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    Picked up this stick in the summer time but hadn't gotten around to posting it. Kind of a funny/crazy story behind it as well. I came across this girl selling a bunch of used sticks online. She didn't advertise them as professional game used or anything, but in one post she had one listed as a "Used Bauer one95 stick - $40" and she posted a picture that showed a namebar on it (pro stock). The way it was taken only showed the last 4 letters on the name bar "pien". I live in Vancouver and as a huge Canucks fan I knew right away that it was probably a Rick Rypien stick. I'm sure most of you know the story behind Rick Rypien. Beloved scrappy player/fighter who played for Vancouver and who unfortunately battled depression and ended his life just after the 2011 season. So I messaged her right away, luckily I saw it just after she posted it and I was the first one to message her. So I looked up pictures of Rick Rypien in game just to confirm he used a one95, which of course he did late in his career. I wasn't sure if it would be game used or anything but I just thought it would be cool to have either way. So right when I met up with her and saw the stick I could tell right away by the custom tape job that it was game used. So I check it over, looks great, I give her the $40 and go on my way. I get back to my car and I'm still pretty mesmerized by it so I'm looking it over and thats when I noticed that on the blade... it was signed. Couldn't believe my eyes. Definitely the best $40 I've ever spent and now definitely the rarest piece of memorabilia I own.
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    I think they are assuming that as you spend more on skates, you probably skate on nicer surfaces. They probably just play the percentages game from there, and offer the wheel they think would make the most sense for the majority of persons.
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    I think you made a mistake. You put this Maple Leafs thread in the NHL discussions area.
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    It has gotten to this point because people like Renaldo have been allowed to get away with cheap stuff with little or no retribution. In my opinion there is a difference between a goon and an enforcer. A goon is just that, no code or ethics. An enforcer does what he does to protect his team and keep the game manageable. Renaldo's statements show the mentality of these guys...yeah I did it, so what. Then he tries to justify it by saying it was a game changer. Since the NHL is trying to stop teams from managing the game on the ice they need to start hammering them with heavy suspensions which cost them money. But that's not going to work because there will just be another meat head to take his place. Maybe they need to start taking action against the team. Until they can get these type of players to respect the game it's not going to stop.
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    Slowly growing my CCM Pro gloves collection
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    Picked up a pair of pants I had been looking for forever:
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    Okay, my mentors have been having me move further and further out since I started in net. I ask and always welcome any input after every game, some I take, some from skaters I take or leave depending on the advice. "Get a wider butterfly." Is one that I'm working on daily but I'm an old grunt and my abused joints aren't as tolerant as they were 10-18 years ago. So I leave that advice I leave on the ice. Last night started up in between the hash marks and followed the play back but my angles in relation to the net were all out of whack mentally, and it felt like a gamble to keep square while moving back with the play in relation to opposing skater speed. How far do you guys play out of the crease? My comfort zone was generally heels at 3-6 inches in front of the crease as I had my 11 landmarks for my arc to keep my angles visually in relation to puck position.
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    According to them at the time, RBZ stood for RocketBladeZ.
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    As a newer goaltender myself, I rarely even leave the crease, except on breakaway/1 on 1 situations. I find that since my defense just can NOT grasp the concept of covering the far post, there is always an opposing forward wide open somewhere in that area. Staying back limits the distance needed to cover when reacting to the cross-ice shot. Also, being back gives me that little extra reaction time for when my D "blocks" the shot, right onto our own net.
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    Yeah. Duchene is the only guy in the league still using them. Tavares was the other, but switched out last year. To clarify, there will be a RBZ replacement but it won't be called a RBZ, but still has a TaylorMade reference. That being said, I don't know anything about it. I guess I'll have to follow them on Instagram.
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    When I played 15-18 years ago I had a pair of Bauers and really liked them. Really liked the look and the reviews looked good... However, I ordered the size I previously had not knowing their sizing changed... so they are 1/2 too big. I have used them for about a year now and my feet do not slide around in them and dont really notice an issue... its moreso mental with me knowing they are a little too big
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    And the rest of the other most recent additions
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    It's not a maybe, I'm telling you there is a new CCM RBZ line. If you were introducing product, you wouldn't introduce 2 new lines at once because it cannibalizes each other's exposure. You want to stagger them.
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    Nor would I expect you to. Theres still guys in them, I would never disagree with that. But I think theres a lot more guys in composite skates now, especially compared to a couple years ago when it seemed less guys wanted to switch. Doughty is funny though, that guy loves skates he can flex. Ever notice how loose his skates are? I love it, he's the man.
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    Unfortunately I can't help with the big stuff, but drink lots of ginger tea with honey, sit away from other singers, and concentrate on trusting technique, don't listen to yourself. You may be surprised at how much this helps your singing! And you can take out all your frustration in the Confutatis and Dies Irae, and have a little self-pity party in the Lacrimosa! Very therapeutic. (Unless you can already feel irritation or swelling on your cords... then don't sing!!)
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    You don't stop skating because you get old. You get old because you stop skating.
