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Found 118 results

  1. I'm looking for a new pair of skates and have an annoying situation. It's literally a 5 hour drive to the nearest hockey shop and so the usual, just go to your LHS is difficult. I grew up wearing CCM Tacks nearly exclusively and had great success with them. My most recent pair of 452s were probably purchased in about 2000. They lasted through 4 years of ACHA club hockey up to my current 6 hours a week of adult hockey. Last year I had to come to grips with the fact that they were falling apart and needed to be retired. I got a pair of CCM RBZ 80's. The fit seems pretty good, but naturally they are much stiffer. I typically tie my skates tight with wax laces and when doing that I would get incredible lace bite. I tried not lacing the top eyelet and the lace bite went away but I started getting bruising on the front on my ankles as that became the new point that bore the pressure when I flex forward. If I use non-wax laces the lace bite is bearable, but I also get slight heel slip enough that eventually I develop irritation and issues on my heel, particular after a tournament weekend or something like that. So I'm looking for a new skate that fits like old Tacks and is not really stiff. Based on my research, it looks like a Reebok or Bauer Nexus might be a good choice. I believe I have a slightly wide foot, probably verified by the fact that the Tacks are a pretty good fit and when I last tried on Bauers 20 years ago standard width was too narrow. Can anyone share any advice or personal anecdotes regarding softer flex and fit like old Tacks? Of note, budget is not really an issue, though I tend to get slightly cheaper skates as I never really felt there was too much need or value for me beyond an intermediate level skate. Durability is of importance to me as I'd like to delay buying new skates as long as possible. I'm 5'10" 155 lbs and am a pretty agressive and reasonably advanced skater. Thanks.
  2. So pretty soon I will most likely be getting the LE one.9 skate and converting it to roller. Any tips on making sure they're centered and important things to emphasis while doing it? also should i bake before or after the conversion?
  3. Martis

    Easton Skate Lines

    I am skating with Easton skates over 10 years now. But now, I am worried about that there will only be Mako or Mako like skates being produced from Easton in the future. Does anyone know if Easton will continue with skates from the Stealth line? Or let say skates that have a holder like the razor blades, because I can not stand the CXN holder also with it's (for me) far too aggressive pitch. I am currently owning a pair of Easton Makos, but I absolutely hate them. Baked them twice, punched out hurting spots several time, ... they still extremely hurt more like any other skate I had before, getting blisters every skate when not wearing bunga pads. Also, I didn't like the aggressive pitch, so I had the holder replaced for an old razor blade II holder.
  4. was wondering if its an issue to bake a skate more than once. i baked my skates when i first got them, but want to give them another bake to work out a few spots. thanks for the help
  5. Ok so heres the deal, I bought a pair of CCM U+ 12s about a year and when i got them I never had a chance to bake them because I ordered them by mail from hockeymonkey. When I got the skates I was on my home from school to play in the Return of the Robin tournament. I never thought It would be a big deal to just skate with them without baking them because I did it with one pair of my CCM U+ 08s and and many previous skates ordered online. I've noticed though that my feet feel offset in my skates like one foot it toward the inside of the skate and the other is toward the outside. I can still skate perfectly on them but, would baking them fix the position and feel of the boot so that it feel like im centered on the blade or atleast they feel even? P.S. I have checked the E-holder and it appears to be on strait and square. and just a side topic any one else with CCM U+ skates feel that the boots look really narrow when you lace your skates just curious.
  6. CTB

    Bauer Vapor X7.0 Skates

    Size 9.0D Used for about 1.5 years Boot and steel in good shape Will include both yellow super feet and original insoles Baked once, no additional mods Looking for $150 shipped within the U.S.
  7. Everyone, I have for sale Bauer x100 size 10EE mens skates mint condition worn 1 time. I didn't like the fit and feel of them on the ice, going back to my CCM's. These are profiled from Maximum edge 9.5ft radius with 5/8" sharpening. Comes with original box and Bauer skate blade removal tool. $375 shipped to your door. Paypal only, no trades.
  8. Hey guys I have read many of the discussions on here regarding sharpening/profiling methodolgy and techniques. So much great and informative discussion. I have been sharpening for 5 years now and have had a proshop for just under 2 so I do have some experience. But I am humbled everytime I read posts on this forum as they let me know just how much I still need to learn even after doing thousands of pairs of skates so far. My knowledge has only come through trial and error and much reading and I have not taken any certified training (yet). One item that kept arising in the chats about profiling is that some members (Jimmy, JR and others) prefer to be able to "view" a players skating technique to help determine their proper profile for their steel. Where can I go to get more knowledge on this? Is this through Max Edge/PSB/BM or is there literature one can read?
  9. I am selling these for my brother. He bought them from an old guy who retired from the game, but they ended up being just too big, and they won't fit our dad either (otherwise my pops would be skating in them). Size 10.5D If you don't know about these skates, you probably think this sale is a joke. If you do know about them, well then I don't need to say much about them now do I?. There probably isn't a more comfortable skate in existence (though some Daoust 501 owners might contest that). You can search on here for previous threads in which they are mentioned - lots of guys agreeing that they are one of the best skates ever made, and the awful things guys would do to get their hands on another pair. Worn by the likes of Pavel Bure, Mario Lemieux, Ray Borque, etc. They were top of the line in their day. As you can see they are used, but used rather lightly by an old guy who didn't play too seriously. Footbeds are nice and clean, no nastiness on leather interior of the skate, wonderfully comfortable thick felt tongues. Skate is still stiff (very near as stiff as the pair I own which are still sitting in the box brand new.) Two small splits in the white vinyl outer (decorative, non structural) covering on the left skate are pointed out in the pics. Powerclips removed. Asking $45 USD Free shipping in the US. Canada and overseas shipping I am willing to look in to, need to research if needed.
  10. ntwusc

