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  1. Giltis

    advantage of icehockey socks

    I wear Stance socks personally, but I should give Swiftwick a try if I can find them in Canada.
  2. Yeah nvm that deal, I'm actually seeing much better deals on new clearance items.
  3. Just came across this chest, is this any good/decent deal at 300CAD ?
  4. Ok I was looking at those Brian's when I came across some CCM Premiers for a good price, it came with a blocker, and two gloves (one game and one practice). I'll post pictures later on, but next on the list now are skates, pants, chest, knee pads, neck guard. Also is https://www.maltesehockey.ca/ no more for real? I wanted to get a mask foam kit from them, is Resilient comparable?
  5. Any reason to prefer these to one-piece? Is it just the economy of replacing one part if it breaks?
  6. Giltis

    Creasing Skates on Purpose?

    What about those old Micron skates with hinge points?
  7. Ok yeah, I have TRUE skates as well because of my Navicular Accessory and having a hard time fitting into skates that don't numb my feet but I also have a hard time justifying another set of a thousand dollar skates when I'm just starting out (although maybe I can see if there's a used pair), I also have a custom punch tool that I had made in the past for my player's skates. I will take your suggestions though into looking for cowlingless if it's not too much more over the ones I've seen. Do goalie lines fit differently? I remember reading about how Bauer lines are reversed in terms of fit. Ok so that kinda narrows the search down for pads and skates. Once I have those, I will be looking for chest and pants.
  8. I see some deals on BRIANS GNETIK 8.0, are these decent? Time to look for some deals, and I think I will head into a store to do so as those sizing charts are kinda confusing. And yeah I'm not a big fan of leather strapping on my son's pads either, they are always way too long and seems precarious when I slot them back into the buckle to keep it from flopping around, terrible design. For skates, any thoughts on Graf DM1030 series? There's also a deal on Ribcor 44Ks that I see. I will have to punch the hell out of them for comfort.
  9. Yeah the couple of goalies that I play with all seem to use NME8s, I might upgrade it later, but my priority for now is to get all my gear first. For the blocker palm, I was also wondering how hard would it be to replace the whole glove as shown here (http://www.protectiveathleticwear.com/blockerpalm.htm) it might help with the smell as well (I've tried washing with some Lysol Laundry additive, but seems like I need another go at it). No Legpads yet, it's where I'm a bit stumped. I've been having trouble finding a decent deal for pads that would fit me properly. I'm tempted to go with a new entry level pad, but people have been telling me that they won't last and are a poor value. I'm 6', my FTK is 19.5 and my ATK is 16.5. I thought I had longer legs than most, but from some of the threads that I've been reading, maybe I'm measuring wrong? Does that put me at a 33+1 for a CCM and 34+1.5 for a Warrior? I'm not really brand loyal.
  10. I'm close to 40 and I've been wanting to start playing in nets for a long while now. I have so many questions and any advice I can get would be lovely. Experience wise, I've played back up goalie from Novice to Midget and had success, but our family could not afford goalie pads of my own to play full time, and after my last season I've stopped playing for about 20 years. Now that I'm older and have been getting back into playing Pickup Hockey on a regular basis, I wanted try my hand at it again. To add fuel to the fire, my U8 son has picked up playing goalie for his hockey team as well, he's quite raw at the moment with his movements but he seems to be pretty decent at it, and more importantly been having fun. I think it'd be good bonding to learn together.I've been reading IPv6Freely's post but wanted to start a thread of my own, as some info seems either dated or not relevant to me. So far I've procured myself an NME8 in decent shape with some paint chips on the chin, and a CCM ExtremeFlex III Glove and a CCM Premier Blocker, both in decent shape but could use some mending. Quick Questions - What would be the best way to repair this? Or should I just wear a glove underneath? - What break is this? I'm gonna guess it's 590?
  11. So what would you suggest? That they recall all of the old packaging, and repackage them all with the updated package or maybe a "60" sticker over the old package? That seems like a huge waste. Either way, from the verbiage used it is clear to most of us that it's only an average.
  12. Giltis

    CCM still selling V08 at retail???

    I've never worn these, but looking at GearGeek it's the most popular helmet in the NHL. Any particular reason why? Is it super light?
  13. Giltis

    Girdle Options

    Can I also add that girdles may feel almost too tight for a few game hours, but then it kinda wears in and you get a nice comfortable snug fit.
  14. Giltis

    Clean or dirty?

    Well exactly, the hit itself isn't that bad, but the fact that you're not expecting it makes it bad. I find Contact/non-Contact to be a whole different game, I exploit it during non-contact games sometimes because I know I can't get squished.
  15. A couple of thoughts 1 - I think it's generally understood that these numbers are estimates only. Especially if you are sharpening skates with heavy nicks, and massively uneven edges. I think even my local sharpener has a surcharge for rusty blades and the such. Same discrepancy would apply if you're just sharpening JR blades vs SR length blades, and akin to complaining that your new car only gets 15 mpg when you drive the way you drive, even though the EPA rating is much higher. 2- That flat bottom sharpening video is an eye opener, and makes me realize why some of my friends could not skate on Flat bottom sharpens. Also as an aside, it's become a huge pet peeve of mine when people say "Fake News" for things, it's lazy and dismissive to an actual conversation.