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    Davetronz has good advice - pick one small thing to work on. Hell, I still do that as a forward. And I know that, when I was first learning to skate & play, I definitely had spells where I would plateau and then be terrible for a few weeks, even worse than I was before. I tend to chalk it up to thinking too hard and needing a break to let knowledge percolate. When I went to an adult camp a couple of years ago, I felt like about midway through 12 hours of ice I was just awful and a shame to the game of hockey, but things improved, and after a week off after camp things seemed to click and I started doing better again. Small goals - "I will work on [x] today" and maybe a break to let your brain parse all this weird goalie stuff.
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    After taking almost a year off to a kidney transplant, I'm back on the ice with a few new items. Most are a bit older and I got some really good deals on. Totalone pants, E700 helmet, Chicago third socks, Bauer pro 4 rolls. I also picked up this Vapor SMU stick from Peranis, it's super light and has some tactile on the corners. Can't wait to use it.
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    Oddly, Costco is also selling EK12's which seem to be available only in Europe, for 110.00 CDN each if you buy 3 (128.00 for a single) 430 gms, 85 or 95 flex, in the PP88 Ryan and PP26 curves
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    It gets better. Not quickly though. Stick it out.
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    Connecticut needs a team
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    It happens. Don't be so hard on yourself. I can't count the number of times I've said "I'm selling all my gear" after a game or shinny. For me, when I was first starting out, I had to find that perfect development division for my skills. A level where the players were just as terrible as my goaltending skills. As someone who played very competitive hockey growing up, this was tough to make the switch down to the lower level - but it let me grow as a goalie and learn correct technique and movement in an atmosphere where mistakes were less pronounced. Have players scored directly off my face? Yeah, I think just a couple weeks ago that happened again. Confidence takes a long time to develop. Confidence comes through experience and small successes. What I found worked well for me was setting a small goal for the game. It wasn't to get a shutout. It wasn't to even win, it was to take one aspect of my game and completely nail it. For example, one of the following: - Always keeping my stick on the ice when I butterfly - Avoiding "shuffling" side to side on my knees when I damn well know how to push off with a skate and slide - Keeping my glove up, rather than down - Performing a "proper" butterfly for each time going down, and not just a flop - No 5-hole goals (you can score in a corner, but my 5-hole is mine) When I focused on a single area of performance, rather than the grand performance, I found those isolated items were progressing, and the larger grand performances were also getting better, because I was dwelling less on the bigger picture. Bad games still happen. All the time. It's the perks of the position. Keep trying, continue to improve your stretching and flexibility (I can't restate this enough), and ensure that you're giving yourself a fighting chance (play with beginners, rather than the guys who've played semi-pro their entire life).
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    I wasn't accusing you, just talking about the meatheads that can't accept that someone has put in more work than they have. I get frustrated with myself too, but I accept that other things in my life have a higher priority at the moment.
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    I've been saying for years that "being a step ahead mentally makes up for being a step behind physically" and I'm fortunate enough to be more than a step ahead of some guys mentally.
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    Does Bauer use a different profile radius and pitch on Nexus/Supreme/Vapor? I assume Lightspeed holders are all the same pitch and outsoles relatively flat, and LS2/3 steel would all have the same profile radius??
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    Too big skate is more likely to be looser than the correct size. Vapor line is Bauer's most snug line... This is fast guide to see what skate would be Ok to you. Here is another one:
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    I tried that in my game the other night and hit my forward in the throat. #i'mnoDavidPerron
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    Never. I'm 54. I probably hurt more than you but I'm not going to let on. Work hard, learn, have fun.
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    In my mid 50s. I would say never. Have fun , you have many years left to play. Many of the 50 plus tourneys are played at a high level with a high level of fun. Skills diminish a bit but rink awareness and craftiness grows.
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    Have been meaning to post these for ages. My gear over the years and up to now... This was my rig up until mid 2014. I use gear pretty much until it falls apart. Due to my pants actually falling apart, a big crack on the knee of 9K's and the straps/liners on most of the gear falling apart I decided to replace some gear.. Picked up an IMS 9.0 helmet, 20K elbows, Mako shins, RBZ150 pants, AX1 gloves, some cheap 55S shoulders and some 5030's. I wasnt a fan of the sherwoods to begin with.. After a dozen games I decided that I wasn't happy with the shins, shoulders or pants so I picked up a pro stock 9K girdle, 20K shins and added some belly protection to the 5030's. Also replaced the G75's with some MX3's.. Still undecided if that was a good move or not. So below is my current rig that I have been using for a few months, including sticks. I am pretty happy with it. I still have the jofa gear, RBZ pants and the G75's just in case I change my mind on some gear again. Annnnd from now on I can just post single item photos :p
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    ^ That's because user experience is almost totally subjective for clothing. I can prove to you with *gasp* science, that there are better head phones than Beats. People rave about those because they don't know any better.
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    Unless things have changed, the Target brand is Champion. If it's still Champion, they're not some no-name brand. They've been doing athletic clothing for quite a while. They may not be the "cool" brand but they should work just fine. I have some Reebok, Nike, UA, and Easton ones and don't really see much of a difference other than fit/cut of the shirts. I just pick up whatever is on sale. I'd like to try the 37.5 tech but I'll wait until I see them on sale before I try them. I figure it can't be any worse than any of the other brands out there and if it's as good as some say, it should work pretty nice.

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