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    Bauer MX3 + LS3 + Superfeet insoles
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    Easton Synergy HTX, Easton V9
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    Warrior Dynasty AX1 (Red)
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    Easton E700 w/ Oakley Pro Straight Cut Visor
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    Eagle X88
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    CCM U+ Crazy Light
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  1. wow that guy is still playing?!? awesome. My guess would be that he got VH to do a Vapor tribute of sorts.
  2. well if Kessel still has S19s..
  3. An update on my issue: I took pictures of the steel and sent them to STEP. From looking at the pictures they told me that "The line seems like a machining fault or error. Sharpening can't correct this". The Line was visible on the runner. They sent a replacement under warranty obviously. I took the steel to the pro shop and they said they shouldn't be hit with having to profile it and that I should really profile it. It cost's $50 dollars which I had already paid on the first set of runners. I told them to just sharpen and forget about profiling.
  4. So far with the black steel for the edge holder all the sharpening done at a pro shop but going forward there's bound to be times that you have to get someone else to sharpen your skates. I've had rivets replaced by sportcheck (yes..I know). Coud one or two rivets throw off the alignment? Should I ask the shop to remove all rivets the re-align and put them all on again? thanks
  5. I thought it meant that the holder the sharpener uses when he locks in the skate isn't centred. Thanks for clearing that up. OK, I'll take them in today and ask them to use an edge checker on both skates and to adjust the jig accordingly. This will be somewhat of a hassle to tell every sharpener to do this since I get them done at other places too. Would you recommend contacting STEP for replacements? Thanks for all the help.
  6. oldtrainerguy to the rescue. Could you clarify what you mean by that? I've gone through several runners in the same holder since I got the skates but only an issue with these. thanks
  7. If you can't trust your LHS then who can you trust?!!?
  8. they should be bang on but factory profile is seriously way off, which is somewhat of a pain. I paid a lot for step black for the edge holders and had to dish out another $35 to get it profiled too...
  9. Doesn't matter what you runner you (fusion, ls2, ls3, ls2.1, ccm stuff, step...) all runners should be profiled regardless. Factory job is unacceptable.
  10. I'm having some issues with the STEP Black steel for the Edge holders. On one runner, the heel portion of the runner keeps losing its edge, to a point where if I try and turn, my foot slips from underneath me. I've had to get them sharpened after every skate (5 so far). Anyone else experience something similar? All sharpening is done at the pro shop where I purchased the steel.
  11. I tried the Tacks in a store today. First time in almost 15 years that I've had ccm skates on my feet and they felt absolutely great. Coming from MX3's i loved the fit and would have definitely bought them if my heart wasn't set on VH. Bauer is going to need to step up their game.
  12. we have a winner! love the leather.
  13. They were recently released and available only in Canada.
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