    Bauer APX Skates 7EE - $200

    Bauer APX 7EE. Little to no wear to the tongues and liners, and no rust on any of the rivets. Just a few cosmetic marks on the boots, and the holders are in immaculate condition. Asking $200 + shipping & fees. SOLD
  11. benjones

    Graf G75 High

    Hi, Does anyone have any info on this model of Graf Skates? Anyone have a pair? http://www.grafskates.ch/index.php?id=10&L=1 I can't find them for sale anywhere. Thanks,
  12. Hello. I've lurked for a long time but now I am looking for some opinions. I used to play hockey and I sold professional level figure and roller skates, as well as, hockey skates and rollerblades for 4 years. So, I know how to fit skates. My problem is that one of my sons have hard to fit feet. He has a narrow heel and forefoot but a HIGH arch. He also pronates...TERRIBLY. He has finally been fitted for custom orthotics that he wears in his shoes and is going Tuesday to get a pair specifically for his hockey skates. I want to get him into a pair of Grafs but he is still in a youth skate. Size 12.5 I am looking at the G1035, G5035 and G35S. Other than that, I don't see that many Grafs that MIGHT work in his size. Is there any other options (even non-Graf ones) that I am missing? He plays about 5 times a week (practice and games) and plays almost year round. (He's VERY into it.) He is also pretty small...only 60lbs. He is currently in an Easton Stealth S1. It was an emergency buy at the end of last season when his old skates were too small. They fit him lengthwise but the boot is too soft. I've moved the blades, tried heel lifts, wedges in the boots, Superfeet, different lace techniques...you name it, I've tried it. I am hoping that the combination of the RIGHT skate and the new orthotics finally solves his horrific pronation issue. Here is the BIGGEST obstacle...we live in an area where the only DECENT skates shop is over 3 hours away and I won't be going back home to Quebec for quite awhile, so I need to buy online. I know I'll be going to Detroit in November, but he can't wait that long either. So, please, FIRE AWAY with ideas! Thanks!
  13. I am returning to hockey after a long layoff. Last I skated, there was no aggressive pitch. Additionally, I need a flat pitch to keep the dynamic forces of movement out of my knee, and inside the muscles. Which skates have the least aggressive pitch? I am interested in Reebok (whichever)K, Bauer, and CCM RBZ. I am thinking that the Nexus line will have the least aggressive pitch out of anything on the market, and thus they are the frontrunner, just curious if anyone here has any thoughts.
  14. Just looking for some opinions on the above. I am a C/B (mostly C) level beer league player. 6'2" 220 (if that matters) Have only ever skated in CCM 652 and 852's and have had some ankle strength problems in the past. I hang in there but not overly an skilled skater, I can stop one way and cross over one way, but improving, not fully utilizing my edges properly. My 852's are breaking down and I'm shopping some new skates. Comfortable in the 300-400 retail range. I have tried on both pairs of skates, have skated in neither. Reeboks much more comfortable out of the box, RBZ's much less so but whatever I pickup will be baked at a pro shop to help with the fit. There are some minor differences, like lace locks, steel, etc... both have the 4.0 Holder Just looking for some general feedback to lean me in a direction. I personally like to look of the Reebok better, but fit, comfort and durability are more important.
  15. shooter27

