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  1. Giltis

    Elite Blade Performance Technology

    Is this place using one of your machines? https://www.performaxx.ca/
  2. Giltis

    ice skates for inline player

    I also have an accessory navicular bone and had to give up on Tacks. I went True, but I would also scour for some Graf 705 Wide, they are a bit tight on my forefoot, but my navicular bone seems ok.
  3. Giltis

    Vapor 2x Pro Baking Instructions

    Just make sure they don't fall over during the bake, like this guy's Mako's https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/player-skates/1196085-easton-mako-hockey-skates-senior-read-description
  4. Giltis

    LHS owners/workers

    I'm late to the discussion but it's the cold. Watches with mechanical movements are temp sensitive, regulated by your body heat on your wrist. Once I left my watch's backplate completely touching the steel base of my nightstand lamp, and I've also had a glass of ice water on top of the base near the watch, by morning it had lost about an hour.
  5. Giltis

    Blade Tech vs Marsblade ???

    He is probably the only good sharpener in my immediate area. The best in the city is a bit far from me (45 mins).
  6. Giltis

    Blade Tech vs Marsblade ???

    I get that, my sharpener doesn't. One of the many reasons that I'm tempted to get a Sparx.
  7. Giltis

    Blade Tech vs Marsblade ???

    I absolutely would love to try Flare for both indoors and out. I even have someone in EDM that wants to ship me a pair as a gift, but having spoken to the sharpener that I go to, he half-refuses to sharpen them. Maybe I'll just stick with Step, I dunno, it's not a big rush for now.
  8. Giltis

    Blade Tech vs Marsblade ???

    The original BladeTech used a proprietary holder design and had a spring if I remember correctly. The Current one doesn't and uses a thinner portion to rebound. The current BladeTech seems pretty popular for what it is where I live (way behind Step and Byonic). I was thinking of putting them on my Outdoor skates as I'm hoping it acts as a dampener against all the bumps and ridges.
  9. Giltis

    Callaway LE Epic Flash??

    It's quite horrendous looking, I'd try it, but not at that price.
  10. Giltis

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    If I was skating 10 hours a day, I would get 2~3 pairs at a time, and rotate them every 5 hours. Regular shoes work the same way, two shoes bought one after another wear out much faster than two shoes bought at the same time and swapped every day.
  11. Giltis

    New Pads (CCM E4.9)

    What are your measurements?
  12. 1. True 2. Easton M8 (?) 3. Graf Supra 605s 5. CCM Tacks from the 90s 4. 2017 CCM Tacks SMU
  13. Giltis

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    Did you have to use any spray? or just wiping it down with a cloth?
  14. Giltis

    Bauer Pro Stock?

    Some leagues have exclusive suppliers. As far as I know CCM/Reebok are the Exclusive Supplier of most protective gear/jersey for the OHL, and I think partially for the sticks (I do believe you need to get an exemption to use Bauer sticks I'm not 100% on that).
  15. Giltis

    Tuuk LS2 holder problem

    What about maybe before you start anything, putting a flat rod through the channel and gently seeing if you can bring it down or not? It probably won't work, but if it does, it'll save you from taking anything off.