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    There’s some advantage to roller players too who eat through the bottom of blades quicker than normal
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    $200 price point should be fine but no insole custom or not will fix a skate that is too big. It is important to get the sizing down before investing in insoles. Like I said if you have a shop that has a Bauer or CCM scanner get scanned and take that as a starting point or go with the ice warehouse tracing method. You want your toes to feather to the toe cap but not be scrunched.
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    thanks for your post, I am not that heavy about 70kg but 1.90 tall so I think $200 will be enough
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    I would argue 410-430g is the sweat spot when well balanced. Below 410 and it starts feeling a bit hollow / unsubstantial. colins
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    I would never want a 370g stick. The Supreme ADV is stupid light and it's so horribly balanced I gave it back to the person who let me use it literally within 3 minutes. Balance >> static weight. IMO sticks don't need to go much more below 400g. Give me the best puck feel and balance you possibly can, stop giving me less weight.
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    I agree. In fact, I cut off a large section of the end of my sticks and add a wood plug because the weight balance on many of them is off.
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    can't really be sure, but it sounds like a lower neck problem. C7 innervates the triceps and middle finger, while C8 innervates the ring and pinky. go see either a good musculoskeletal based chiropractor or ortho (preferably not an urgent care facility or a gp/pcp as they tend to really be terrible with musculoskeletal and nerve injuries) to get a proper work up asap. the longer you let that nerve issue go, the higher the chance it can cause permanent issues.
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    Your friend should focus on balance rather than weight. I’ll take a balanced stick at 430 gr over a stick at 370 gr that has me nervous to carry the puck because it might snap. He might find a cheaper factory in China this way too.
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    does the tingling in the arm start above(shoulder side) or below(wrist side) the elbow. which part of your hand/fingers are involved(last 3/pinky, ring and middle or first 3/thumb, pointer and middle)? the way you're describing it, it could be anything from a pinched nerve in the neck(due to a disc issue, degeneration, arthritis or combo of things), to thoracic outlet syndrome(from a possible 1st rib issue or something muscular like spastic scalenes) to ulnar tunnel syndrome along with a bunch of other possibilities. doubtful that the bone spur in your humerus is causing that. but the fact you're having some weakness in your arm/hand is no bueno. that likely means there is some chronicity to your issue and likely some nerve damage going on in which the impingement on whatever nerve(s) involved needs to alleviated asap along with some therapy to assist in regeneration of the nerve(s). regardless, you need to be properly examined so that course of treatment can be administered asap to limit any possible nerve damage.
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    I have had this type of issue for years. They never positively diagnosed it. Some stenosis in my neck but not a lot. I have seen tons of docs, had MRIs, etc. Bad posture seems to aggravate mine, so the stenosis would be effectively worse as my neck bends. I focus on posture and do a lot of upper back work to help with it.
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    I have not tried the x2.7 myself, but moving from x:60/X7.0 to the 1X Vapor I went from 8.5EE to 8D, so to me it felt like the fit had changed (YMMV). I'd definitely try the curv-based skates in store first.
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    with his shot, meters per hour.

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