    Easton Mako Skates Size 9 D

    Selling a pair of Easton Mako's Size 9.0D. Unfortunately, these skates don't do it for me fit-wise the way I'd hoped, even with the superb heat molding. My loss is your gain. I've used these 4 times total in men's league games, not a scratch on them, look brand new. I'll post pics when I get home from work tonight. Asking $600+ shipping, open to a little negotiation but not much. Not really looking for trades. PM me if interested.
  16. Hi, I just bought a pair of reebok 5k goalie skates and used them for the first time yesterday...it's been a while since I had new skates and had forgotten how your feets hurt the first few games... Anyway I know not all skates can be baked especially the "recreational" type of skates but can anyone tell me if these are heat moldable? I've done some research but couldn't find anything conclusive. I bought these skates online and had them sharpened and used so I'm looking for a solution to feel more confortable in them. Thanks!
  17. Hi A little about me: 23yrs old now, male. Been roller blading all my life Used to play ice hockey till i was 11 Moved to a hot country that had no ice rinks so switched to roller hockey Moved again recently to a colder country that has an ice rink (Edinburgh, Scotland) I decided to get back into ice hockey about a month ago and have been going to public skating 6/7 days for a month, skating for about 2hrs. During that time i was practising getting the feeling of the ice back and working on a lot of edge control drills and various other ones that i learned from some youtube clips. Been browsing this forum recently and i found it amazing with a lot of awesome information. I bought some CCM 02 to start as they were pretty cheap and i had no idea about what each line/make/model does anymore. I feel that i have outgrown them fairly quickly and they are a horrible fit and very soft/loose. After each session i have terrible lace bite and blisters around my ankles and the sides of my feet are in pain. I saved up some cash and want to purchase a good skate, that will offer me the best fit and perform better than my current ones. I was looking at the Bauer lines but all the different models and ranges got me a bit confused for which one is right for me. If you guys will be able to help i will appreciate a lot as i have no good LHS near me that stocks a vide selection of skates so will have to buy online i think. I am: 6ft, weigh in at 165 pounds Style: i like to have quick burst of speed followed by long strides, good agility and control My feet dimensions with socks are: Left foot: Length 10.8", width 4.2 Right foot: Length 10.8', width 4.0 All help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Nick
  18. mc88

