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  1. Thanks. I gave them my email address, but I guess they didn't put it in with the order.
  2. Question:. I've seen a few posts from people stating that they were able to track the progress of their order online. Just wondering where/how this is being done? I've not been able to locate any sort of webpage that will let me put in an email address, order #, etc. To track an order.
  3. Well after trying pretty much every skate on the market without success, I finally broke down and got scanned for Trues today. If these don't work then I'm taking it as a sign that I need to retire!
  4. You're probably a good candidate for a CAG profile.
  5. I can't speak for new players, but as someone who's been playing hockey for 43 years, I find modern skates don't fit me well. I have tried just about everything except for Nexus because they are huge. Compare that with the fact that up until the mid-2000's I skated in many different models of skate and never had a single fit issue. The last skates that fit me well were my Micron Mega 10-90's, which I wore for 15 years before they started to fall apart.
  6. Nice! How does she like the tongue on the 2s Pro?
  7. FT2 has a slightly wider heel, so quite possible that it lets your foot sit further back in the boot enough to drop a size, (if you were right on the cusp in the FT1).
  8. Well I tried the bake but unfortunately I ultimately decided to return them. Post bake the length did improve a bit, but the width by the toe cap was still a bit painful. I also found that after baking the instep depth was starting to become an issue. I was right on the cusp of the boot being too shallow pre bake, (failed pencil test by a bit). After the bake with better eyelet wrap, the depth started to be mildly uncomfortable. I probably could have made these skates work with eyelet extenders, punching, etc. But I'm just too lazy to do that. 😃 Despite my experience, I still think these are fantastic skates. If they fit you well I'd definitely recommend them. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and suggestions, it's what makes this community so great. Cheers!
  9. Not yet. Bought them online with the plan to take them in to the store for a bake, (same retailer). That's what I was told, but I'm mostly concerned with the width. The tight spot is right at the edge of the toe cap, which generally can't be stretched/punched. If it was only a couple hundred bucks I'd probably take the chance, but not sure I want to take a $500 risk. Never considered myself to have particularly odd feet, but none of the current skate models fits me perfectly. I'm at the point where I'd go with True, but I don't like their holder/steel. Not too keen on paying a custom skate price and then immediately paying a couple hundred more for XS holders and steel.
  10. Well I picked up the 70K, but unfortunately they don't seem like they will work for me. Heel and ankle feels awesome, but too tight in the forefoot. Boot also feels short in comparison to Tacks and Jetspeed in the same size. I'm thinking maybe the thick padding just pushes your foot too far forward. Was going to try a bake to see what happens, but I'm not very optimistic.
  11. Pretty sure @JR Boucicautsaid that Tydan steel for the Edge holder is the same shape as LS3.
  12. Oh I fully realize that I'm ridiculous, but on the flip side, I think most people sharpen their skates way too often.
  13. I played a full season on a single sharpen with STEP, (roughly 35 games). Sharpeners must hate me! 😄
  14. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a pair of 70k. Anyone have any long term feedback, positive or negative? I'm 47 years old, so I prefer something a little more traditional feeling. For reference, my favourite skate ever was the Micron Mega 10-90. I generally don't like anything stiffer than something like the OG Jetspeed, (hate curv skates).
  15. Bauer scanner always puts me in a Supreme and I failed the pencil test, similar to what you describe. I see your son is in OG (New)Tacks. I also had some depth issues in that boot. Has your son tried on the 9090 Tacks? I had a pair that I loved, but the heel was just a bit too wide, ( I do not have a wide heel). I found the 9090 fit better than the AS1.
  16. I'll give you Barzal because I've never seen him in person. Gaudreau however, I have seen and can say for sure he is 5'7" max. Hell, there is a video online where Gaudreau says he is listed at 5'9", but doesn't "know if that's completely accurate".
  17. The heights are funny too. No way are Gaudreau and Barzal 5'9" and 6' respectively. More like 5'7" and 5'8"
  18. I still think I prefer the CCM design. The XS uses a positive mechanical lock. The True holder is still using a spring, which makes it vulnerable to weakening over time. It also doesn't look serviceable, so if it breaks you're looking at a new holder. It's clearly an improvement over the Edge design, but not much in my opinion.
  19. I started doing it with wooden sticks around 1985. I found that wood blades would split at the toe, then soak up water and get mushy. The tape worked well to stop this from happening. At the time I was on the ice over 200 times per year, and my parents couldn't afford to be dropping $30 on a stick every 10-15 games/practices.
  20. It definitely reduces chipping of the toe.
  21. This is an absolute guess, but perhaps the lower flex sticks feel slightly more blade heavy to you, (less material in the shaft with the exact same blade)?
  22. To add to JR's comments, check the holder mounts to ensure that both holders are mounted the same distance from the heel. I'd say that somewhere around 20% of the skates I see have holders mounted too far forward on one skate. Easy to tell if both boots are the same size because you will see it looking down over the toes. A little tougher to tell with two different sized boots.
  23. Not at all. Didn't notice a difference in height.
  24. I can't speak to the 2x specifically, but I have skated in one piece boots, two piece with full carbon outsoles, and two piece with tpu outsoles. I have not found any noticable difference in the responsiveness of the tpu. I actually think I prefer the tpu as it slightly dampens the shock of hitting ruts in the ice. If you like to feel every little imperfection in the ice, then you might prefer the carbon outsoles.
  25. I'd argue that nobody is missing the point. OP says True's response is not adequate, but OP hasn't followed proper protocol. Don't complain that they're not solving your problem when you're not willing to go through the proper channels.
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