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    What all of you that are agreeing with Bauer are missing is that they IN FACT stole the patent out from under the company that developed it. This is not new news people. The point here is to show how Bauer continues to try and push consumers into their products by force and not by creating quality equipment. I think what you're going to see now is that many NHL teams are going to start getting rid of the Edge holder and going to either the XS or Shift. Now that there are actual competitors out there AND their products are better, EQM's don't have to rely on a shitty product just because it's the only one available and they're being bullied into it. You're already starting to see the shift in skates. Yes, it's a slow shift, but CCM and True are gaining ground and that snowball is going to become an avalanche soon. I used to love Bauer's stuff but over the last 7-8 years I've started to get fed up with their antics. The last piece of Bauer equipment I have is my skates and after this season, they'll be assigned to coaching duty only. Onward and upward for me.
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    Relativity. Ever notice how slowly time passes when you’re in the penalty box?
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    Is this the link to what you were referring to? https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/ae0f/714bb7dbdb3ea4c3f4a0f2ca6c9f8450f0e8.pdf
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    Blade Profile Study done at Brock University by Mike Mcgurk
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    My old skates were profiled, but I don't know what the radius was. I'm pretty sure the pitch was neutral (there's a "radius sticker on the bottom with an 'O' on it). Wouldn't the pitch affect my skating at all times, not just on quick starts and turns? Skate size is 7. I'm 5' 10" 155lbs.
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    I can actually do a little better than that. I took pictures of both skates, aligned them and traced both in Photoshop. Here's my old skate with the new skate outline: https://imgur.com/WzqdwjY Here's my new skate with the new skate outline https://imgur.com/n45QiJ9 (By the way, how do you upload an image on this site? It seems neither option in the "Insert other media" link at the bottom of the post works.)
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    Some things to consider, the actual profile edge is, from my research, is only about 1-2 inches of that 60% of the runner you're talking about. Everything else is the gradual transition from that profile edge up to your toe. That transition will get more aggressive or less depending on the length of your runner AND how much "toe" or "heel" you have. The less "toe" or "heel" you have the more aggressive/steep that transition curve will be. Generally, this will make the skates less stable as you rock off that profile edge and it quickly transitions up to the toe. Think trying to keep an upside down pyramid balanced vs something shaped like a rocking chair. Now striding on a runner with less toe will fee easier, but IMHO, that's because you're not required to put as much power/effort into finishing your stride off, which will result in less power imparted into your stride and thus less speed. It's kind of like pedalling a bike on low gear vs a high gear. With a low gear, you have pedal more to get the same results, but each push is easier. Versus the power and effort required to do one push on a high gear. IMHO, if you chop off your toes, there's a real possibility you'll end up losing power in your stride and make you less stable. The degree in which you're affected is, in part, dependant on the length of your runner. If you have large runners, this effect will be reduced. But in general, the effect will probably feel like you're skating on an even smaller radius than the profile you're using. Coming from an old skate, if you haven't profiled your edges regularly, you were not only skating on a reduced toe with your old skates, you were probably skating on a way rounder profile. With each sharpening, skate runners tend to get gradually rounder. For me, I like lots of toe. I like feeling the bite and power when I finish my stride. When a sharpener fucked up and shaved mine off, it made the runners unusable, because I have extremely small feet/runners and the net effect was extremely reduced stability and bite. Everyone has their own unique needs based on their body type, but just remember there's no such thing as a free lunch. There are always give and takes with each tweak. For me, it's about finding the setup in which you give up the least to gain the most. And that's going to be different for everyone.
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    It would nice if OP posted pictures of his old blades and new blades. Those who are sharpeners might get a better idea of what would work without having to bring your blades to a shop multiple times.
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    I have mixed feelings about the M90. Both my daughters use them and really like them. My oldest was using a QRE SL intermediate but switched to the M90 because her shot was harder, snap and wrist shots were 4-6 mph faster during tryout testing this season. The accuracy was also much better and more consistent. The blade didn’t open up as much when shooting. Sticks were the same flex and blade pattern. Backhand shots were a lot harder as well. Her first one broke the blade right along the seam at the bottom on a snap shot. Still waiting to hear back from the warranty department. My younger daughter switched from a QRL and a 1S. She preferred the feel of the blade and the release over the other sticks. Took some getting used to the weight but liked it because she likes to dangle and utilizes her backhand a lot. She broke her first one shooting in the garage the first time she used it, right above the elbow. It was warrantied and has been fine but has been regulated to a backup stick after she broke her second one. That one broke across the blade just past the elbow. She now has a CCM Trigger 4. Very similar to the M90 so hopefully the durability is better.
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    They're not "claiming" they have a patent. They actually *have* the patent. Any design issues of the specific holder are also irrelevant. They have the patent and it's their right to decide who they license it to.
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    Sure its relevant!!! There claim is they have patent for Y holder. The originator of Y holder couldn't afford to battle in court so they modified (poorly)and stole the idea. I was one of the first to notice the issue of wobble over time with agression and good slaters on here. I was bashed to know end about this. Yet Bauer modified the depth as per there own design team when I spoke to them at a trade show.. There are now a few threads on here about this issue. Its 100% a problem. Even @JR Boucicaut will tell you I was right even though for a while it wasnt seen by others. It's no where near as good as an LS2 holder or the new CCM XS for that matter.
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    It is a solid stick, but like other Sher-wood sticks I wouldn't expect performance like the top of CCM/Bauer/Warrior. It feels like a slight tier down to me. But I love the grip and the new stiffer blade compared to the EK60.
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    Can't say I've ever played against anyone where I could definitively say, "Wow, that guy's really being held back by his choice of steel."
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    Actually I would do the opposite. Mark the new steel and then profile the blade on the closest profile to the older steel then take off less than half of what the marker says toe and heel. You don't skate on the toe and heel. You skate on the middle of the blade. if you need to reduce the profile to make it easier to turn you will turn far better with leaving the toe and heel

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