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    Bauer MX3 + LS3 + Superfeet insoles
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    Easton Synergy HTX, Easton V9
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    Warrior Dynasty AX1 (Red)
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    Easton E700 w/ Oakley Pro Straight Cut Visor
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    Eagle X88
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    CCM U+ Crazy Light
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    Warrior Pro Player Bag

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  1. I tried the Tacks in a store today. First time in almost 15 years that I've had ccm skates on my feet and they felt absolutely great. Coming from MX3's i loved the fit and would have definitely bought them if my heart wasn't set on VH. Bauer is going to need to step up their game.
  2. we have a winner! love the leather.
  3. They were recently released and available only in Canada.
  4. I fee like Warrior's Dynasty HD1's are one of the most protective pads out there. Give them a try, but remember that how it fits your knee/leg is very important.
  5. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a pair! Is this the hockey shop in Surrey and do you do the fitment? thanks!
  6. That's good to know! Any idea where I would be able to order some? thanks
  7. Anyone using Tydan black steel on edge holders? I'd like to give these a shot. Also, are they DLC coated LS4 steel or LS3?
  8. I've had the RBZs for a couple of seasons now and the length of the forearm guard was my biggest issue with these pads. They run very short. Overall, they're the best elbow pads I've ever used (and I've tried almost everything there is out there). However, I'm tired of taking slashes on the forearm, I've retired the RBZ's and have now gone towards a more protective pad (Easton Pro 10). I also saw the Quicklite's today in the store, they are identical to the RBZ's in terms of the slash guard length.
  9. Has anyone tried these out? They cost about $20 more than Reebok Edge SX100 socks but feel a lot thicker. I'm not too keen on the kevlar/cut resistance aspect as much as I care about a thicker more durable sock. https://vital-nation.com/product/kps600-hockey-socks-black/
  10. P28 is an E28 clone. So more toe than mid, and lower lie.
  11. are they fusion runners? They seem to bend very easily.
  12. Warrior makes excellent gloves. If you're not dead set on Bauers.
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