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    Hi all, just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here for what its worth. 2 week turn around time from date of scan to skates in hand. Fitter at my local shop was quite thorough and asked a ton a questions before during and after along with the scan and pics of my feet that were submitted. I actually remember him pointing out that he wanted to re-calibrate the camera/app as when he first tried he wasnt quite happy with the results. When i got the skates I had them profiled and baked. During the bake, the skates felt great and didn't notice any hotspots, but the thought of the skates being too short did cross my mind as it felt like my toes were pressed against the end (not crammed in but also not the feather graze that Im a little more used to) First skate with them was a bit of an adventure. Mainly though because i was trying out a different profile that was more aggressive than previous. Boot itself was just ok, but certainly not the sneaker like feel that you hear about. I probably also tied them a little looser that more normal tension, just because the wrap of the boot is quite good, resulting in some very minor slip within the boot. After this i went back to talk to my fitter at the shop who had some suggestions around tweaks that could be made, but as i was supposed to be on the ice the following day suggested i first try them out again to get a better idea for where the issues were in terms of profile vs boot fit. Second skate was in improvement from the first as i tied a little tighter so there was no slip and i became more comfortable with the profile. However i noticed i was getting arch pain in one foot. Overall still wasnt thrilled with them at this point. Went back to the local shop where i rebaked and also had the profile adjusted. Following night skated again and can now start to say that Im starting to see the appeal for these skates. Fit feels far more dialed in, no arch pain and Im a lot more comfortable as well as noticing the improved edge control. Overall I would give them an 8/10 at this point and Im only 3 skates in so for (can't really hold the profile issues against the skate as it was something i wanted to try). Ive found that the second bake has done a lot more for the fit concerns I initially had and my thoughts around length have largely disappeared as Im assuming Im now starting to sit further into the pocket. Im going to think that as I continue to wear them they will only get better, but i can already say at this point that they're the most comfortable skates Ive had. (30+ years playing now). All this to say that while I understand that sometimes things go wrong, things also go right and I guess I was one for the orders that havent experienced the issues mentioned above.
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    M Reebok HP CCM 30/35/70 made overseas 520/7000 Made in Canada HP35 =520 HP45=RBZ HPUCLP=U+Crazy Light X models have waist zippers to add +1 C models use Ufoam P models use PE inserts
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    Just go to his second wedding. It's fine. Also. Interested of course.
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    It’s pretty easy to tell exactly what you’re getting these days as the build codes are written right on the sticks - most here would be happy to help you decipher.
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    I wish my issue was more the width of the toe cap but it's the stupid clip on toe box system CCM uses. The left one has a plastic notch that sticks out way more than the right. I might actually end up having to warranty it. My lhs was able to widen the toe box noticeable but the notch is still there and I can feel it. Will.it cause pain and issues, maybe not, but it's annoying af and shouldn't be like that for top end skates. Edit: I ended up using some soft Eva foam toe inserts that true sent to me. They were soft enough to cushion the area and not just cover it. So far so good...I really don't know why lining the toe boxes with at least a very thin layer of padding isn't standard. Even the old Bauer stock insole systems that had the wings were a good idea. Picture of the insert. Ended up doing this to the right skate too just to even the feel on both sides. #ocd...
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    I made up this little tool to open up the little toe area on my new Vapors. Insert into the toe...open end wrench to apply pressure then a heat gun applied locally on the little toe area. Laces tight on the first 4 holes before heat. Let skate cool with the insert in place. My first try at adding a photo......... Well damn it worked. Wrench access is a little tight but it worked ok for me. I heated the area to about 200-210 degrees used a IR gun to check temps. Tried to keep heat very local and more on the toe cap itself. Dave
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    @Sniper9 https://www.amazon.com/Povihome-Protector-Sleeves-Bunions-Hammer/dp/B01MXYDYHU/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1549567502&sr=8-5&keywords=pinky%2Btoe%2Bsleeves&th=1 They work wonders.
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    Could you stop already? Jesus Christ.
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    I'd say I still get as excited as I ever have when I get a great deal on a piece of good equipment. It's the chase/experience of getting something I wanted, and I can use, at a heavily discounted price, as opposed to getting all that excited over new product lines, and product reveals. It's no secret, we are generally at a state of vastly diminishing returns when new product lines are released. A perfect example, when the Super Tacks skates came out, I picked up the Tacks(2014) on clearance for 400.00. I really liked the skate a lot. 2 days ago, I picked up another pair of brand new Tacks skates for 200.00. I got 2 pairs for well below the price of the initial msrp of 1 pair. That to me never gets boring.
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    Design wise the old stuff is great and classics really never die. But I am very happy in terms of the advancement in materials. I don’t miss the soaking heavy wet feeling of my old gear nor the idea of breaking in leather gloves.
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    I think vintage items all still look super cool, and I love reminiscing about those items...but I'm quickly reminded on how archaic they are when I try them on again...lol.
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    I find significant improvements in hockey equipment to be quite infrequent. I stopped playing competitively a dozen years ago and my gear from then was not much worse than what you can get now. Sticks rapidly improved in function and durability the first handful of years when one pieces came out, but the last half a dozen of years there hasn't been much improvement. I've heard helmets have improved, but for no check, I don't really care about that. Stuff is lighter, but often trivially so. Seems most yearly updates are a color change and "upgrade" from SUPER ProTec Foam to ELITE ProTec Foam! So in summary, I don't see much reason to upgrade when you get your gear dialed in. And even playing pretty regularly most stuff should last a few years. I do get excited by certain older gear in good shape. Old Eagle gloves, CCM HT2 helmet that must be paired with a Jofa 381 cage (currently looking for a black one, much harder to find than white), NOS righty senior replacement stick blades in an acceptable curve (seems like they are as rare as hen's teeth these days), game worn or practice jerseys from the '90's, etc.
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    I'd go somewhere with plenty of ODR. In my experience that would be Alberta. I was just back in St. Albert, AB for Christmas time. It's a community of ~55k people on the NW edge of Edmonton. 5 indoor NHL ice sheets with regular drop-in/shinny/scrimmage schedules 20 outdoor, 7 with heated shacks > https://stalbert.ca/rec/parks/sports/outdoor-rinks/ City of Edmonton nearby (hockey crazy city with ~50 indoor rinks, countless ODR, 16 divs of men's league, etc.) NHL Games in Edmonton/Calgary nearby Jasper/Banff somewhat nearby (3-5h drive) and offer amazing outdoor skating opportunities Great exchange right now on USD/EUR to CAD (you'll be rich) Lowest sales tax in Canada @ 5% Legal recreational cannabis Nowadays I just bring my skates in my luggage. Keep a stick, some pucks, tape, and gloves at my parents house. I just head out to the ODR generally anytime it's not absolutely freezing or snowing. Ice is so good (most have an attendant working 40h a week at each location). Great for conditioning the legs, practicing shots, and building up your creativity. Costs nothing and is so beautiful to enjoy the winter outdoors until 10:30-11:00 any night (they are all lit). (pic is Lake Louise Alberta)
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    Not all but some European manufacturers use tires as one source of rubber. This means small rocks and other stuff can make their way into the final puck. As the puck wears away a rock can be exposed and that will break the glass really easy.
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    If it were hockey, it would be Cooper, judging by the fact they used SK2000 helmets in the movie. Bauer was strictly a skate manufacturer at that point; when Canstar was dissolved and they got into protective in 1995, it was the Cooper stuff that migrated over. Cooper did have pieces that had integrated shoulder/bicep like that. Paging @DarkStar50...

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