the lower taper where the shaft is fused with the blade, bottom of the bezel Broke another at the top of taper, where its softer to allow for more flex Weight is not as advertised (Not a con per se, personal preference. I care more about swing weight) Blade is a little pingy and stiff, I prefer a softer blade (Not a con per se, personal preference)
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