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  1. So at least a few of the Pros and semi-Pros that I play with get "oversize" holders on their skates. Not sure of the real advantages, but I figure it's mostly about stability and speed.
  2. The Avs are using your machine I think. I was curious about Cale Makar's edge work and ran into a rabbit hole on it and found this recently.
  3. I'm not sure exactly where I've heard this but when I read into the situation with Carey Price and his goalie coach drama, some high level goalie coaches were trying to suggest to their goalies to adopt a Depth first/aggressive style because of how the shooters are now working on changing the angle of their shot on the fly (drag-pull wristers). But that seems to have had a negative effect for goalies like Carey Price, whose new coach is now suggesting a squareness/angle first approach. Unless of course the situation calls for it.
  4. It should be fine, but I would drill a tiny hole if you can reach the end of that crack to alleviate/stop the propagation, and then also maybe a dab of plastic weld or epoxy. Something like
  5. The main issue with this thread is that @Deker asked a valid question but with a foregone conclusion. Then he basically entered the argument in bad faith. In no way was this ever a discussion, more just that he wanted validation of his opinion/stance. I see this all the time now because it's so easy to find something on the internet that loosely supports their argument.
  6. Took a long while, but needed all the snow to melt to access my shed, it's yours for free if you want just pay for shipping. I could even cut it in half if you want pictures of the inside to inspect in the name of science. https://imgur.com/a/XszoB62
  7. I've not used too many different knee pads so take this recommendation with a grain of salt, but I got lucky and I was able to get my hands on a set of PAWs used. They are extremely comfy and protective.
  8. Looks like it's in the shed and unaccessible right now due to all the snow =(
  9. I had one back in 93-94 I believe. If I still have it in the garage, I will take a pic.
  10. Oh now I remember why I went with a CCM girdle in the first place. I'm a 34" and went with a Large. If I wear regular Medium pants, my waist fits well but my thigh gets exposed. But Large pants are too big on me usually. So the girdle was perfect because it had the snug fit that I wanted which loosened up, plus the girdle came with adjustable zippers to lengthen the legs to cover my thighs.
  11. Yeah my girdle was almost uncomfortable for like 10 skates, and then it's at the point now where it's just perfect. It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.
  12. Looking forward to your in depth review!
  13. Maybe I'm using the wrong term, but if you look at https://imgur.com/a/Kvbhmjv Your pads seems to be doing _/ rather than _| It could be a visual exaggeration due to an optical illusion from the black outer roll.
  14. Looks great. If I lived in the States, I would consider these. - How do they compare to previous pads that you've used? What's the most similar brand for feel? - It seems to slide great, what is the material used? How light do they feel? - When you're in your butterfly, it seems like the pads are over-rotated a bit? Maybe it's the camera angle/lens effect - How custom is the leg strapping in the back?
  15. Are you going to just have some Sparx machines running alongside profiling machines? Or doing everything by hand?
  16. My kid uses Trek, seems to work fine and isn't too bulky.
  17. I skip the top on mine, I could probably skip another to be honest.
  18. Yeah at least the two shops that I've dealt with said that they can have it drilled to the specs of either the XS or LS holder, if you specify from the beginning. I didn't do this from the beginning (big mistake), but True worked with the shop that did the conversion and sent my scan with notes on where it should be drilled for the XS holder. I don't know what more you could want.
  19. Wait, how is this different from any other top of the line skates? I love CCM XS holders but I wouldn't expect Bauer to mount them from factory.
  20. Yeah, and for the most part, they are using the most minimalistic versions of their logo. It's fine honestly, and if it increases revenue for the lower income teams that's cool too.
  21. When I've talked to some goalies, most of what they looked for in a goalie stick was square toe vs rounded.
  22. I believe I heard something about Bauer's contract with a fabric manufacturer (37.5?) ending and not being renewed for some reason or another which affected/cancelled a lot of their wearable lines. I could be misremembering, and I had only heard it in passing from a good source in the industry.
  23. Yeah same here, I usually need insoles for any other skates (and still be in pain!), but I just use the stock ones that True comes with. There's times where I'm on the ice for 2+ hours in a day, I don't think I could do it with any other skate.
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