    Reebok 20K Skates - 8D

    Bought these at my LHS in early January to replace some broken down 9Ks. These babies have treated my Frankenstein feet well, but I needed a pair of skates that would fit my Frankenstein feet better lengthwise. So, I went with custom VH Footwear skates. Now, I would like to pass these on to someone who can use 'em. Overall condition: 9.5/10 -- a few dings and scrapes, otherwise in great shape. Since having them, I have baked them once at my LHS and they've been sharpened maybe 3 times or so. I'm asking for USD $275 plus shipping (I'm willing to ship to Canada, but expect expensive shipping). If you're within the U.S, here's a general shipping quote.: East coast - $16, Mid-West - $11, and West Coast - $8 (quotes are based on USPS 2-Day Priority Mail -- will be slightly less if you want to go USPS Standard Post). Comes with: - Retail Reebok 20K Skates - Elite Waxed Oval Orange Laces (108") - on boots - Superfeet Insoles (cut to size) - in boots - Retail Reebok Laces - Retail Reebok Insoles - Original Box Send me a PM if you're interested! SOLD
  19. Now, another foreign skate for me... Allow me to preface - CCM skates and I have had a checkered past. I was never one of those prototypical CCM fit guys; I had tried to skate with 952s back in 1999, which did not go well, then I got a pair of Externo E:60s back in 2001, and that didn't go that well either.CCM sent me a pair of original U+ back in 2007, and that was a bit bearable, but still not right. I remember being shown the CCM CL under a table in the CCM booth in Vegas as it was still a secret back then, and thought that they were definitely on the right track, but alas, it didn't have enough volume. This boot, however, is VERY interesting. As previously mentioned - it was a complete new design from the ground up. I ended up in the same size that I was in previous CCM skates - 10.5 D. Like I said in a previous post, I know I'll always be on the short side of 296 as that number won't change. The boot continues with the black/red scheme as its predecessor, the CL, albeit with white RBZ branding on the top of the ankle. Very good weight - they are 25% lighter than CL. The lining is Clarino, however, nash on top of the tendon guard, which is something that has been on the Reebok skates. The tongue is a thin felt, however, with U-Foam on the facing as well as inside, and a lace-bite pad as well. Another new product is the SpeedBlade - once again, another new product. The holder is 4mm taller, and the balance of the holder was altered as well by shifting it back center. They didn't stop there, though. New steel - the HyperGlide is a highly-polished runner, which can only be used with this holder - so it is not compatible with E-Pro. No honing required on these - I radiused them to 11' and then sharpened and after my final pass, did not leave a burr. On initial fit, the skates felt a bit square - better than what the CL did, but still square nonetheless. That was one of the issues with the CL - you truly had to bake them to get them to fit well, and even made it a point to tell retailers that they can bake the skate multiple times, so to go ahead and bake it if someone were on the fence. These are better in that regard. The boots feel very soft out of the box, which I'll revisit in a bit. No hotspots or anything on initial laceup. I put them in the oven for 3.5 min, and then laced both of them up, and the skate instantly felt better. After the baking process, I removed them and then laced them up and kept them like that til the next day. Same as the CL did - they became considerably stiffer after the bake. One thing to note - I shredded the top eyelet during the baking process. It was weird - pulled it out and it looked like a corkscrew - didn't break, simply shredded. The final lacing pattern isn't very bad - it's a touch wide in the toe area for me. It's going to be a bit crazy for me, because I will be doing two simultaneous reviews - been so busy with the move that I haven't been on the ice in 2 months. I will be skating these next Friday however. Any questions, please post in this thread. Thanks goes out to Johanna Miller at Reebok|CCM for sending me these - much appreciated!
  20. I've been skating with Bauer's advanced range of motion skates for the past 6 years (ONE90, ONE95, TotalONE) and have submitted reviews for each. Now it's time for the latest iteration of that concept; TotalONE NXG. Notice the Curv hangtag - The biggest design change on the NXG is the tendon guard; every year since the ONE90 Bauer has expanded on this concept. Here is the updated tongue and inserts; the pocket is now plastic as the one in the TotalONE would stretch over time. Here is the binding on the tongue. It was tweaked to help prevent wearing on the inside eyelets. The footbed concept from the Vapor APX now is on the Supreme as well. I have them on and cannot feel the toecap edges. And lastly, a comparison picture with its predecessor. I've had the skates on for about an hour now. They fit very well out of the box (albeit a bit tight on my bigger foot, but that's my desired fit) and am not feeling any sort of difference from the TotalONE. Lacing pattern is even. These just arrived in time for me to get them baked as well as put heel lifts on the LS2s. I'd like to thank Keith Duffy, who is the Senior Category Manager for skates at Bauer Hockey for providing me with the skates. I'll begin the long-term review during the bake. Questions?
  21. My last pair of Kor Shift 1 skates were wounded on Saturday. It wasn't a catastrophic failure, but there is a thumb size dent and tearing of the composite behind the little toe on my right skate. In my experience once the composite cracks, the boot will fail sooner rather than later. So I'm in the market for new skates, but I probably have several games or 2-3 weeks before I absolutely have to have them. I've been on Kors since shortly after they came out (2005?) and haven't worn anything else in that time. My fun money is supposed to be going to getting my 1968 Cougar back on the road, so I'm going to set a budget of $200-$300 for new skates. Here are my questions: What if anything on the market today fits like a Kor Shift 1? Keep in mind my max spend of $300; no Makos or VH Footwear for me. I liked the lower boot on the Kors, how can I replicate that on a new skate? Are there models that are similar? I skated on the neutral pitch on the Mission holders, if you recommend a skate, let me know how different the pitch will be and in what direction.I'm open to any brand and have a can of black spray paint so so color and style don't matter to me. I have a Total Hockey, Hockey Giant and several good independent LHS near me so I'll be being fitted and can likely find just about any skate that is reasonably available. I will not order skates online. Thanks!
  22. So my LHS doesn't stock all the widths in the skates I'm looking at so I thought I would post this to all of you and get your take and knowledge. I was trying on a Supreme One.7 and Vapor X70 in a size 5.5 and they only had the D widths in both skates. The One.7 seemed to fit snug right out of the box, maybe a bit too snug and the X70 definitely were pinching my forefoot area even without them laced up. There was another Vapor (I forget which model) in a EE width but it seemed to be a bit loose and I'm wondering how a Supreme EE width would fit me. Is the Vapor D width the narrowest of the two skates and the Supreme EE width the widest with Supreme D width being the second narrowest and the Vapor EE width the second widest? Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  23. So pretty soon I will most likely be getting the LE one.9 skate and converting it to roller. Any tips on making sure they're centered and important things to emphasis while doing it? also should i bake before or after the conversion?
  24. I bought Bauer x90's a little bit ago and being the worry wart I am, I can't help but obsess over the fact My feet arent perfectly fitting the footbed meaning the skates are a little too big... tell me if you guys think this amount of space is a big deal or if I shouldn't fret, $550 is a lot of money to lose if i did size this wrong. Oh and I typically wear two socks or the nike elite socks shown http://s738.photobucket.com/user/MikeYez/media/get-attachment_zps7afde6cf.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 And with my foot on the footbed http://s738.photobucket.com/user/MikeYez/media/jhgi_zpsc936d2b0.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  25. MikeWhy

    Mission skates

    Is Mission anticipated to be coming out with a new set of skates this year? Are they due?